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Hillsdale Western Heritage Course

[COMMENT:    Larry Arn is gifted in presenting the case for a liberal arts education.  This first lecture is one of his finest on the deep need to return to an honest liberal arts education in America and the West.  He describes here how Athens and Jerusalem were the two fundamental foundations of Western Civilization.  He does not use the term, but we are descending back into barbarism -- which Augustine would have agreed with as in The City of God.  Augustine describes how the Greek and Roman culture was not the "civilized" world.  The only true civilization is, he says, was indeed the City of God.  All else, all paganism, and now all secularism, is the city of the Fall, barbarism.   

Western Civilization was essentially Christian civilization, wedded in the late middle ages to the Greek gift of abstract thinking to produce the first really freemarket of ideas, then first great universities and out of them, the rise of science.   E. Fox] 


Lecture #1: Introduction - “Jerusalem, Athens, and the Study of History at Hillsdale College”
                                                Dr. Larry Arn, President of Hillsdale.


Lecture #2: “The Hebrew Legacy"


Lecture #3: "The Greek Miracle" 


Lecture #4: "The Greek Legacy" 


Lecture #5: "The Roman Legacy" 


Lecture #6: "Early Christianity"


Lecture #7: "Church & State"


Lecture #8: "Renaissance, Reformation, & Counter Reformation"

Lecture #9: "The Scientific Revolution"

Lecture #10: "From Elizabeth to the Glorious Revolution"


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Date Posted - 10/03/2012   -   Date Last Edited - 01/08/2013