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[COMMENT:  Coming to America if the hate-crime folks get their way.  The homosexual promoters want full control of your children.        E. Fox]

The Rick Scarborough Report
September 28, 2007
Volume 3, Number 38

Attacks and persecution of Christians are growing around the world, but nowhere faster than in Germany. Missionaries are now being deported from Germany for the crime of not giving their children to government schools. Earlier this year the German government declared war on home schooling when a student was taken from her home and placed in a psychiatric ward for being home schooled.

Commenting on this growing assault on home schoolers in Germany, a spokesperson for Home School Legal Defense Alliance reported, "German officials appear to be more determined than ever to rid their country of influences that may contribute to the rise of what they call 'Parallelgesellschaften,' parallel societies. Never mind that Germany has hundreds of thousands of genuinely truant youth hanging around street corners; school officials have determined that parents diligently educating their children at home are a greater danger to German society." Mike Farris, founder of HSLDA, recently wrote to his constituents, "It seems as if a week doesn't go by without another family being threatened with fines, imprisonment or the loss of their children."

"In most cases families are fined, sometimes thousands of dollars, or when threatened with the removal of their children by German youth welfare authorities, have fled the country," he continued. "Other families have been (and remain) separated for years--the fathers remaining in Germany to provide for their families, and mothers and children living in another country where they are able to safely home school."

Why do I bother to bring this to your attention? There is a growing movement in the educational establishment in America to curtail the phenomenal growth of the home school movement in this country. As more and more parents opt to take their children out of failing government schools in the U.S., the edu-crats are growing increasingly fearful that their lock on billions of federal and state dollars may erode as the graduates of these home schools prove that viable alternatives exist to failing public schools.

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