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Federal Court Denies Parents Case
Regarding Teaching of Homosexuality

[COMMENT:   This is horrific, and a sign of more to come before things turn around.  They will not turn around until enough parents get mad, and/or the whole mess collapses of its own evil weight.   

But, if the case was argued on Constitutional guarantees without spelling out in detail the nature of homosexual behavior, it is no wonder they lost the case.  It is winnable.  But the particulars of homosexuality are more powerful than the abstractions of constitutional rights.  Or, at least, the particulars must be used to give punch to the abstractions, bringing them down to earth.    E. Fox]

1. Federal court denies appeal in David Parker case on homosexual programs in elementary school. Outrageous ruling embracing homosexual "tolerance" lessons

A three-judge federal appeals panel issued a bizarre and horrific ruling today denying the appeal by David Parker, his wife Tonia, and Rob and Robin Wirthlin in their federal Civil Rights case against the Lexington school system about normalizing homosexuality to elementary school children without parents' knowledge or consent.

The ruling, written Judge Sandra L. Lynch, upholds the dismissal of the case by Federal Judge Mark Wolf, agrees with his reasoning and even goes a bit further.

Lynch's ruling, using an interpretation of Massachusetts statutes and snippets from "case law" to embrace homosexual "tolerance" lessons, largely ignores Constitutional religious guarantees, which was the basis of Parker's legal argument.

Lynch also uses notorious "1999 Curriculum Frameworks" in argument, which is currently just an informal guideline.

    Read our full report including text of the ruling here.

Parker's lawyers are already preparing to appeal the case to US Supreme Court.

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