Johnny Has Lost His Mind...,
& Honest Education Can Bring it Back

I am spreading around a CD given to me by Marshall Fritz, leader of the Separation of School & State Alliance (see ) and of Honest Education (or ), entitled "Johnny Has Lost His Mind, and Honest Education Can Bring It Back..."  

The responses I get tend to follow a typical pattern, precisely the progression of responses which I went through as I was introduced to the notion that we ought to get government totally out of education.  No more taxes, no more testing, no more standards or requirements, no more truancy laws, nothing at all of government control of education. 

Why should that radical step be taken?  Because government control has proved, and continues to prove, itself totally incapable of educating our children.   Or, to be accurate, has proved that it has no intention of educating our children, but rather of producing, in steady socialist fashion, adequate workers for industry and commerce.   It has no intention of educating our children to be free thinkers, adults who are capable of assessing the truth and righteousness of a given statement or policy.  Our government education system is dedicated to producing controllable citizens, not free citizens.

By "free", I do not means anarchic, out-of-control citizens.  I mean citizens who support and command the ordered liberty given to us by our American constitution, founded on Judeo-Christian principles -- liberty ordered and secured by the law and grace of God -- the kind of liberty by which alone a democratic republic can be established.  Liberty requires an educated populace which is able to tell the government how it wants to be governed under God, not a populace which is told by the government (or by industrialists) how it will be governed. 

The resistance to separation of School and State runs deeply, even among conservative Christians.  Why so -- against all the easily available evidence?  Many can support ending federal, even state, control.  But still hang onto local control.  

The reason it is so hard to relinquish is that the government school system is de facto providing our "religio".   It was planned to do that right from the beginning, but Christians did not spot it, or eventually caved in, almost universally. 

The result is now that so many generations of children have been raised in the government school system that is seems natural and "American".   We do not see any other manner of uniting our people into one culture.   That was one of the primary reasons it was formed in the first place -- to "incorporate" the waves of incoming immigrants.  At gunpoint.   

But that had to be done with a lowest-common-denominator approach, i.e., by deleting all but what "everyone" agrees upon, which is just about nothing.  But this lowest-common-denominator content parades itself as "scientific" and "objective", when it is neither.  It was steadily manipulated by secularists downhill into the "pleasure dome" we have today. 

Everything government does, it does at gunpoint, because laws are made to be enforced.  That is the specific task of the executive branch of government, which holds the gun of enforcement.   As George Washington said (paraphrased), "Government is not eloquence, it is not reason, it is force...."  The task and mandate for legitimate government is to bring the use of coercive force under the law and grace of God -- as understood by the people, not as decided by the government.  That is the basic principle of a democratic republic.  Government is "limited" because there are some things that should not be done at gunpoint, i.e., coercively. 

So, those who support even the smallest local governmental control of education must answer the following questions:

Do you mean that the coercive force of government, the gun, must be leveled at anyone who declines to accept government control of the raising of their children?  Do you mean the population should be forced, at gunpoint, to submit to government education? 

If that picture of government control seems bizarre, the gun both has been and is currently being used to coerce attendance at government schools.  If your child remains truant with your cooperation, you will see the gun.  You will be coerced. 

Government control of education, will always, in the long run, lead to a mind-control system because the temptation is too strong for those in power to educate the populace so that they, the governors, will be reelected.  They do not want a free-market of ideas.  They want a market dominated by their ideas. 

Some will say that our government has an obligation, a compelling interest in an educated people.  That is to confuse the government with the society.  Society has such an obligation, not the government.  Society is all us folks going about our business.  We are all obligated to teach the relevant truths of life to our children and other citizens.  Government is the referee for society, i.e. for the public market place, not a player in the public market place.  To be both referee and player creates a fatal conflict of interest.  Government has no compelling interests other than to protect and obey the constitution -- the covenant between society and government about how coercion will be used, and the guarantee that government will remain the servant of the people, not vice-versa. 

[See "Constitutional Case Against Government Run Ed".]

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