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[COMMENT:   Parents & Friends of Ex-Gays is an organization I helped found several years ago, and is run by Regina Griggs in Northern Virginia, a co-worker with me in Transformation Christian Ministries, the Exodus referral ministry which I led for two and a half years in Washington, DC, helping people out of homosexuality.  I had also testified at one of the Montgomery County School Board meetings on the nature of homosexual behavior.  This continuing travesty will crash.  But how many will have to be damaged and broken by this horrendous stupidity? 

This is not so much about homosexuality, it is about pansexuality, the whole spread of possible sexual behaviors are being promoted as legitimate and good -- the Alfred Kinsey nightmare world. 

The homosexualists and the globalists are making frontal attacks against the Christian faith, and Christians are mostly oblivious.  They have not a clue about how to confront these attacks, and run for cover, back to their comfortable, entertaining, consumerist churches.    Pray for an intellectual, moral, and spiritual renewal.  Pray for persecution -- probably the only thing which will wake Christians up.  Well, actually you do not have to pray for persecution.  Our cowardliness is bringing it on ourselves.   E. Fox]

News Advisory:  November 1, 2007 

Contact:  Regina Griggs, Director, Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays & Gays (PFOX) 

703-360-2225  PFOX@pfox.org   www.pfox.org

Michelle Turner, Director, Citizens for A Responsible Curriculum (CRC), 301-335-6042 


Montgomery County, MD --  Males who self-identify themselves as females will have open access to women's and girls' public restrooms, locker rooms and showers.  A new bill proposed by the Montgomery County, Maryland Council would augment the state’s existing non-discrimination laws by adding ‘gender identity’ as a protected class for transgenders if it passes on November 13.  


In addition to prohibiting discrimination in the areas of employment and housing, Bill 23-07 adds “public accommodation” to the list, causing many to question the judgment of allowing men who merely claim they feel female to have complete access to women’s restrooms, showers, and locker rooms in schools, and other places of public accommodation such as health clubs, swimming pools, and store dressing rooms. 


The Council defines “gender identity” as “an individual’s actual or perceived gender…,” meaning biologic males who see themselves as females, including cross-dressers, would obtain the right to use facilities now designated solely for women or girls.  Gay activists have long derided using genitalia to define one’s sex.  Instead of relying on “gender assigned at birth,” they believe it is up to oneself to determine his or her gender.


The Montgomery County Council has voiced callousness and arrogance to the concerns of parents who object.  When asked by a mother concerned about her 10-year-old daughter who swims at the Germantown Indoor Pool, where she must undress in front of women since there are no separate changing rooms, if under this law she could be changing next to a person with male genitals, Council member George Leventhal responded via email:  “I cannot absolutely put to rest your concern that girls might find themselves in a locker room or dressing room in the presence of a person who expresses or asserts herself as a woman but who still has male genitals, but based on my own sense of the prevalence of that condition in the population, I think the likelihood of that occurring is remote.”


Council member Leventhal's opinion that we should not worry if a child comes face to face with a nude male stranger (who merely has expressed he feels he is a woman) seems nothing short of condescending.  Opponents of the bill have been told that to challenge a male’s entry into a female area could be considered “harassment” against the male.


Dr. Ruth Jacobs, an infectious disease specialist and CRC’s representative, testified before the Council on October 2.  She told the Council that the American Psychiatric Association recognizes Gender Identity Disorder as a mental illness.  “No one has studied the effects of having a grade teacher Bob one day, and a cross-dressing Susan the next.  No one has proven that early introduction of gender change as normal and healthy is safe for children’s long term health and for their own gender identity development.  This bill forces the school to hire a mentally ill person.”   


A former transgender from Parents and Friends of Ex-Gays & Gays (PFOX) also testified at the hearing against the bill.  Grace Harley lived as “Joe” for over 10 years before seeking help to overcome her gender identity disorder and now lives as the female she was born to be. 


“Transgenderism is a mental illness treatable by therapy.  The correct response to requests by cross-dressers for access to women’s public facilities is full access to mental health services.  Otherwise, we are feeding into their mental illness and supporting their disordered behavior,” said Regina Griggs, executive director of PFOX.


The bill was sponsored by Council members Duchy Trachtenberg, Valerie Ervin, and Marc Elrich with the support of Equality Maryland, an organization promoting gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender issues.  Yet they deny respect and acceptance of ex-gays and former transgenders. 


Parents will protest against this proposed bill on Saturday, November 3, from 10 AM to 12 noon at the Germantown Indoor Swim Center.  That location was chosen because women’s gym locker rooms should be "safe" -- no men in the women’s dressing rooms and locker rooms. 


Council members can be contacted at:


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