[COMMENT: the email below highlights the invasive nature of sex education, and the deliberate attempt to pry children loose from parental guidance and nurturing.  E.Fox]

An Alert from the Internet on

Predatory Sex Ed

Date: Mon, 22 Sep 1997 00:19:04 -0400 (EDT)

Subject: Urgent Alert


Dear Friend;

The first part of this message will read familiar, but please keep reading.

A few days ago I sent out a "very urgent" email message, urging all parents to contact their U. S. Senator and Congressman and instruct him to support pending legislation that would effectively "de-fund" the U.S. Department of Education, Goals 2000, OBE and other related programs. One of those other related programs being pushed by the Department of Education is the "Medicalization" of our local schools. What this really means is the establishment of "sex clinics" for our children. Even more than that, what it really means is local, state and federal officials, want to usurp the right of all parents to determine "when" their children need medical treatment, for "what reason" the treatment is needed, "who will administer the treatment" (what doctor or medical facility) and "who will control" the administration of the treatment. If the truth be known, in cases such as the two following cases that have recently come to light, what they are really looking for is ANY sign that can be used to classify that child "at-risk" and thus establish a basis for taking the child away from the parents.

When parent groups across the nation reported the case where 59, 12-year-old Pennsylvania girls were forced, by the public school officials, to endure vaginal exams against their wishes and without parental permission, the edu-crats denied the story. "Impossible," they said. "Misinformation," they cried. "Isolated case," they admitted, Well, the impossible, misinformed isolation seems to be spreading.


Recently, in Aiken South Carolina, a school principal blew the whistle on an ongoing program to perform 317 genital exams on "KINDERGARTEN" children. The program was almost over before the principal, bothered by the process, brought the exam to parental attention. It is speculated by Aiken parents that the principal may be fired for his action.

A permission slip was buried in a pile of papers that parents were given on registration day. According to one Aiken resident, parents "were told to hurry and just sign the papers so the teacher could proceed with the registration."

When the uproar began, school officials hid behind the "signed" permission slips and behind federal regulations. These exams are mandated under Chapter I of the federal Medicaid provisions. Such programs give the schools legal authority to place children in the "at-risk" category. To do so increases the schools' intake of federal funds. That makes it legal for the schools to do about anything they want with your child.


NOTE: Shortly after the above Aiken S.C. incident was published on the TCAN Alert Net a number of folks contacted us wanting to know our source of information and/or send them documents to verify the event. For those who still need proof that this kind of thing can and is happening in America, if you will send me a self addressed # 10 envelope with 64 cents postage affixed to it, and a One Dollar bill to cover the cost of supplies I will be happy to send you copies of 5 official documents that will prove the Aiken S.C. event without question. Due to the expected volume I must ask that you help me cover the cost of the supplies needed to get these documents to you.


In recent months TCAN has exposed and warned you about:

1. The 59 sixth-grade girls at the J. T. Lambert Middle School in East Stroudsburg PA, who were taken out of a math class and given pelvic exams without their parents consent.

2. The 317 small school children in Aiken South Carolina, that were given very personal invasive and intrusive genital exams, in many cases without their parents knowledge or permission.

3. The promotion of illicit sex, pornography and homosexuality being forced on students in Montpelier High School in Vermont and where students were required to keep CONFIDENTIAL JOURNALS and instructed to not let their parents read the journal.

4. The 37 year old junior high school teacher who, repeatedly, took a 14 year old female student to a government funded-birth control clinic for treatment so he could continue to sexually abuse her without fear of pregnancy.

5. A teacher in the Smyth Elementary School in Chicago that was allowed to show "striptease movies" to the 20 - 25 pupils in his computer lab class.

6. Various public schools that use text books to teach students to NOT TRUST THEIR PARENTS.

7. Public schools that teach students to "rat" or "squeal" or "inform" on their parents. 8. Public schools that teach students that people of faith (Christians) are radicals.

The above 8 items are but a small fraction of the many, many Goals 2000 and OBE tactics and philosophies deliberately designed to undermine traditional family values, neutralize parental authority and destroy the family structure and make our children wards of "the state."

If you want to do something to help put a stop to situations like those noted above, please sign on to the TCAN web site at,

[ http://www.vvm.com/~ctomlin ] and go to the section entitled "MOST URGENT ALERTS" and read the information and instructions you will find posted at item "U-07: Help Abolish The U. S. Department of Education." In this section you will find two sample letters. One addressed to President Clinton and one addressed to Senator Lott. I strongly suggest that you send a letter to President Clinton "each week" until this appropriations process is concluded. Secondly, I strongly suggest you re-address copies of the other sample letter and send a copy to EACH of the Senators listed at the bottom of this page. Email does not do much good so I urge you to Fax or mail your letter so as to reach Washington by no later than Monday 29 September. TIME IS CRITICAL SO PLEASE ACT QUICKLY.

The following message was received by TCAN from the Family Research Council and is forwarded for your information and action as suggested above.



This week the U.S. House of Representatives completed its action on the Labor/HHS/Education Appropriations bill, which funds many of the federal education programs. The House approved an amendment offered by Rep. Bill Goodling (R-Pa.) to prohibit the development of federal tests with funds from the bill by a veto-proof majority of 295 to 125. The Senate came to the opposite conclusion by passing the Gregg amendment to authorize federal tests last week. The issue will be worked out in a conference committee set to begin work next week.

In an effort to build on the momentum of the unexpected Gorton amendment passed by the Senate, Rep. Pete Hoekstra (R-Mich.) quickly prepared a similar amendment for the House. Sen. Slade Gorton's (R-Wash.) amendment would send $13 billion (up from an early estimate last week of $5 billion) of the U.S. Education Department's money straight to local school districts. This would eliminate troublesome programs like Goals 2000 and most of School-to-Work (partially funded through the U.S. Labor Department).

Rep. Hoekstra's attempt was stymied by House rules which would have made an amendment identical to Sen. Gorton's subject to a point of order, (i.e., able to be stopped by a single objection). In the end, the amendment had to be withdrawn, though Mr. Hoekstra assured his colleagues he would raise the issue again in the future. The Gorton amendment, however, will remain a subject for debate in the conference committee. In addition, though Goals 2000 was not completely abolished, an amendment by Rep. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) was successful in removing $55 million from the program.

CONFERENCE COMMITTEE: The Senate has announced its appointees to the conference committee that will work out differences between the Senate and House versions of the Labor/HHS/Education Appropriations bill. The House is expected to announce conferees early next week, and the conference committee should begin meeting by the end of next week.


Due to the importance of this action, TCAN respectfully request that all individuals and like minded organizations, give this message the widest possible distribution.

"Time is very critical so please act quickly"

Rev. "Curt" Tomlin Major USA Ret. President, TCAN Inc.


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