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Death of a School District....?

[COMMENT:  The media will not give you information like this.  Thank God for the internet.  Bruce Shortt is a Baptist, who has been laboring with growing success, to persuade the Baptists to begin getting their children out of government schools.  If 36,000 students have left the school district, there will be more to follow.  Thanks be to God.  Government schooling is an evil and unconstitutional system.    E. Fox]

To all: As you know, I periodically point out that while government schools cannot be meaningfully reformed, the simple expedient of removing a significant portion of our children will "deconstruct" them. Various examples of this process at work are reported from time to time, but the most striking current example comes from Detroit.
As you may recall, the Detroit school district lost 11.5K students last year, which created a $100 million hole in the district budget. The district then had to seek concessions from the teachers' unions; the result was an illegal strike. 
Because of the strike, it appears that perhaps as many as another 25,000 students have left. As one person quoted in the following Detroit News story suggests, we may be witnessing the death of a school district: http://www.detnews.com/apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20060922/SCHOOLS/609220386
The government school system was designed by leftwing Unitarians and secular socialists, was originally sold to the country at large on the basis of anti-Catholic animus, and is destroying our children, our families, our churches, and our culture. This obscenely expensive and spiritually, morally, and academically corrupt system was conceived in sin and is going to collapse. Christians have a choice: they can sin against their children by continuing to offer them as living sacrifices to the Moloch of government schools, thereby prolonging the process of collapse and allowing the government schools to inflict vastly more damage, or we can rescue our children and the children of others by creating Christian education alternatives that will allow for an orderly transition from the failing government schools to a new Christian education future. The gathering crisis can lead to revival and renewal. We need to seize the opportunity.
God's peace be with you, Bruce


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