Controversial Sex Ed Material Up in the Air

        [COMMENT:  This sort of article leads to some serious conclusions:

        1. The level of debate on these issues is appalling.  Those against this kind of criminal child abuse do not see the real problem, and are impotent to do anything about it.

        2. Most of those implementing the problem, certainly on the local level, are probably also ignorant of what is going on, and are just as impotent to make sense of these things as their ignorant conservative opponents.

        3. The collapse of objective truth and objective morality leads to intellectual and moral imbecility -- as illustrated below. 

        4. That leaves the public at the hands of the few power mongers who have long ago lost their moral compass, and who are interested in control, at any cost to others, and as little cost to themselves as possible. 

        There is not a stitch of credible evidence for the sex revolution, for the Kinsey program, for the homosexual agenda.  None at all.  Nothing exists to show that the Planned Parenthood sort of nonsense is helpful to anyone at all, other than to fill their pockets with change from those suckered into their circle. 

        The surprise is not that there are such people, that has always been the case.  The surprise is the almost total collapse of clear thinking, evidence gathering, and pursuit of truth by the supposedly common-sense public.  No longer common sense.  We have had nearly a century of increasingly mindless (literally) public school education, at the hands of persons who never had any intention of educating the children, only of stripping them of their intellectual capacities so that they can be controlled by a centralized government.  That is what public education was about right from the start with Horace Mann, et al

        The only worldview with built-in objective truth and objective morality is the Judeo-Christian worldview.  (See Worldview Library.)  That is fast eroding because it has been steadily attacked in our schools for over a century.  It collapsed publicly in the 1960's. 

        Unless the Biblical worldview is restored, we will never recover from this kind of intellectual, moral, and spiritual crime against humanity.  The only people who profit from this nonsense are the charlatan, liar, and power hungry.  We had better wake up.

        See my comments in [[brackets]] below.   E. Fox]


The material mentioned below is published by ETR Associates. Doug Kirby of ETR Associates was at one time associated with Planned Parenthood, and is one of the most vocal critics of authentic abstinence-only sex ed.

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Controversial Sex Ed Material Up in the Air

Posted on 12/08/2005 12:42:39 PM PST by jasoncann

Sioux Falls middle schools have been the setting for intense debate since early October when a group of concerned parents asked whether the new health curriculum was appropriate for their young children.

Health Smart, published in 2004 by ETR Associates ( in California, was chosen by the school district before the current school year began, and when some parents got a look at the material, they became concerned. When they discussed it with education officials and got a look at the teacher reference material, they became even more apprehensive.

[["Concerned"???  Why not outraged?  Why did they leave their children in such schools at all?]]

For many, it was not only the explicit nature of some of the material which was unsettling, but the fact that the curriculum seemed to be lacking in hard facts, and appeared to feature more open-ended discussion than following a set lesson plan with specific information, goals and objectives.

[[The lack of facts fits right in with the intent of the material, to focus on feelings devoid of fact, logic, or moral order.]]

Students don’t actually get a textbook but instead receive a series of workbooks that are about 20-30 pages in length. Subjects deal with alcohol, drugs, tobacco, nutrition, bullying and sex education—which includes abstinence, puberty, reproduction and STD/HIV prevention.

According to concerned parent Cathy Clapper, the workbook contains few actual facts and is mostly a series of scenarios with open-ended questions and spaces to write answers.

[[These open-ended scenarios are a technique used to keep students involved in feelings, not concerned about honest relationships.  Relationships involve facts and moral issues -- just what they do NOT want to discuss.]]

Here is an example of one question from the workbook:

--"Shauna and Marshall have been in a relationship for 8 months and have been sexually active for about half that time. When Shauna gets her annual routine physical exam from her doctor, her doctor tells her that she has genital warts. Shauna did not realize she had them. She had another sexual partner just before meeting Marshall a few months ago, but she did not tell Marshall about him because she thought he would be jealous. What should Shauna do? "

Another scenario is about J.D. and Monica. They have been going out for a few months and they're talking about having sex. But J.D. has herpes, and he's worried about what she'll think of him and whether she'll still want to be with him. What should they do? The teachers manual said that Monica should tell J.D. that they should use a condom.

[[These stories are introduced with the unproven (and unprovable) assumption that the pseudo-morality  presented here is genuine, that such behavior really is OK for children to practice.  That is utter nonsense.  Any parent who cannot see that has lost his or her capacity to raise children in a meaningful way.  These stories (and the rest of the material) ought to be thrown out.  The concentration on feelings keeps the facts of the disaster from being discussed.  The focus is on making everyone feel good, but creates a disaster in which no one can feel good.]] 

Clapper says that though the teacher’s material has more real information, it is this book that causes many of the misgivings parents have. The book includes a list of websites that can be referred to for more information about the subject material, and one of them is Teenwire, the website which was removed from the South Dakota state library website after much controversy last year.

Here is some of the information dispensed on the site:  

"Communication is key when it comes to oral sex"

"Yeast Infections 101"

"Childcare programs to help teen parents stay in school"

References to pro-homosexual websites like “Outproud” if you have questions or doubts about your sexual orientation

Sexual arousal Losing your virginity


Relationships ("My boyfriend wants oral sex all the time, but I hate doing it")

Birth control

Information about every variation of homosexuality, bisexuality and transsexuality imaginable

The teacher’s material also provides lengthy descriptions of an extensive list of contraceptives, some of which many parents say they’ve never heard of. One parent who is an OB/GYN physician examined the material and said it contained a lot of age-inappropriate material, and that a lot of the information included things she didn’t learn until medical school—yet teens and preteens are being exposed to it.

[[This is not education, this is seduction.  Why do the parents not see this and yank their children out of such schools?  See above comments on the effects of over a century of deliberate brainwashing in our public dis-education system.  This destruction of education, of truth-seeking, of moral standards, and most of all of the Biblical worldview -- is a deliberate strategy.  Things like this do not happen by accident.]] 

Dr. Lornell Hansen, who taught sex education at the university level, said there were a number of medical inaccuracies in the material, as well.

Clapper said the curriculum discussed the Today Sponge and how it can be obtained over the internet without a prescription, as if providing teens with a tip on how to obtain contraceptives without their parents knowledge.

The definition of abstinence in the material is: "Sexual abstinence means choosing not to participate in any sexual activity that can result in pregnancy or a sexually transmitted disease." Since the material implies to students that condoms are a reliable form of protection against pregnancy and disease, then it becomes easy to reach the conclusion that as long as a condom is used during intercourse, abstinence can be maintained.

Many concerned parents object to the assumptions implied by the material. In other words, the explicit nature of the material, coupled with references to regular sexual activity, STDs and the like, the curriculum makes the assumption that children at that age are expected to be sexually active. Parents believe the students will naturally pick up on this expectation and assume that since educational authorities believe they will be sexually active at that age, then it's normal for them to be. Yet sexual activity at the middle school age is not only abnormal, it is also illegal for children under the age of 16 to engage in sexual activity according to South Dakota Statute 22-22. Therefore the assumption of normal sexual activity at this age seems out of order.   Even Sioux Falls parents who don't have their children in the public school system are concerned, because Christian schooled and home schooled children still interact with public schooled children in neighborhoods and !
 many other settings. The information from Health Smart is certain to be passed around when the children get together and talk.

The school board made the decision to pull the material for now, while they look for another health curriculum. However, some parents are concerned because the board did not exclude Health Smart from consideration in the new review.

It is not known how many schools in South Dakota may be using Health Smart, but a preliminary check of the Rapid City schools indicated that district was not. Concerned parents should contact their local education officials to find out what is being used in their area.

[[The whole fabric of Western Civ. has been badly eroded, and will have to be reconstructed through an intellectual, moral, and spiritual revival (the three all live together, separated they die), and we must begin therefore with a total restructuring of our education system so that Christians and others of common sense will educate their own children.

The milk-toast opposition represented here in this report will do little to change the course of events in sexuality issues.  Until we find out grounding in objective truth for which we are willing to stand up be heard, nothing significant will happen.  But if we accept the nonsense that the goal is feeling good, then we will never stand up, but that hurts.  If we aim at good relationships, not good feelings, we will begin again to value the lives of our children so that we are willing to suffer again.  The way of the Cross.  Deo gratia.]]


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