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Our Cultural Train Wreck: Education

Bruce Shortt

[COMMENT:  Only a citizenry which is intellectually, morally, and spiritually in competent, a citizenry which is self-centered, addicted to its consumerist mentality, could fail to see the signs in front of our faces.  Thank God for the few who are alert and alive.  They will change the momentum.  But it will probably be now at great cost.  Especially to our posterity.    E. Fox]

Welcome Back to the Continuing Crisis [If you think any the material below would be helpful to others, feel free to circulate The Continuing Crisis to them and encourage them to pass it on.]
MOST CHRISTIANS simply do not comprehend that our public schools, universities, media, and government are busy deliberately producing a "new" American culture. Worse, Christians simply don't want to hear that when they offer up their children as living sacrifices to the Moloch of government schools they are "socializing" their children into that culture.  So, that's where we begin with this edition of The Continuing Crisis - with the news that Christians don't want to hear.
Homosexual sodomy is now being aggressively mainstreamed in the government schools. Unfortunately, this is old news. Those of us who have been paying attention to what the cultural left is up to know that the proponents of "polyamory" (group "marriage") and "intergenerational intimacy" (pedophilia) are warming up in the bullpen getting ready for their turn to make their move into the mainstream.
But what is the next "new sexual frontier" for those who control our governmental, educational, and media institutions? The Sundance Film Festival is always a good place to glimpse what our soi disant betters have in mind. Here is a report from REDSTATE BLOG on a film favorably reviewed by the LA Times and that is described by the fun folks at Sundance as follows:
“The cinematic language invented for the film permits us to examine where we draw the line, how much perversity we can tolerate in others. In a broader sense, Zoo is really about thresholds. What can we stand to know, and, more importantly, what can we stand to accept?”
I'll bet you're wondering what the film and Sundance are in the early stages of getting us to accept, but because The Continuing Crisis is as "G-Rated" as I can make it, you'll have to find out for yourself....
You may think that this will never reach schoolchildren, BUT your parents would not have believed that government schools would ever be instructing schoolchildren in "safe" sodomy or teaching them that the homosexual lifestyle is acceptable.
Unfortunately, schools are doing this nearly everywhere. In Maryland, for example, the school regulatory code now advises schools to teach "sexual variations". http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/content/article/2007/01/15/AR2007011501298.html
Maryland students, of course, will be well prepared for the next consciousness raising stage of their education. Here a California professor windily defends his course titled "The Phallus" (and, no, he does not teach biology or in a medical school) http://www.latimes.com/news/opinion/la-op-tobin14jan14,0,401279.story?coll=la-opinion-center .
Fortunately, after a lot of disingenuous "academic" bloviation, the learned Herr Doctor Professor provides the Cliff Notes version of his argument at the end:
What, then, separates courses that have "actual academic content" from those that do not? If only we had a word that would help us grasp the distinction. We have the great books and battles of Western civilization on one side. We have feminism, queer theory, critical race theory and other theories meant to explain white-male oppression on the other.

Wait. There is a word that refers to the belief that only the "great books" should be taught, and that military history, diplomacy and other manly topics are academic, while the history of gender, sexuality and other unmanly topics are not. It's on the tip of my tongue. The word is phallologocentrism.
It's all about worldview. He gets to finish the job that the k-12 government schools have nearly completed, and parents are only paying about $45,000 a year for the privilege of having him do it. Antonio Gramsci would be delighted. For parents who find this to be worrisome, pay a visit to www.lowestcostcolleges.com (which, oddly enough, is not exactly about what the URL suggests).
God's peace be with you, Bruce

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