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           ** God & Tsunamis  --  E. Fox  -- What is a Christian to make of all this???   A good bit. 

          ** War, Morality, & Religion --  article on the new Marine Counter-Insurgency Manual.  Comments E. Fox. 

          ** Allah, Christ, & America--  On taking oaths -- Lessons from the Keith Ellison incident.   E. Fox 

** Does God command a behavior because the behavior is good, or, does the behavior become good because God commands it?  Here is my answer to one of the most debated ethical issues.   E. Fox. 

** Is All Morality Subjective?  - letter to Washington Times from E. Fox

** Happiness, Sexual Perversion, & the Declaration of Independence --  A Sewer of Behavior --  Test your ability to deal with hard-core issues, in this case sexuality.   How would you respond to Mr. Frank Kameny?  Most people will not engage the issues.  And most who do  are incapable of putting forth a compelling response. 
        We had better get prepared, because we are headed for a sewer of behavior all across America.  And hardly a single public figure can stand up with truth and grace.   How about you?  We have only ourselves to blame if we let our own prudery, cowardice, and deliberate ignorance hold open the doors for this disaster. 
        Kameny is dead wrong about the Declaration of Independence supporting his cause.  Could you say why?   Commentary by E Fox. 

** What is "Original Sin"?  -- F. Earle Fox  -  a topic hotly debated all through Christian history.  Is there a rational way of understanding such a concept? 

** Holding the Moral High Ground -- Freemarket Capitalism - or - Socialism & Redistribution of Wealth?  See also Why Socialism CANNOT  work.   E. Fox.  

** The Law of Love -- the Wedding of the "Good" to the "Right" --  (Audio Version)  Sermon at St. Luke's REC, 10/11/09  Resolving the alleged "contradiction" between law & grace -- Printed Version --  E. Fox 

Link to a water-boarding test -- worth watching.  And quite impressive.  Is it torture?     

Advancing a Heterosexual Public Ethic With Grace, Wit, and Natural Law  --  By Dr. J. Budziszewski - http://www.frc.org/get.cfm?i=WT00E1   -- 

President Ronald Reagan - "Without God, here is no virtue because there is no prompting of the conscience... without God there is a coarsening of the society; without God, democracy will not and cannot long endure...  If we ever forget that we are One Nation Under god, then we will be a Nation gone under."  August 23, 1984.   
        Exactly right.  Without God, there is no prompting of the soul, because the Voice of God is the only possible source for moral obligation

How Lying Marketers Sold Abortion to America  -  David Kupelian  --  REPORT ON THE TRAGEDY OF ABORTION 

Victory over No-Fault Divorce -  the first ever since it began --  Michael J. McManus 

Prescription for Tolerance --  is Moral Judgement a Mental Disorder?  --  Alan Dobras.  

The Man who 'Murdered' Slavery --  Mark Steyn & Eric Metaxas.

Do Laws & Standards Evolve?  --  Douglas W. Phillips, Esq.    ---- Another superb discussion of Biblical law and its relation to morality.  

Secular Scandal of the Conscience - Jon Shields -- in Books & Culture.  Seems that being religious is the best predictor of being also charitable, and by a wide margin. 

Alan Keyes on Moral Principle & the Republican Party -- a Profound Study....  Read it!   E. Fox 


** The Law & the Grace of God --  an Invitation to a Wedding -- (PDF file)  Reconciling LAW and GRACE in Biblical Theology. 
       (Includes Defining 'Oughtness' & 'Love' and Biblical Theology & Pelagianism in one book.)   How we can resolve issues such as (1) the foundation of moral language and (2) the supposed contradictions between freewill on one hand and the sovereignty and the grace of God on the other hand.  E. Fox 

** What do 'Good' & 'Evil' mean?  --  definitions. 

** Pragmatism & the Wedding of the Good to the Right --     E. Fox    Sorting out the collapse of moral language  --  and discovering that God is the Original Pragmatist.  

** The Ontology of Authority --

What is a "Right"?  What is a "Welfare right"?   We badly need to rethink a costly cultural error. 


** What is Freedom?  E. Fox

** Freedom & Law - Libertarian or Biblical? -- is not freedom sufficient by itself? -- as some libertarians say?  Why do we need law? \

** Holding the Moral High Ground -- Freemarket Capitalism - or - Socialism & Redistribution of Wealth?  See also Why Socialism CANNOT  work.   E. Fox.  

** The Fear of Truth-Seeking & Truth-Speaking -- the loss of a most precious freedom. 

Created Equal: How Christianity Shaped the West --  Dinesh D'Souza -- some good distinctions on freedom. 


** Right & Wrong in Islam -- and a discussion about God and morality....  E. Fox

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