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Earliest Biblical Stories Built into Chinese Language

F. Earle Fox

I received the following email from a friend, which contains some astonishing facts about Chinese word pictures, that they indicate an historical connection with the earliest times of the Bible.   If what is indicated below is true, the Chinese immigrated from the area around Babylon, perhaps about 2500-2000 BC (the date, I suspect, is yet to be determined).  Click on the link below for the story. 

I was introduced to this concept in 1985 when I was in China, but this power point is an incredible way of showing that the Bible Stories were recorded long before Moses began his writings.

It gives me hope!

GOD, yesterday, today and tomorrow!

Visit this link
and you will be thunderstruck.

You may want to pass this on to all your Chinese speaking friends.

I had read two books with a similar theme, one (as the above link) directly on the Chinese language, (title to come), and another, Eternity in Their Hearts, by Don Richardson (available at Amazon) documenting the experiences of Christian missionaries, especially during the 1800's when they spread all over the earth following the British empire.  (See also, Genesis, and the Mystery Confucius Couldn't Solve by Ethel Nelson & Richard Broadberry at www.Amazon.com.)  

The missionaries discovered what the above link suggests, that primitive, aboriginal tribes everywhere had ancient memories of a "High God", who was creator and ruler over all.  But something happened to break the bond between people and the High God -- a Fall.  Many of them, including (as I recall) the Aztecs, had prophecies in their own lore which predicted the coming of a people (sometimes specifically "white") with "a book" which would show the way back to the High God. 

But when the missionaries came back home with such stories, independently and from all over, it went against the prevailing "evolutionary" theory of history, that religion evolved from a primitive animism into the higher religions, it did not "fall" from an earlier higher religion.  It went the wrong direction...  So you will not hear much about this from contemporary scholarship, not even from so-called "conservatives". 

But, it seems, the evidence is resurfacing.  Christians are, with painful slowness, learning how to assess (rather than be embarrassed and non-plussed by) evidence for the faith and to bring it to public discussion.  But the future looks bright if we get serious about it, because the evidence is so overwhelmingly on the side of the Bible. 

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