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Quotations on the Church & Education - from William L. Shirer
The Rise & Fall of the Third Reich
a Fawcett Crest Book, published by Ballentine Books
34th printing, May 1992
with commentary by F. Earle Fox
See also "A Piece of Our History..." by E. Fox

I remember the voice of Shirer during the early '40's, sometimes interrupting our kids' radio shows.  He was a veteran and trusted interpreter of the war raging in Europe. 

I also remember German immigrants in the 1960's, warning America about its moral collapse and political turmoil, that we were experiencing here what they remembered in the early 1900's, as German culture sunk more and more deeply into a totalitarian attitude. 

Education is the lifeblood of any society.  The passing on of truth, culture, faith cannot happen if the parents do not control the education of their children. 

The single most disastrous event in American history has been the foundation of government schooling, so-called "public education".  It is neither public nor education.  It is mind-control, and was meant to be just that right from the beginning with Horace Mann.  The founders wanted a controllable population, not an educated population.  Educated people tend not to be controllable, not if educated according to the freedom wherewith Christ has set us free. 

Mann got his inspiration from the Prussian Junkers, who controlled Prussia with an iron hand through their military-like schooling system.  The Junkers were the military class which ruled Prussia.  It was that spirit and system which Mann in the 1830's imported into Massachusetts -- a state which six decades before had been passionately involved in the fight for American freedom.  It was soon followed by the German university system which is the model now used by many, if not most American universities.  The aim is research for the benefit of the State, not for the education of the people.  That is perhaps the origin of the "perish or publish" theme in so many universities. 

English financiers of the 1800's saw the investment possibilities in burgeoning America, and began colluding with New England industrialists for a financial takeover of America.  Giving our children to the government for education was a primary step in their plans.  Out of that collusion has come the Federal Reserve and the IRS.  

From The Rise & Fall of the Third Reich, Chapter 8, "Life in the 3rd Reich" - 1933-37:

The Germans heard vaguely in their censored press and broadcasts of the revulsion abroad but they noticed that it did not prevent foreigners from flocking to the Third Reich and seemingly enjoying its hospitality.  For Nazi Germany, much more than Soviet Russia, was open for all the world to see.  The tourist business thrived and brought in vast sums of badly needed foreign currency.   (P. 321)

The Reverend Martin Niemoeller had personally welcomed the coming to power of the Nazis in 1933.  In that year his autobiography, From U-Boat to Pulpit, had been published.  ...singled out for special praise in the Nazi press and became a best seller. 

He was soon to experience a terrible disillusionment....  P. 325

Opposed to the "German Christians" [a Nazi supporting church] was another minority group which called itself the "Confessional Church."  It had about the same number of pastors and was eventually led by Niemoeller.  It opposed the Nazification of the Protestant churches, rejected the Nazi racial theories, and denounced the anti-Christian doctrines of Rosenberg and other Nazi leaders...    

It is difficult to understand the behavior of most German Protestants in the first Nazi years unless one is aware of two things:  their history and the influence of Martin Luther.  The great founder of Protestantism was both a passionate anti-Semite and a ferocious believer in absolute obedience to political authority.  [A footnote: "To avoid any misunderstanding, it might be well to point out here that the author is a Protestant.]    P. 326

One has to wonder how much the above influence of Luther influenced the raising of Hitler himself. 

From The Rise & Fall of the Third Reich, "Education in the 3rd Reich":  Chapter 8

[Quoting from Mein Kampf]  "The whole education by a national state," he had written, "must aim primarily not at the stuffing with mere knowledge but at building bodies which are physically healthy to the core."  But even more important, he had stressed in his book the importance of winning over and then training the youth in the service "of a new national state" -- a subject he returned to often after he became the German dictator.  "When an opponent declares, 'I will not come over to your side'" he said in a speech on November 6, 1933, "I calmly say, 'Your child belongs to us already...  What are you?  You will pass on.  Your descendants, however, now stand in the new camp.  In a short time, they will know nothing else but this new community.'"  And on May 11, 1937, he declared, "This new Reich will give its youth to no one, but will itself take youth and give to youth its own education and its own upbringing."  It was not an idle boast; that was precisely what was happening.   P. 343.  

Hitler was not interested in an educated population, but in strong bodies for his army.  The Federal Dept. of Education is run by people of that same mindset.  They want a controllable people, not an educated people.  The UN education program, possibly before Congress right now, is another form of the same evil spirit. 

The Church failed the German people.  The Church is failing the American people. 

In Germany today, homeschooled children are being arrested and put in mental hospitals under a law passed by Hitler and never rescinded.  Many educators and others in America would do the same thing if they could get away with it. 

Dear reader, we in America are well on our way down that same path, the centralization of government, a population which can hardly think its way out of a wet paper bag, a church which is fractured and impotent to lead the people. 

Nothing will change until we Christians are able to rewrite Biblical theology so that we can stand with courage and confidence, with intellectual, moral, and spiritual credibility in the public arena.  Nothing will change unless we learn how to die well, learn to give up our lives for the truth which Jesus came to give us, and for which countless saints have died. 

Christian friends, if you cannot imagine yourself giving your life for the Gospel of Jesus Christ, and for your fellow Christians, and for the world around you, you are not yet a mature follower of Jesus. 

Are you ready for what is coming down the road?  Where do you stand?  What is God saying to you? 

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