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Bibliography -- US History

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The resources below are excellent for catching up on the truth of America's founding Biblical religion.


Wilkins, Steven --  America: the First 350 Years  --  a superb summary of the Christian beginnings of America from Columbus to the War between the States.  I know of no other richer summary of those 350 years, especially the War for Independence, than this work by Wilkins.  Available at http://www.curriculumconnection.net/americafirst350.htm and other places for $25 on CD.  About 30 lectures. 

For information on the American founding fathers use of the Bible to form their new government, see Charles S. Hyneman & Donald S. Lutz, American Political Writing During the Founding Era, vol. I, Indianapolis: Liberty Press 1983.    [NOTE: I may have the wrong title here...  E. Fox] 

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