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A Letter to my Family
on the Minutemen

Dear Family,

      Gee whiz!  Someone needs to keep uttering outrageous statements.  Be.., you and I are pretty good at it.  This is the most communication in our family that I can remember.  Some of us are crazy, of course.  I won't try to settle who.  But this vigorous fellowship is wonderful! 
        Anyhow, in the interests of intelligent conversation, I would suggest doing one's homework, maybe asking a few questions -- before giving out sweeping moral judgements.  Does anyone know what the Minutemen really do?  If not, take a chance and find a relative who has been there and ask him. 
        And, if you are responding to what someone has said on the subject, respond to what was actually said.  I would not recognize any of the responses as being to what I said.  Are we on different planets?  
        Is it not relevant that about 20% of illegals are known felons?  Is it not relevant that drug traders routinely use the open borders to smuggle literally tons of stuff in yearly?  And that terrorists are known to use this pathway.  Do we think they are stupid?  Do we need another 9/11 to prove the point? 
        It is not relevant that 29% of federal prisoners are illegal aliens, not for being illegal aliens, but for violent crimes -- way over representing their percentage of the population? 
        Is it not relevant that hospitals are going into bankruptcy because they are forced to take patients who cannot pay, many of them illegal aliens?  Who benefits from this?  Do you want your taxes raised to bail out the hospitals and provide for education for the illegals?  California reportedly has to build one new school every day to keep up with the influx of children.
        Is it not relevant that illegal aliens kill 13 people every day on our highways, far more Americans that are killed in Iraq, where we are at war?  Br... and his family, and Be...'s family were recently put at risk by a Latino who was probably drunk or on drugs, who swerved right in front of Br...'s car, across the road, did a U-turn, crossed the road again and the smashed into the mountain side.  Be... and I were driving just a few cars behind Br... and the rest.  Illegal alien?  No way of knowing, but the chances are not poor. 

        And, according to Representative Steve King, illegals murder 12 persons per day on top of the 13 killed through drunk driving.  That is 25 Americans, thanks to our open borders, dying each day, over, 9,000 per year.  Vastly more than either in 9/11 or Iraq put together.  That is not relevant?   Yes, these facts need to be checked, and then, if true, drummed into the American consciousness until we either give up or wake up. 
        None of those are reasons for shutting down immigration.  But they are unassailable reasons for controlling immigration and turning away those who should not be here.  And keeping the numbers down to such that we can absorb them.  (Well, yes, we first have to re-develop a rational and graceful and truthful culture into which any honest person would want to be absorbed.)    If these are indeed facts, there is no possible good reason for permitting illegal immigration. 
        What do Minutemen actually do?  We watch.  Then we report to the Border Patrol where we see illegals coming over the border.  That's it.  We have no contact with the illegals unless we find them thirsty, starving, sick from heat prostration, or injured, and then we help them.  We have search and rescue teams which trek the desert looking for needy illegals.   We are not armed to go "hunting them".  That is nonsense.  There are no people doing that on the border anywhere.  Dou..., from where are you getting your information?  There are several groups which use the name 'Minuteman', some of them more proactively chasing after illegals than we.  But none of them is violent. 

        There are, rarely, people shooting on the border, and getting shot at.  Shot at (rarely) on our side but not by our side.  We have been at work on the border for about two years, without a single injury or accident (OK, one scorpion bite...).  Five coyotes (illegal guides) were executed last summer (2007) just yards over the border from where we often watch, because they were "trespassing" on drug runner "property".  It does get nasty, but not from our side. 

        One hostile American watchdog group many months ago came down to watchdog us, but finally went home because... "You aren't doing anything...".  We welcome visitors.

        If interested in some reporting on MM activity, go to my website at http://www.theroadtoemmaus.org/EM/Fox/MinMen/00MM.htm 
        The Border Patrol has lots of Latinos, no doubt born here or came legally, paying their dues, considering themselves Americans, and, as far as I can tell, are very glad to have us there to fill in their ranks where they cannot cover the territory -- due to the duplicity of Congress and Bush. 
        Please understand that the issues at stake, at least from any group I belong to or know of, have nothing to do with rejecting any person, or any group of people, or rejecting immigration itself.  Nothing at all.  As in Zero. 
        The issues have partly to do with maintaining control of one's own life, personally and corporately.  If the Sonora pictures of trash all over the land were your back yard, every one of you would feel different.  Real people live on the border.  If rivers should be kept clean, so should the lands on which real people live.  Pollution does not become OK because it is done by illegal immigrants.  Would any one of you tolerate such treatment of your back yard property, or open the front door of your own home to illegal immigrants in the manner you are asking America to open its borders?  And pay no attention to the same percentage of crime? 
        The issues have partly to do with how you really help people.  If you give them a handout fish, you feed them for a day.  If you teach them how to fish, you feed them for a lifetime. 

        The biggest help we could give to the Mexicans would be to pressure their government to honest reform so that the enormous natural riches of Mexico could be developed under an honest economic system, rather than run by the rich cartel -- who regularly plunder the poor.  That is true of every centralized government in history -- sooner or later.  America has been  uniquely different -- so long as we kept our Biblical foundations. 

        But we are trashing our Biblical foundations, and in return getting that centralization of government which is far along with its plans to make us all slaves on its plantation.  Both logic and history show that the only foundation for a free people who are at the same time responsible people is the Biblical foundation.  The founding fathers reiterated that theme over and over. 
        The issues have to do with loving our neighbors, the second highest law in the universe.  But that also means asking our neighbor also whether he is loving his neighbor.  Is an illegal immigrant loving Americans by breaking our laws and creating the above chaos?  Is that not relevant? 
        This whole mess is not about immigration or helping the poor.  It is about taking down American borders without asking the American people.  That is deliberate, and it is high treason.  Bush and the so-called globalist crowd are determined to do it -- through their fascist-type of collusion between our politicians and the big corporations who stand to make billions by taking control of our political and economic life (thank you, Mussolini).  They are power-hungry and utterly ruthless.  And they are good at what they do -- deceive and control.  We have our own cartel who want to plunder the rest of us -- those who control the national banking systems and most of the international corporations, and have bought out our government.  To be fair to Bush, both parties are in the same boat -- under the control of the same Globalist shadow government.  Both parties want immigrants who will become their voters.  They do not care about the poor, the poor are pawns in their global game.  And so are both parties. 
        Our so-called sanctuary movement would do well to welcome the illegals, teach them how to have an American style revolution, and send them back to Mexico, equipped to challenge the status quo. 
        The American revolution was based on Biblical principles.  It led to the first-in-history, peaceful, major shift of power between opposing parties by popular vote (1800 elections).  That is an astonishing accomplishment  --  and a powerful testimony to the inherent obsession with power struggle in the secular/pagan world.  The founding fathers were quite vocal about their vision of America being the beginning of a new kind of government because of a new kind of people, which would one day bless the whole world.  We are long and far down the road to totally losing that capacity because, since about the 1840's, we have been trashing our Biblical foundations.  If you want to read up on Biblical government, go to http://www.theroadtoemmaus.org/RdLb/21PbAr/Pl/Cnst/00Const.htm#Biblical%20Government 
        You want to help the poor?  We have two choices: either Jesus is Lord, or civil government will be lord.  Teach them about Jesus, who has already been appointed World Governor.  So, sorry, the Globalists are too late.  As our Declaration of Independence says, our freedoms are given by God, not by civil govt., and are therefore inalienable by any human power or authority.  That was the same Declaration being waved by the students in Beijing Square when they were cut down by...  the civil government.  America really is an inspiration to the freedom loving of the world, the beacon on the hill.  Amazingly, even still.  Maybe even in Iraq. 
        The real enemies of America are not the illegal immigrants, they are the criminally inspired politicians in Washington, they are the fractured, oblivious, and apathetic churches, they are the consumerist population who want nothing but their comforts.  Twice in the last week or so, I have sat next to conversations about how our young people are lazy, ignorant, and oblivious to their obligations in life. 

        As the French visitor Alexis d'Toqueville said about 1835 or so, America is great because she is good, when she ceases to be good she will cease to be great.  d'Toqueville understood, to his surprise, that it was our Christian religion, the law and grace of God, which made us good and therefore great.  (See Rodney Stark's The Victory of Reason: How Christianity Led to Freedom, Capitalism, and Western Success, a sociologist's take on how and why Christianity succeeded beyond all other religions to form Western Civilization and change the shape of the world.)  
        The West, with America about 50-75 years behind Europe, is about at that point of collapse, with the inevitable retreat back into the centralization and totalitarianism of paganism and secularism.  Historically, it goes all the way back to Babylon -- 2000 BC, and, no doubt, earlier.  And if you think there will be no walls and borders then with our new elitist centralization, it will be so only because we have become so apathetic and spineless that we can no long stand up and defend our freedom.  We will be so convinced that our enslavement is good that we will not resist.  We will prefer our "safety" to our freedom.  So then, who needs borders?   Who needs walls?  Let the sheep run where they will. 

        Unless Judeo-Christians wake up. 
Blessings, Uncle/Earle/Dad/Grampa


        See on this matter Sanctuary Policy Killing Americans...  If this is not betrayal and treason, what needs to be added to make it so?  Also see, 14 Reasons.... & The Price of Illegal Immigrants.  

        Last summer, Jose Carranza was arrested and charged on multiple felonies, including repeated rape of a 5 year old girl.  There were 30 other counts of violence.  Yet... the Newark, NJ judge allowed him to be released on bail.  So he returned to his lifestyle, and in early August with his gang, attacked and executed three young people on their way to college.  A fourth victim survived to tell the story. 

        Newark is a "sanctuary city", where illegals are treated with "respect", which gives them virtually free rein to do what they want. 

        This is insanity.  Is that judge still working?  Is he being impeached and tossed in jail???  Where are the fathers who will defend their children?  The mothers are doing the better job, but they will not win the battle -- even when they get on the right side of the issues.  Where are the warriors? 

        Events like this do not happen by accident.  There are about 100 "sanctuary" cities in America, which set criminals free to roam the streets -- out of "compassion".  This is a well-coordinated and deliberate attack on America by persons who have been bought out by those who wish to create chaos in order to bring down America and make it vulnerable for a total takeover.  The more crisis, the more government intervention (meaning control of the citizens) is "needed".  It is an attack on our freedom, on our safety, on our persons.  And the only people who can benefit from such horror are the control-minded Globalist crowd. 

        These are the people behind the open borders "compassion".  The average American is very much against open borders, but average people do not any longer have a real voice in the running of America -- mostly their own fault.  See section on "conspiracy" in the Politics Library. 

        But they fear nothing so much as a Judeo-Christian spiritual renewal.  So, get on your knees for your marching orders.  

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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