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Memorial Day Salute

[COMMENT:  I have been watching three series on ancient Greek myth, ancient Greek history, and Roman history (DVDs from the Teaching Company).  It has been hard to sit through, hearing about and understanding (in some ways for the first time) the brutality which was common and pervasive throughout human history.  It dawned on me that they had no choice.  It was eat or be eaten.  The real surprise is the amount of nobility which was manifested in the midst of an unworkable (Godless) situation.   I began to understand for the first time how impossible it was for societies to behave any other way.  Power struggle in an essentially amoral world, in a world where there is no law above the guy with the sword, no law above the government, is necessary for survival.  There is no other way.  Eat or be eaten.

         The fellow lecturing remarked at one point of particular brutality in the Roman republic (the quelling of the Spartacus slave revolt) about the movie Spartacus, in which the rebelling slaves were pictured as standing for universal human rights. He said, "No one in the ancient Mediterranean world had any such thoughts." 

         He was wrong.  One small group of people on the eastern end of the Mediterranean had those thoughts.  The Hebrews.  It was the Judeo-Christians who took those thoughts and conquered the Roman Empire.  And gave to Western Civilization those thoughts.  And the world. 

         I was an uneasy pacifist most of my adult life, but decided about 15 years ago that it will not do.  Not as Christian, not as American.  Certainly better than any other nation on earth, with all the terrible faults we have manifested, America has brought the use of coercive force under the law and grace of God -- precisely the primary legitimate object of civil government.  Subdue coercive force to the law and grace of God.  Where we have failed, it has, without exception, been where we abandoned our Biblical heritage. 

         Where God is not honored, the powerful become gods.  And it will happen again here in the West if we continue hacking away at our Biblical foundations.  Indeed, it is happening already.  The gods are those who claim, in the absence of God, to provide for us our stability and our moral direction.  They have already made their voices known.  They have learned in the West to conquer, not by force, but by deception.

         You do not see the things shown below in the press, because the press, largely, is on the "other side".  But some of that respect for life and liberty is still manifest in our military.  Not always, but often enough to take note.  And some of that recognition that life and liberty come only from, and under, God. 

         As America wakes up to what is being done, as Christians recover their intellectual, moral, and spiritual credibility, we will see a renewed life, liberty, and pursuit of Godliness.   E. Fox]

Subject: Thanks for your Service


 De Oppresso Liber

 Dick K+

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