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Life in the 1940's...

F. Earle Fox

What was it like in the 1940's?  Some sneer at the idea that things were better.  Others yearn for it. 

Here are comments taken from Gary Bauer's 11/4/93 article when he was head of the Family Research Council in Washington, DC. 

Bauer refers to the Thanksgiving proclamations given by Lincoln and then by Roosevelt in times of war, but times when the population had still a sense of owing the good things of life to God and wanting to thank Him.  Then he quotes from Patrick Moynihan, Senator from New York on life in New York.

In a speech last April [1993] to the Association for a Better New York, Sen. Pat Moynihan talked about the New York City of 50 years ago.  Let's acknowledge that it was wartime, and that the war effort sent many unemployed young me overseas and made the factories boom.  Still, the differences between then and now are telling.

The New York City of 1943 was both more crowded and poorer than today [1993].  There were 150,000 more people in its five boroughs.  Half a million people had been on relief in 1935, but that was down to 73,000 eight years later.  Only three percent of all births that year in the city were illegitimate.  There were 44 homicides by gunshot -- too many, of course, but compare that to the carnage in 1992: 1,499 dead.  (The politicians call for gun control, but what we really need is thug control.)

As Moynihan notes, the statistics don't really convey the full picture of the fabric of life in that huge city a half century ago.  "We were a city that already had a social structure, and an infrastructure that included the finest subway system and housing stock in the world, the best urban school system, and, in many ways, the best-behaved citizens."  "Delinquency," Moynihan says, "scarcely existed."

All of this sounds like an impossible dream now -- a safe and bustling city excellent schools, no street gangs, 97 percent of babies born to married couples, the chance of being a victim of gunplay less than one in 250,000.  [Emphasis original.]

It's not hard to see what a bargain it might seem to trade the present for 1943.  Another government report has just reached me showing that nearly 30 percent of all babies in the United States come home from the hospital today fatherless -- 68 percent in the nation's capital, 45 percent in the City of New York.  On a single recent weekend in the District of Columbia, seven people were killed by gunshot, one of them a four-year-old girl caught in the mindless crossfire that has become the drug gangs' signature. 

....  One woman who confronted the change starkly is a Los Angeles school teacher who left the system many years go to raise her own children.  On her first day back this fall, she began class with the traditional, "Good morning, students!" only to be greeted by a shout of "Shut up, b....." and laughter. 


In New England, the cradle of American education, the board at one urban high school has authorized random searches of lockers after uncovering evidence that 60 percent of the student body carry weapons. 

Let's take stock.  In  1943, there were more people, it was more crowded, they were poorer, there were few or no gun laws, yet by almost any standard you could name, life was safer, more rational, and people had a respect for each other.  In New York City, you could safely walk the streets, even at night.  In 1993, with a lower population, with a richer population, with many times more social services available to "help" people, there were more than 30 times the number of homicides in NYC than in 1943.  Accidental?  You might almost think someone had planned this.   

So, what happened between then and 1993 to create this disaster?  Or, even worse, today, 2007?   And why do we typically not consider it a disaster?  Why do we think of this as more or less inevitable and "normal"?  Why are we almost totally incapable of finding a working solution? 

There has been only one major change which can explain this disaster.  The Greatest Generation won WW II against foreign tyranny, but then they came home and lost the war against the internal enemies (scroll down to "Cicero"), not aware even that a war was still going on.  They did not see that military war is only a subset of the larger and perpetual (until Jesus returns) spiritual war, going on all the time and everywhere. 

The Greatest Generation allowed the treasonous subversion (by both Church and State) of our Biblical underpinnings.  Much of it may have been honest, by people who believed that what they were doing was the right thing.  But much of it was dishonest and subversive, done under cover and deliberately without the public knowing.  That is evil, and would be publicly named as such if we had not passively agreed to our own brainwashing. 

The ax fell in 1962 with the Engel v. Vitale Supreme Court decision, outlawing prayer in schools, destroying the legal underpinnings of our Constitution.  Neither the Church nor politicians made an audible peep --- because we American Christians had lost all sense of our own message to the world, all sense of our worldview, and thus of the truth of the Gospel.  We could no longer defend our faith in public. 

Bauer refers to the good schools in NYC in 1943, but misses the point that government control of education was the primary sluiceway for secularism dishonestly to gain a foothold (government preventing open and honest discussion of issues), and for the attack against Biblical religion to establish itself in the minds of the people.  If parents had retained control of their children's education (instead of being handed over to government control, beginning in the 1830's under Horace Mann, et al), we would almost for sure still have a Biblical consensus in America.  Government education was never, right from the beginning, meant to educate children, it was designed specifically to control them.  Government is about control, which is why it is limited to a small number of items, and excluded from all others not specifically listed in the Constitution -- including religion and education. 

See David Barton's video (America's Godly Heritage) or book (Original Intent) for details on this terrible failure of Christians to defend their faith, and the open and visible downhill slide beginning with Engel v. Vitale.  Go to www.wallbuilders.com.   And visit www.sepschool.org

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