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William L. Shirer, Hitler....
& a Piece of Our History

[COMMENT:  I had penned the following comments into the front and back cover of The Rise & Fall of Adolf Hitler which I was sending to a relative as a birthday present.  See also article on Hitler's control of education, and attitude toward parents.  The laws passed by Hitler against homeschooling are still in place and being used very abusively.     E. Fox]

I have been looking around for something interesting to send for your birthday, and stumbled across this, a bit late, but perhaps worth the wait -- a piece of history through which our relatives and we ourselves lived.  I still remember the voice of William L. Shirer on the radio during the 1940's.

I bought three more copies to give to my children.  Perhaps yours would be interested in reading this copy. Our schools hardly teach history any more, mostly globalist/socialist propaganda promoting our happy dependency on government rather than on God and ourselves.

Your copy has "DISCARDED" stamped on it, suggesting that some school or library no longer considers this bit of history worth telling.  Shirer's books seem to be out of print, especially his massive eye-witness history, The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich, which I had been looking for to send.  Not even second-hand copies available on Amazon.  This shorter version, which focuses on the life of Hitler, not the vast political scene of the Third Reich, looks like it was written for a younger audience.  But it's a good read for adults as well.

We seem to have learned little since the two world wars, except that the power hungry have discovered a kinder and gentler tyranny to offer, inspired by something begun in the late 1800's Germany.  It was furthered by Stalin (who essentially enslaved Pavlov to develop his theory of conditioned response), and then perfected by the Chinese Communists - namely brainwashing.

That kind of spiritual/emotional warfare does less damage than does military warfare to the economic infrastructure (money is the tyrant's real goal) of the people you want to enslave.  You "teach" them to love their slavery, and (as with the "Stockholm" syndrome) to love their captors. Our government-run schools are doing a good job at that, and the Church is still oblivious.

Seems to me that we have two choices: Either "Jesus is Lord", or "civil government is lord".  The only road to either personal or political freedom is the Way of the Cross, following Jesus. Nothing else works.  The way of the cross means learning how to die well -- knowing for what we are willing to die so that we can be true to that for which we want to live.

As our Declaration of Independence says, either our freedoms are granted by God, and are therefore inalienable, or they are granted by civil government and removable at its pleasure.  Such a thought could happen only in a Biblical culture, such as our founding fathers had -- which we have now long lost.

One day we Christians will regain our intellectual, moral, and spiritual credibility, get back into the public debate about life, and begin to restore Christian (i.e., Western) civilization. But, having failed to learn our lessons, I think we are headed toward (and already well into) a new Dark Age, slavery on a government plantation.

God's biggest problem has always been His own people, not the pagans or atheists. It seems to take a persecution to wake us up.  We need to learn all over again how to die well so that we can live well.

So here is the story of Hitler, part of our own story.  Pray for us all to wake up and get serious with Jesus. No tyrant is any match for mature Christians.

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