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Health Issues

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Biblical Inner Healing - Book

Codex Alimentarius - UN Tyranny

Emergency Preparedness


Health Care (see also Obama Page & Politics Page)

Mannatech Page -GlycoNutrients





** Mannatech Page -GlycoNutrients -- an astonishing new (but hardly known) direction in health care -- with four Nobel prizes to its credit.   

** "God & Tsunamis"  --  E. Fox  -- What is a Christian to make of all this???   A good bit. 

** The Power of Satan over the Very Young...     E. Fox

First Hand Tsunami Report... - God does indeed  intervene. 

What is Love???  --- Children's version.

The Picture of Doria Gray --  a modern parable about feelings and relationships...  and "Meth"

A Talk on Pain - Marjorie Avery -  Church of the Blessed Sacrament, Placentia, CA 

TV Show Turns Trollops into Genteel Ladies ---   Amazing evidence on power of imagination and inner healing 

Disaster Preparation -- 

Excitement Deprives Children....   Dennis Prager 

Ron Paul's Health Care Reform Bill --  Health care costs are soaring because the prices are set by bureaucrats and lobbyists, instead of by competition in the free market.  
It is very well understood how government grows, and why it is so difficult for taxpayers to protect themselves from the large-scale looting that goes on in Washington . . .     Government confers huge, concentrated benefits on select groups of people, while spreading the cost over all taxpayers.  The groups that benefit from government favors have large incentives to fight for those benefits, while taxpayers have small incentives to fight any particular instance of looting.  
        Only a Godly moral consensus can equip and unite the people so as to keep the narrowly concentrated forces of government centralization on a Constitutional tether. 

Benzene in your Auto???   Open your windows before your start engine or a/c.  

Abortion - See Abortion Library

Anglicans for Life -- Georgette Forney, President --  An excellent resource for pro-life evangelism ( http://www.anglicansforlife.org/ ). 


Dick B's Website -- the early Christian history of AA (Alcoholics Anonymous), from the days when AA understood the real meaning of "higher power" -- the living God.  Tons of material....  See also http://www.dickb-blog.com

Codex Alimentarius - United Nations wants control of your DIET!   See ObamaCare below...

Health Freedom USA -- Dr. Rima E. Laibow, MD.   on UN attempt (inspired by convicted Nazi industrialist) to take over world food supply, including vitamins & minerals, declaring them dangerous & in need of control by the government, pharmaceutical giants, etc. 
     Dr. Laibow's 2005 talk on Codex Alimentarius  --->   hhttp://www.youtube.com/user/tryharder30#p/c/8EC64143C9736125/0/fGJ4jlypqIk 
                 Be sure to see final segment -- 2009 Update
          This is right in line with ObamaCare - complete and unchallengable control of food and health by the government.   


Emergency Preparedness --  from the Patriot Post... 

Emotional / Social / Spiritual

** BIBLICAL INNER HEALING -  in the Shopping Mall - due February 2006  --   a book on the healing power of God for our inner emotional and spiritual needs.  How we get broken and how God heals. 

** Relationship with God -- & Jewish Psychotherapy  --  Peter Toon with commentary by E. Fox 

** The Power of Satan over the Very Young...     E. Fox

Healing power of social network -- in poor countries --  by Shankar Vedantum. 

Prescription for Tolerance --  is Moral Judgement a Mental Disorder?  --  Alan Dobras.  

"Mental Health, Education, & Social Control" --  Quotes from atheist psychiatrist Brock Chisholm.  See whole   Dennis Cuddy articles

Health Care  For more on ObamaCare, see Obama Page.  See also Codex AlimentriaMedicine;  Politics

So, you want socialized medicine, do you?   See what it is like in Canada if you need brain (or any other) surgery: http://www.freemarketcure.com/brainsurgery.php    Government is good at only a very few things (health care is not one of them), like being referee for the public arena, and then only when kept under constant vigilance by the real governors, the people under God.  

SARAH PALIN --  BRAVO   "The America I know and love is not one in which my parents or my baby with Down Syndrome will have to stand in front of Obama's "death panel" so his bureaucrats can decide, based on a subjective judgment of their "level of productivity in society," whether they are worthy of health care. Such a system is downright evil," said Palin communicating through her Facebook page, which has over 715,000 subscribers.

Although the White House and members of the mainstream media rushed to dismiss Palin's statement as "nuts," the threat of the government insurance plan becoming a "death panel" for the weakest members of society may not be far off the mark. ABC News recently reported that the Oregon Health Plan refused to cover cancer drugs that cost $4000 per a month for Barbara Wagner, a 64 year-old terminally ill patient with lung cancer. Instead they offered to give her a one-time prescription for lethal drugs to end her life, which would cost the state health provider only $50.   


Obama "Health Care"  --   travesty and betrayal -- a death warrant for many.  

More on ObamaCare Death Panels from Trustworthy Sources --  Chaplain Gordon James Klingenschmitt --  Now aimed at Veterans....  Does Obama himself have a death wish?  He is heading for his own destruction.  How does he think American citizens will  react to this moral and spiritual obscenity?   Or do he and his handlers think that they have America so wrapped up in their mind-control program (via government schools) that they can say these incredible things and get away with it? 

The Tawdry Tales of ObamaCare -- how many are getting exceptions from having to use it...  An appalling story of deceit and favoritism. 

A Principled Prescription for America's Health - Congressman Tom Price, MD.  One of the very few concrete proposals for honest, Godly, & Constitutional health care I have seen.  It is short and needs more details, but seems to be very good beginning.  We MUST encourage more of this and get out over the internet. 

What Happened to Chief Justice John Roberts?   by Tom Tancredo, former Congressman.   Why did Roberts move to the dark side?  Was he paid off?  Was he threatened?  Was it just a personal cave-in to pressure?  Does he really believe what he did was right? 

American Doctors 4 Truth ---  American doctors on ObamaCare. 

Medical - See Socialized Medicine

** Mannatech Page -GlycoNutrients 

** Hydrogen Peroxide (H2O2)-- a potential health breakthrough.  I had run into H2O2 "oxygen therapy" (hydrogen di-oxide -- water is H2O - hydrogen oxide)) some years ago, and tried it, finding that it did indeed help lung congestion.  But it was so distasteful to swallow that I gave up on it.  I now use capsules which do work, but far more expensive than H2O2.   The  above article points to a different way of taking it.  Worth checking out.  Apparently lots of applications. 

            UPDATE:  I tried using H2O2 spray for sore throat and post nasal drip, spraying down my throat and into nostrils.  It worked to clear congested lungs and sinuses, but seemed to promote bleeding in my sinuses.  So I discontinued use.  Will report further if more info shows up.   E. Fox 

ObamaCare -- See Health Care & Obama Page

The Flouride Story --  Not good news.

New Burn Treatment --  link to Dr. James Howenstein (see above).   Medical source: www.salibaburnsinstitute.org

Allopathic vs. Homeopathic Medicine -- a huge contest already long in progress.  My instincts go with homeopathic.  It seems that Big Pharma (as their critics call the pharmaceutical industry) is much too  involved with government control of things.   -- E. Fox.  

US Infectious Disease Policy Based on the Wrong Germ Theory --  Carolyn Dean, MD, and Elissa Meininger  --   on the potential for disaster if we concentrate on remedial rather than preventative measures.  

What You Need to Know About Root Canals --  link to Dr. James Howenstein  --  Are you sure you should get that root canal?   How can you protect your self.  A good read. 

Bird Flu, Liberty, & Quarantine -- Is this honest protection or more of the drift toward centralization? 

Advice on cancer and Laetrile...  More needs to be researched on this... 
        But the subject keeps coming up of negative government control of effective therapies -- probably inspired by those pharmaceutical companies which seem to have a hand in controlling our government regulations of pharmaceuticals.  If so, that is betrayal (yet one more time) by our government and by our corporations.  Mussolini called it fascism. 

Mandatory vaccine in Texas -- for school age girls and sexually transmitted diseases.  Not with my child, you don't!  The drift toward control of our medical lives is one more step toward tyranny.  Get government out of just about everything it is doing.  Limit government to just those things authorized by the Constitution. 
        Vaccines are not the safe medial procedures we have been led to believe.  Many of them contain mercury, which apparently inflames the brain tissue, helping to cause diseases such as Alzheimers.  The warnings keep appearing. 

The Boy who refused to Die -- in the womb....!   An astonishing story of the will to live.    For the inside story of life in the womb, read The Secret Life of the Unborn Child  -  by Thomas Verney.   

New studies End Debate on Stem Cell Research --  for the good of the littlest ones. 

EHD - Endownment for Human Development --  "Improving lifelong health - one pregnancy at a time...."   An amazing array of visuals on the nature of pregnancy, fertilization, and growth within the womb.   Want to see the humanity of the unborn???   Stunning...!  



Sexuality -

** Colon Cancer & Anal Sex -- If  you still believe that homosexuality is not a compulsive, lethal addiction, click on the link...    Commentary by E. Fox. 

San Diego govt. defends ugly, lethal homosexual behavior  -- If you live in SD County, take action. 

EVIDENCE that DEMANDS ACTION --  HIV/AIDS  dramatically reduced in Uganda.  Link to PDF file. 

American Red Cross accused of possibly polluting blood supply -- by accepting blood from persons who engage in homosexual activities. 

Do you understand the health risks of homosexual behavior???  The FDA does

"Puberty Blockers Pushed on Children..."   by Judith Reisman -- her last line is terrific:  "Shame on an adult culture that is so self-centered that it bombards its children with violent and sexual stimuli and answers its crimes by chemically violating and numbing the nation's cruelly and unnaturally traumatized youth.  Shame. Shame. Shame! 
        Judith Reisman shames our pathetic culture which has lost the capacity either to think or feel straight (they work only when yoked together.)   She exposes latest plan to spread transsexualism to kids. 

HIV is Still an Epidemic for Homosexual Persons - Right from the federal Center for Disease Control.  Nothing much has changed over the 30 years of the homosexuality epidemic.   But the homosexual agenda is also STILL winning politically -- because of our cowardly pseudo-conservative leadership which cannot for the primary issue onto the table into the light of day -- homosexual behavior.    See also the evidence...   and...  Centers for Disease Control Slide Set HIV/AIDS  

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