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Clemency for Paul Hill

Paul Hill is on death row in Florida for shooting an abortionist and his body guard.  Paul Hill's wife sent a newsletter to his friends and supporters telling us that he is in the final stages of his clemency proceedings, and suggesting that we might want to send a supporting letter to the Board of Clemency for the State of Florida.  It seemed to me that what is needed in times of stress and impending trouble is to keep stating the truth as clearly and as gracefully as possible in the situation.  Paul needs to know, at a time when there is little hope of his sentence of death being turned around, that his cause is just and that he has done well.  

Let us pray that in our respective responsibilities, we will each have the courage and grace to stand firmly for truth and compassion -- at any cost to ourselves.    

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The Rev. Earle Fox
Emmaus Ministries
718 Maplewood Ave.
Ambridge, PA 15003

July 14, 1997

Janet H. Keels
Office of Executive Clemency
2601 Blairstone Road
Building C, Room 229
Tallahassee, FL 32399-2450

Dear Ms. Keels,

I am writing concerning the clemency appeal for Paul Jennings Hill, case #94-3510.

What does one write on such an occasion? One is tempted to plead for the mercy of the civil government on all the usual grounds, that Mr. Hill has a wife and children, that he has been a good prisoner, that one more death would not make the world a better place, etc.

There may be many of Mr. Hill's friends, like myself, who believe all of the above, but feel also that the appropriate word for this occasion is rather a plain speaking of the truth in quite another direction.

The justice of God is not mocked. The question of clemency, therefore, is not a question concerning Paul Hill, but rather a question of who will plead for clemency for America -- which has officially ruled that unborn babies are non-persons and therefore disposable at will, for any reason or for no reason at all? Who will plead for clemency for the corrupt judicial system which denies an honest trial, forbidding an accused the freedom to plead his case on his own terms and to state before the jury his own reasons for doing what he did?

The courts of America, though they increasingly seem to think otherwise, are not the final place of judgement. The Supreme Court of the United States is not THE supreme court. And those judges, juries, executives, and legislatures who today routinely violate their oath of office to defend and protect the Constitution of the United States, let alone the law of God, will themselves stand trial before Jesus into whose hands all authority in heaven and earth has been placed. Who will then plead for clemency as the sheep are divided from the goats?

I do not plead for clemency for Paul Hill, I plead for some brave soul in the Clemency Board to stand for truth and to call for his release. At no point in his trial was his one-line defense ever refuted: An unborn child deserves the same coercive protection that a born child deserves. His defense was simply ignored, though it was, and is, morally, spiritually, and, yes, legally impeccable.

One pleads clemency for a guilty party, not for one falsely accused and convicted -- by a nation with a terribly guilty conscience. So I plead clemency for those responsible for the violent miscarriage of justice in the lives of more than thirty million babies sacrificed to our arrogant and evil self-centeredness, I plead clemency for those involved in the wrongful conviction of Paul Hill, and I plead clemency for a nation in rebellion against the rightful authority of God.

For Paul Hill, a man of principle, courage, and compassion, I give thanks to God. For Paul Hill I plead for the declaration of a mistrial, and for his release.


Earle Fox

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