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Encouragement in Pro-Life Action

F. Earle Fox
See also, Abortion, the Bible, & America for a more detailed version.

There is almost no authentic "conservative" movement alive today in America.  Most "conservatives" are not able or willing to conserve much (any more than so-called "liberals" are able or willing to liberate anyone).  That is proven by the fact that we have failed to turn the tide of increasing government centralization and control of our lives for at least a century.  The current 'Tea Party' movement might be the beginnings of a turn-around, but only the beginnings, and it is not, I think, addressing the issues I raise below.  If we do address these issues properly, it will be costly, but we have every good reason to take hope for a significant change for good in the 21st century.  At the very least, an honest fight (at last) coming from Godly people. 

The real enemy is centralized government which produces abortion.  If we do not win that battle, we will not win the abortion battle.  A major part of the response must be a clear articulation of Biblical Government


We all need a word of encouragement in the face of what seems to be a losing battle against the killing of babies in the womb. If my stats are correct, the percentage of babies being illegally killed has dropped from about 1/3 of all babies to "only" about 1/4. And that is, of course, good as far as it goes.

But it remains that abortion is still allegedly "legal" just about anywhere in America, and that one can obtain an abortion for any reason or no reason at all. That is not an encouraging picture, given the massive amount of money, effort, time, and prayer that has been poured into ending the supposed legality of abortion.

So, what can we look for as encouragement?

My take on the matter is that we have been fighting the wrong battle. We have been focusing too narrowly on the abortion target, not realizing that our deep foundations have been terribly eroded.

We read in Psalm 11:3, "If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do?" That is an often misquoted passage (which we can talk about later). But in truth, the foundations of a Biblical civilization have been deftly removed from Western Christendom, and we, the Judeo-Christians, we the Church of God, have had little to say about it other than have "ain't it awful" discussions, and wring our hands.

Encouragement might mean, and must mean, a reestablishment of our Biblical foundations, first of all in the Church, and then in our nation. That means in our seminaries which train the pastors, in front of whom sit every week still a large percentage of the American population.

My experience with ministry in the Episcopal Church (to which I once belonged) was that I never found one single conservative leader who was able and willing to stand up to, for example, the homosexual agenda in the Church. The clear and unassailable evidence against the homosexual lifestyle and in favor of the Biblical way of doing things is overwhelming. A few of us made that information available to our bishops, priests, and lay deputies at our General Conventions, but the evidence never once in over a decade got onto the floor of debate.

I have received more flak from pseudo-conservative leaders (who cannot conserve anything) than from those pseudo-liberal folks (who have long abandoned the Biblical way of thinking).

This assessment is not fair to many who have spent large resources in the pro-life movement, but generally speaking that is, I think, the case. A truly conservative movement almost does not exist in America. We have conservatives-who-are-incapable-of-conserving-anything fighting with liberals-who-do-not-liberate. The pseudo-liberals will always win that war because the pseudo-conservatives will surrender their ground.


But by the grace of God, in the midst of an almost wholly secular education system, I got an extraordinary education on the meaning of the Biblical worldview, and the cleavage between that and the secular/pagan worldview. There really are only those two basic worldviews. They are exactly counter to each other on every major issue. And the secular/pagan view has driven the Biblical view from the public arena. Or, more accurately, our pseudo-conservative leadership has surrendered the public arena. They would not stand up. I suspect that other denominations have much the same problem.


But letís take a step back in time to about 1200 AD in Western Europe. It was a time of enormous intellectual and spiritual ferment. The first true universities were being established to promote a freemarket of ideas, to have places where there would be a level playing field, so that any idea could be proposed, no matter how outlandish or foolish. But it would have to withstand the public critique of those who disagreed. If you lost the debate, you would not be shot at dawn, and you would be free to come back and present your view another time. All this was to be disciplined by an agreed set of rules of evidence. You really had to prove your case.

It was in this new experiment with intellectual freedom out of which arose what we now call science. Many, both Catholic and Protestant, feared that this new science, with its freemarket of ideas, would undermine Biblical stability and authority. What if Christianity is tested and proven wrong? Should we not forbid that? Christians began to oppose reason and cleave to revelation as though they were contraries.

But God had other ideas.

Imagine that the two edges of the Sword of the Spirit just might be reason and revelation, not opposed, but welded together, back to back, like the Greek warrior parakletes, standing back to back, to defend each other if they got cut off from their military lines.

Reason and revelation back to back would be an invincible weapon. Satan saw that coming and persuaded the Christians (of all people) to hand the edge of reason over to the secular folks, and to keep for themselves only the edge of revelation. That was a fatal mistake, and sealed the future of the Christian community for the next several centuries. The secular folks put the edge of reason to the throat of the Church.

Nothing in Scripture says anything but good about reason. God, not secular philosophers, is the reasonable one. God holds the intellectual, moral, and spiritual high ground, and is inviting His people to stand there with Him. But we have panicked and given God the reputation for being arbitrary, unreasonable, and anti-intellectual. He cannot appreciate that.

So, we have, in large measure, deserved to get booted out of the public arena.

The plan God has (and this is the encouraging part) is that we must learn to put truth ahead of Himself. We must put truth ahead of God. Why so? Because God does. Does that insult the dignity of God?

God knows that He has given us a freewill, that He is inviting us into a freewill covenant, and that we must be honestly convinced that He is the real God. He happily takes up that challenge. No other deity in all of history is pictured as doing that. "Test the spirits to see of they are of God...." must mean, "...even if it is I speaking." What else can that mean other than to ask probing questions -- even if the speaker is God Himself (as Abraham re Sodom & Gomorrah).

Putting truth ahead of God is the only way to make truth-seeking the royal road to God. What other relationship would God want us to have with Himself? What other relationship would any honest creature want to have with God?

There are examples of this openness and honesty of God all through Scripture (I Kings 18:17-40; Isaiah 1:18, 43; I Cor. 15; II Cor. 4:2). It is we humans who do not show up for the reasonable discussion, we do not respond to the invitation of God, "Come, let us reason together..." We are too afraid of that honest discussion with God, so we stay in the shadows. God lives in the Light and honest discussion will draw us into that Light. See John 3:19. "This is the judgement, that the Light has come into the world, and the world preferred darkness because its deeds were evil..."

Our destruction of the intellectual credibility of the Church was, more than anything else, what destroyed our place in the public arena. And rightly so! I do not want someone in public office unwilling to reason, or in Church office, for that matter -- or any other leadership position.

The result is that Christians typically do not know how to marshal evidence.  They are oblivious to it, even though it is all over the landscape.  As Elijah shows in I Kings 18, God is willing to have His whole case put to an open, honest up-or-down contest.  The Biblical principle is that a false God cannot keep his promises. God can, and does.

But showing that means putting ourselves at risk for failure.  What if God does not show up?  He is showing up all the time if we know how and where to look.

There is not a single major issue (politics, sexuality, life issues, economics) in which doing it Godís way does not come out demonstrably better than any other way.  But we Christians do not know how to function as honest truth-seekers any more.  And so we are spurned as irrelevant and ignorant.  We may be indeed, and it may be mostly our own fault.

But the good news is that, although we are far behind the 8-ball, we can begin to restore the foundations, and there is nothing the other side can do to stop us.  We can challenge them to an open contest based on the merits of the case.

Just for example:

"You and I are on the opposite side of this abortion issue. But if the evidence should show that the entity in the womb is not a person, then I will stand with you.

On the other hand, if the evidence should show that the entity is a person, would you be willing to reconsider your position?"

We will recover the intellectual, moral, and spiritual high ground if we take that kind of approach.  Tough love calls for truth-discipline. 


There are many other background and foundation-restoration things to do (while we are also focusing on abortion itself, but I will add briefly just three more because I think they are so vital --

(1) we must get our children out of government education, and get government 100%, top to bottom, out of all education (excepting that directly related to government processes itself).  Americans must take back control of the education of our children.  We will not win the spiritual war unless we can produce Godly children for the next generation.  It can be done.

(2) Get to know the name, Antonio Gramsci, the Italian communist who wrote the strategy book for communism taking over Western Civ.  Start with http://www.theroadtoemmaus.org/RdLb/21PbAr/Pl/GramsciWhoIs.htm  
and follow the links in the article for more information.
  It is happening right before our eyes.  Once we identify the satanic globalist enemy, we can go after him.  They are very vulnerable, and this is a winnable battle.  Like David and Goliath.  A slingshot and five smooth stones from the brook.

(3) Judeo-Christians must learn again, and restore, Biblical government.  If we do not have a clear and reasonable Biblical position on government, we will never retake the public arena.  If we do, we can. 

That is my short version of the encouraging news.  For more, roam around here at the Road to Emmaus.

See also, Abortion, the Bible, & America for a more detailed version.

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Date Posted - 12/11/2010   -   Date Last Edited - 07/07/2012