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Roman Catholic Priest on ObamaCare

Roman Catholic Pastor, Fr. Sammie Maletta

Father Sammie Maletta, Roman Catholic priest, on Obama and Obama care.  Electric...  Get your pastor to speak up like this to protect the life of the innocent and vulnerable.

I do not wish to make life hard for a person who had stepped out to speak the truth, but there are some additional comments that need to be made. 


1. As RC's often do, he makes no reference to the rest of Christendom.  There are not nearly enough Christians of any stripe defending the smallest of us.  Our number needs to grow.  It would have been good if Fr. Maletta had acknowledged other Christians in this war against God (not just against the babies);

2. His focus was on Obama's insult to the RC Church, rather than on the death of the little ones;

3. He was content to get Obama to let the RC Church go on with its obviously very important business of taking care of the poor and vulnerable, but he did not address the wider issues of an atheist, anti-Christ government in a lot of other areas.  Our government was founded on the sovereignty of God, so Obama's routine rejection of the Constitution is not only treason, it is blasphemy.  He is making himself (or his overlords) into gods. 

Those are spiritual issues which every pastor in the nation should be addressing, whether or not the government likes it.  If you want to get a first-hand glimpse of what centralized government will lead to if we let it, read Richard Wurbrand's Tortured for Christ.  It is also a song of praise for the victory in Christ which those tortured had over their persecutors, right in the prisons. 

Maletta addressed the issue of pastors speaking on political issues.  The first responsibility of any government is to decide "who is God?" -- who decides the difference between right and wrong, who decides who is and who is not a person?  From where does civil government get its authority?  Politics is inherently a spiritual issue.  We Christians have let ourselves be brainwashed by the secular folks, largely through our Godless public education system (which is neither pubic nor education).  Government-run schools are an attack on America and on Americans, a mind-control program. 

Pastors!  Speak up!!! 

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Date Posted - 03/03/2012   -   Date Last Edited - 07/07/2012