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Innocent Blood is Shed in our Cities...

Bud Reeves

[COMMENT:   Bud Reeves tells the story.    E. Fox] 



Act Justly - Love Mercy - Walk Humbly With Thy God (Micah 6:8) 






FACT:  (1) Child sacrifice to pagan gods was adopted and practiced by God's people when they disobeyed God and mixed Covenant worship with worship of pagan gods.   (Lev. 18:21; see also 20:1-5) (Jeremiah 19:4-6; see also 7:31, 32), (Leviticus 20:1-5; see also 18:21), Ps. 106:37-39


So detestable to God is child sacrifice that He even threatens to set His face against and cut off those who, though not participants in the practice, "close their eyes" (remain silent) to the crime (Lev. 20:4,5). Further, the warning not only applied to God's covenant people but to any non-Israelite living in Israel (Lev. 20:2). Child sacrifice was not one of the many tribal customs aliens who lived in Israel were permitted to practice.  


(http://www.jesus-is-savior.com provides a scholarly monograph on this topic to include the similarities of today's abortion and Old Testament child sacrifice.  Bud's note:   Do we not think that child sacrifice today is not defiling our churches?  Listen, "he (one who sacrifices his child) has defiled my sanctuary and profaned my holy name." (Lv. 20:3)


FACT (2)   Two U.S. Supreme Court decision made abortion judicially legal through all nine months  (Roe vs. Wade and Doe vs. Bolton 1973)  and today more than 52 million babies have been sacrificed by abortion.


FACT (3)   These murders are not done in secret but are openly advertised and carried out in our cities (Roseville, Sacramento, North Highlands and across America).  Across the nation Planned Parenthood provides abortions and covers up for human sex traffickers.  Few pastors, elders and parishioners seemingly care enough to speak or act concerning this innocent bloodshed.   Bud's note:   Re: sex trafficking cover-up, watch this undercover video made at Planned Parenthood.  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L9Zj9yx2j0Y


FACT (4)   These commercial businesses that kill children, promote teen sexual promiscuity and give cover to human sex traffickers are surrounded by churches, pastors and congregants who do not come to these places to offer help, to pray or to proclaim to all who enter or drive by that "We Care."  Mayors and council members attend these churches but there is no evidence that any have been moved to stand against the licensing of these high places in their communities. 

FACT (5) 
Pastors, priests and church elders seemingly do not want to address the issue of child killing in their pulpits or communities and their silence is noted as universal across America.  This silence is usually excused for a myriad of reasons (I have heard them personally over the last 19 years) and many say their job is to "preach the gospel" not to be "involved in political issues."  God responds, I hate the shedding of innocent blood." (Pr. 6)  Speak up for those innocents who can not speak for themselves. (Pr. 31:8) Save those who are being taken away to death and your have no excuse if you say you did not know (Pr. 24).  If you know what is right to do and do not do it, you sin.  (James 4:17)  See http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a05J8w1vmtI
 WARNING:  Pastors, elders and Christians who are silent or unconcerned,  my understanding of the Word says you have no excuse.  You will be held accountable for the innocent bloodshed if you do not repent for your silence and then make the repentance real by your actions.  God through the Prophets warn us:  Your failure to be a faithful watchman means that you are accountable for the deaths of the innocents who were not warned by you. (Ezekiel 33)  
For a further discussion see my (Bud) writing on this issue, "Abortion and the Church" on our sohlnet webpage.  www.sohlnet.org  


"HIGH PLACES"   The abortion clinics in our cities are the "high places" of the Old Testament where our children are being sacrificed and sexual libertinism promoted..  If we will not identify, confront and work to remove this evil, the sacrifices will continue to spread a "demonic fog" over our cities, defiling us and making the best and sincere efforts for revival fail. In ancient Israel revival followed  when Kings Josiah and Hezekiah removed and destroyed ALL of the high places in their kingdoms. Gideon prevailed against Israel's enemies only after he had destroyed his father's and the community idol.  Additionally review Isa. 1 and Amos 5 where innocent bloodshed and injustice were ignored.   Author and youth teacher, mentor and  speaker, Jim Anderson makes the case in his very relevant book; "Unmasked" that (1) men must become protectors of women, not predators, and that the American sexual idolatry and the high places of sex, Planned Parenthood and their like must be identified, confronted and removed or there will be NO revival.  "Unmasked" is highly recommended and  available at www.Lifeline-ministries.org 


If we get real..if we as God's people will turn from our wicked ways (yes the silence is wicked because it perpetuates abortion), if we will repent of our sins, hate injustice, promote justice, love mercy, walk in humility and seek His face and His kingdom, then God will hear from heaven, heal us and our land, and we will see revival.  These are His promises.  (2nd Chron. 7:14, Mic 6:8, Mt. 6:33, and Amos 5:24)  If we remain in denial, numbed and in our comfort zones and do not respond to the cries of the innocents and our God, bloodguilt is on us, the sanctuary is defiled  and our nation and we will sadly see America and the American church sink further into the gutters of materialism, hedonism, and a nummed faith without substance or God.   Am I without hope?   NO.   I believe repentance will come and revival will follow.  

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Date Posted - 08/24/2012   -   Date Last Edited - 08/24/2012