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American Independent Party
Online Meeting Room

[COMMENT:   Sign up at www.AIPNews.com to join the American Independent Party, led by Alan Keyes.  AIP is a grassroots, from the bottom up, new direction party.   Alan Keyes is approachable and you can discuss with him personally any concerns you have when he is on the conference call.    E. Fox]

America's Summit

Restore the Republic

National Conference Call featuring AIP leaders, special guests, and principled, independent, conservatives from across the land

Sponsored by America's Independent Party, CAN-DO-USA, America's Caucus, www.AIPNEWS.com   and Tom Hoefling's www.LifeandLibertyReport.com 

Hosted by AIP Chairman Tom Hoefling and Patriot Paul Waple

The calls are now being live-streamed on the web at www.blogtalkradio.com/AIP

Email questions or comments to summit@aipnews.com

The call-in number is:  (218) 339-2222

and the conference ID is:  340794#

The Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday night calls begin at:

9:00 p.m. Eastern

8:00 p.m. Central

7:00 p.m. Mountain

6:00 p.m. Pacific

5:00 p.m. Alaska

Please watch AIPNEWS.com for updates. Our Platform and Personal Affiliation Agreement are available at AIPNEWS.com for those who haven't yet affiliated.

Participant controls on the new service include the ability to mute or unmute by pressing *1 on your telephone keypad. Here's the complete control pad:


We also invite you to join the online conference room at the same time
in order to use the chat function:

AIP online meeting room

If you have further questions you can always reach us at summit@aipnews.com.

One last point for AIP Affiliates and supporters: Funds are needed to keep this work going forward. We know things are tight now for many or most, but we do ask that, if possible, you go to www.selfgovernment.us or www.aipnews.com and contribute as generously as you can. If everyone can each do a little, the burdens will be lighter for all. Thank you!

P.S. Please pass this information on to all your conservative friends and family!
Paid for by America's Independent Party National Committee
17195 Silver Parkway #336 Fenton, MI 48430
AIPNEWS.com | SelfGovernment.US | contact@aipnews.com

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Date Posted -  11/20/2009   -   Date Last Edited - 02/26/2013