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If I were President

Chuck Baldwin

[COMMENT:  Chuck who???   Well, I have heard the name because I frequent the right email circuits and blogs.  But most Americans probably do not recognize either Chuck Baldwin or the Constitution Party (of which Baldwin is now the Presidential Candidate (see below).  

I do not know what kind of leader Baldwin would make, but take a look at the program he outlines below, and visit his website.  I hope you will get to know Baldwin and the Constitution Party intimately.  Unless there turns up some good reason to do otherwise, I will vote for Baldwin -- come the election. 

People will say you are throwing your vote away.  Maybe, but only if you have no commitment to truth and righteousness.  We must vote for truth and righteousness, not for party.  If we do not vote for that person who represents political truth and righteousness, if we vote only for "the least of two evils", then truth and righteousness never get a voice in the public arena.  Jesus Christ will never get a testimony in the public arena. arena.  What kind of Christianity is that? 

The Constitution Party is the only party, to my knowledge, which promotes anything like a Biblical view of politics.  Yes, there is a Biblical politics.  It begins with "Jesus is Lord".  King of kings and Lord of lords.  That principle is what gave us the freedoms we associate with Western Civilization.  It was a principle acknowledged in law on both sides of the Atlantic at the time of our war with King George III (see article on William Blackstone). 

As we hack away at our Biblical foundations, we are steadily and more and more rapidly losing those freedoms, including honest pluralism.  America is heading down the path toward totalitarianism, which is the path toward which all secular and pagan government drift.  Only God can sustain a limited government for a free people.  No other authority can do that.  

Given the hatred in American power circles toward the sovereignty of God, the chances, of course, of Baldwin winning are slim to nothing.  But that is how everything begins, with just a few troops in the field.  Twelve disciples began the takeover of the Roman Empire.  We can take back America for God and for righteous freedom and honest pluralism

Get on your knees, pray, and then act according to what God and your fellow Christians hear Him saying.  If you are not a Christian, we Christians should be uniting with any person who is a truth-seeker.    E. Fox]

If I Were President
By Chuck Baldwin
May 2, 2008

This column is archived at   http://www.chuckbaldwinlive.com/c2008/cbarchive_20080502.html

Due to my frequent criticisms of President George W. Bush, I am often
asked what I would do if I were President of these United States. This
column will serve as an attempt to answer that question.

If I were President, I would begin the process of safely extracting
our troops from Iraq. In the first place, our troops are no longer
fighting a war, they are an occupation force, which occupies a
sovereign country. And this is being done without a Declaration of
War. The Iraqi people resent our occupation as much as we would resent
another nation stronger than ours invading and occupying America. If
such a thing happened to our beloved country, I'm sure many of us
would also become "insurgents."

In the second place, the invasion and occupation of Iraq was
absolutely unnecessary. Instead of sacrificing more than 4,000
American lives and the lives of tens of thousands of Iraqi citizens
(not to mention some 2-3 trillion dollars), President Bush should have
supported Ron Paul's bill, H.R. 3076, the September 11 Marque and
Reprisal Act of 2001. This is the constitutional way to deal with
rogue terrorist organizations. This is the way President Thomas
Jefferson responded to the Barbary pirates.

According to Congressman Paul, "A letter of marque and reprisal is a
constitutional tool specifically designed to give the President the
authority to respond with appropriate force to those non-state actors
who wage aggression against the United States while limiting his
authority to only those responsible for the atrocities of that day.
Such a limited authorization is consistent with the doctrine of just
war and the practical aim of keeping Americans safe while minimizing
the costs in blood and treasure of waging such an operation."

Had President Bush responded in this manner, tens of thousands of
lives would have been saved, trillions of dollars would not have
needed to be spent, Osama bin Laden and most of his fellow terrorists
would likely be dead, and we would not be bogged down in a nightmarish
military quagmire in Iraq. And, if I were President, this is exactly
how I would handle terrorist organizations such as al Qaeda.

Furthermore, it is absolutely ludicrous to say we are fighting a war
on terror half way around the world when we refuse to secure our
borders and ports. If I were President, I would immediately seal our
borders. I would also see to it that employers in America who
knowingly hire illegal aliens are prosecuted to the fullest extent of
the law. In plain language: any employer who consciously hires illegal
aliens would go to jail. They would not pass Go; they would not
collect $200; they would go straight to jail.

By sealing the borders and by cutting off the money supply to illegal
aliens, the problem of illegal immigration would dry up. As it is, we
have no idea how many potential terrorists--not to mention violent
gang members such as MS-13--have snuck (and are sneaking) through our

And speaking of illegal immigration, as President, I would enforce our
visa rules. This means anyone who overstays their visa or otherwise
violates U.S. law is immediately deported. There would be no "path to
citizenship" given to any illegal alien. That means no amnesty. Not in
any shape, manner, or form. I would not allow tax dollars to be used
to pay for illegal aliens' education, social services, or medical
care. As President, I would end birthright citizenship for illegal
aliens. There would be no "anchor babies" during my administration.

If I were President, I would use the bully pulpit of the White House
to encourage Congress to pass Congressman Ron Paul's Sanctity of Life
Act. In short, this bill would do two things: First, it would declare
that unborn babies are persons under the law. Second, under the
authority of Article. III. Section. 2. of the U.S. Constitution, it
would remove abortion from the jurisdiction of the Court. In essence,
this bill would immediately overturn Roe v. Wade and end legalized

Republicans tout themselves as being "pro-life." Yet, the GOP
controlled both houses of Congress and the White House for six years
and did absolutely nothing to overturn Roe or end abortion-on-demand.
Under my administration, we could end legal abortion in a matter of
days, not decades. And if Congress refused to pass Dr. Paul's bill, I
would use the constitutional power of the Presidency to deny funds to
protect abortion clinics. Either way, legalized abortion ends when I
take office.

On the subject of foreign policy, as President, I would end foreign
aid. I would also end the current infatuation with nation-building,
empire-building, and interventionism. America is not the world's
policeman. Neither are our military personnel the personal militia of
the United Nations.

Remember that President Bush told the U.N. in 2003 that the reason we
invaded Iraq was for the purpose of securing the "peace and
credibility of the United Nations." (I lie not; that is what he said.)
President Bush also placed the U.S. back under UNESCO in spite of the
fact that President Reagan had heroically taken the U.S. out from
under that sinister organization.

I am sure that readers recall that the U.N. Charter was authored by a
Soviet communist agent (Alger Hiss) and that the U.S. has been
fighting wars for the U.N. ever since the organization was created
back in 1945.

Speaking of the United Nations, as President, I would withhold funds
from the support of the United Nations. In other words, I would get
the U.S. out of the U.N. Beyond that, when I move into the White
House, the U.N.'s rent is up! They move out of New York City post

By the same token, there is absolutely no reason for us to be in NATO.
We should not be antagonizing Russia by attempting to expand NATO.
There is no reason why Russia could not become a friend and ally of
the United States. Free and fair trade with Russia and a
noninterventionist foreign policy in Europe would do much to endear
American interests to Russia. To insist on expanding and empowering
NATO only serves to further alienate Russia and drive her to make
alliances with Communist China.

Speaking of China, it is time that we recognize the very serious
threat that China poses to the peace and security of the United
States. Our trade practices serve only to allow corporate America to
continue to invest in what will surely become an albatross around the
neck of our well-being. We must discontinue the practice of allowing
China to export its cheap products to the U.S. with no protection for
America's jobs and manufacturing, not to mention the lack of
protection for our safety. This must stop, and it will stop when I
become President. "Free trade" will no longer mean a free ride for Red

Furthermore, as President, I would take the preservation of our
nation's sovereignty and independence extremely seriously. This means
that the burgeoning North American Union is dead on arrival the day I
am sworn in as President. Gone, too, is the NAFTA superhighway. And
for that matter, I would lead the United States out of NAFTA and CAFTA
altogether. And any prospect for the FTAA would be dead as well.

As President, I would be the best friend that gun owners (and lawful
gun dealers), homeschoolers, and veterans ever had in the White House.
These are three of the most persecuted, harassed, or overlooked groups
of people in the country. But not if I were President.

There is no reason why our veterans should wait for weeks and months
to receive the medical care they need. It is disgraceful that we would
ask our brave men and women of the U.S. armed forces to fight our
country's battles and then leave them to pretty much fend for
themselves when it comes to receiving adequate health care. I would
make taking care of our veterans an extremely high priority, if I were

If I were President, I would also do everything in my power to locate
and retrieve any and all MIAs. I personally believe that there are
hundreds of our servicemen who are yet being held against their will
in various parts of the world. I would make finding them and bringing
them home of utmost priority, if I were President.

On the home front, if I were President, I would end corporate welfare.
I would also work to disband the Department of Energy (along with the
Department of Education and many other federal departments). There is
absolutely no reason for us to be dependent upon OPEC. There is enough
gas and oil under the soil of Alaska (not to mention the Dakotas and
the Gulf of Mexico) to meet the energy needs of the United States for
the next 150-200 years. There is also no reason that gas should cost
more than $1.50 a gallon (which is about what it was before Bush
became President).

We must begin drilling for the domestic oil that we know exists; we
must build more refineries and nuclear power plants. There is no
reason why the United States cannot be mostly energy independent. It
is time we started putting the people and interests of the United
States ahead of the CEOs and interests of international corporations.

Lastly, if I were President, I would work feverishly to overturn the
Sixteenth Amendment, which would repeal the Income Tax. And, no, I
would not promote a national sales tax. That would be disastrous! Can
you imagine what a 30% sales tax would do to the cost of EVERYTHING?
Plus, give politicians a national sales tax to increase and just
imagine what kind of percent that would grow into!

I would also work to repeal the "death tax," inheritance taxes, and
property taxes. The American people are already paying somewhere
between 30% and 40% of their income to Uncle Sam. It must stop. We are
bankrupting our country with this incessant and burdensome tax system.
In addition, I would work to expunge the Federal Reserve and to
restore the American economy to sound money.

Now, I hear people say, That's easy for you to say; you are not a
candidate for President. Ah, but now I am.

Last week, in its national nominating convention in Kansas City,
Missouri, the Constitution Party nominated me as its 2008 Presidential
candidate. Party delegates nominated me over Ambassador Alan Keyes by
a margin of 74% to 24%. Therefore, I am now a candidate for President
of these United States.

See the CP website at   http://www.constitutionparty.com

My Vice Presidential running mate is Darrell Castle, an attorney and
Vietnam War Marine Corps veteran from Memphis, Tennessee.

Our web site is not online yet, but will be soon. We will be able to
receive credit card donations when the web page is uploaded. The
address of my campaign web site is:

In the meantime, if anyone wants to support our campaign, checks may
be written to:

Baldwin 2008
P.O. Box 131
Palmyra, New Jersey  08065

I believe it is only fair, as I continue to write these columns, that
one understands the full disclosure of my candidacy.

As readers know, I enthusiastically supported Ron Paul during the
Republican Primary season. I plan to continue to trumpet his call for
limited government, non-interventionism abroad, constitutional
government, and freedom into the general election as a Third Party

I do not expect the national media to pay us much heed; they seldom
do. I do not expect to receive large donations from corporate America.
I do expect criticism and ridicule. That is nothing new. However, I
also anticipate tens of thousands of freedom-loving people from all
religious persuasions and walks of life to rally to our cause. Why?
Because thousands of principled people will not be bullied into voting
for the "evil of two lessers" being shoved down our throats by the two
major parties. Because this campaign is not about Chuck Baldwin. It is
not about a political party. It is about freedom. It is about
constitutional government. It is about restoring America to the
founding principles bequeathed to us by our Founding Fathers. If you
believe in those principles, join us!

In the meantime, these columns will continue to serve as a voice for
America's founding principles, as they have for the past eight-plus
years. In addition, unlike the candidates from the two major parties,
the taxpayers are not underwriting my campaign, and I will continue my
day job. (Imagine that: a Presidential candidate who actually works
for a living!) And all of this is just in time for my 56th birthday,
which is tomorrow, May 3.

There you have it: this is what I would do if I were President of
these wonderful United States of America.

(c) Chuck Baldwin


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