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Aikman, David --  Jesus in Beijing: How Christianity Is Transforming China and Changing the Global balance of Power  
This book details the great unreported story of the Chinese giant and its enormously rapid conversion to Christianity and what this change means to the global balance of power.

Barton, David -- (www.walbuilders.com) 
America's Godly Heritage  -- Video on founding fathers Biblical position, history of Supreme Court decision on church/state, and the
        terrible aftermath of the Court decision to outlaw prayer in schools
Original Intent --  Massive documentation of same themes as America's Godly Heritage.  Quote after quote from founding fathers showing their commitment to Biblical principle.   Barton occasionally needs correcting on details, but the substance of his material is good, and plentiful. 

Fox, Earle -- Reason, Revelation, & Politics --  See Shopping Mall. 

Wilkins, Steven --  America: the 1st 350 Years.   (Available at http://www.curriculumconnection.net/americafirst350.htm)
A series of 32 (approx. 45 min.) lectures beginning with Columbus and ending with the War Between the States.  Wilkins does a superb job of outlining the Christian undergirding, right from the start, of the founding and building of America.  The lectures on the War with King George III are specially good on describing Biblical government and the justification for the war for separation. 

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