Farewell -- to the Republican Party

[Comment: I wrote this after long years of frustration at Republican leadership -- for the reasons given below.  But the issues do not change, sadly, so it stays relevant....

Michael Peroutka and the Constitution Party ( http://www.constitutionparty.com ) are almost unknown, but they understand better, by far, than any other party, the Biblical grounding of our American Constitution.  I met the 1996 candidates, Howard Phillips and Herbert Titus, at a "Separation of School & State" conference, and was struck by their understanding and Christian faithfulness. 

The Republican Party has been captured by the socialist mentality, or just wants to win the next election (e.g., supporting welfare and education programs, and by flirting with Mexico, letting in illegal immigrants.   George Bush is a party to that, much to my dismay.  So I cannot see him as one who understands limited government or will stand for it, even at the cost of the next election.  

Note (June 2012):  I have since left the Constitution Party for the American Independent Party -- mostly on moral issues, such as abortion, which the Constitution Party does not seem to pay much attention to.  More libertarian than Christian.   Sadly the American Independent Party seems to be floundering more than uniting the people.    E. Fox]

August 7, 2004

George W. Bush, President
The White House
Washington, D. C.

Dear Mr. President (an open letter),

        I am writing to let you know why, though I have been a registered Republican since 1970, like a growing number of persons, I will no longer be voting for the Republican Party. America has a heritage second to none, but we are deliberately or ignorantly destroying it, largely through ignorant or evil-minded government.

        In the arena of politics, the Republican Party, and indeed the conservative movement, has, for the most part, consistently compromised its position, walking just a half-step behind the socialist bent of the Democratic Party. It is not always clear whether that is because socialist thinking has captured party leadership, or because the leadership is more bent on "winning the next election" than on standing on truth and on principle.

        Whatever the case, the GOP has, for all practical purposes, lost its way, buying votes with people-pleasing programs rather than standing for honest government. As one example among many, I would point to GOP support of government insurance for prescriptions.

        This is, of course, true also of the Democratic Party, which has become the avowed enemy of the constitutional order given to us by those who wrote and voted for our Declaration of Independence and Constitution. It has succeeded in its attempts largely by deceitful history and manipulation of the English language, relying on the deliberately mis-educated intellects of our people to not notice what is happening to us.

        Democrats are rabid about preventing conservative judges in the Supreme Court. That is because, having abandoned truth, they know in their gut that it is all power struggle. They therefore cannot trust due process any more. That means the effective end of a "loyal opposition" which can be trusted in a political covenant relation. It means the end of trust and thus of loyalty.

        The Republican Party tells us that it stands for limited government, but then continues to expand government control. The GOP tells us that it wants to pay down the national debt, but continues, with almost every administration, to increase the debt. The GOP has shown hardly more willingness or capacity to reign in a treasonous judiciary than the Democrats -- who actively support the treason. (Is it not treason against the American people to vow to support and defend the constitution, and then to systematically subvert it instead?)

        The primary role of government is to be the referee for society, not its "nanny". Government can no more be an objective referee when it becomes a player in the game (supplier of goods -- such as welfare or education) than can a football referee who throws blocks.

        We are told that our constitution is "out dated". That makes good "PR" for secular folks, but it makes poor history, poor logic, and poor politics. And it means the end of political freedom under a 9-man oligarchy.

        In the arena of education, the GOP promises to get rid of the Federal Department of Education, and then, as with your own administration, ends up supporting and promoting the same kind of dis-education which has plagued America for several decades. When parents were still responsible for the education of their children (early 1800's), we had the best educated population in the world. Now look at us -- nearly half of our adult population functionally illiterate. The educational and political reasons for this disaster are well documented.

        The public welfare-education system has become, by law, the Church of Secular Humanism/Paganism. Where is our alleged "separation of Church and State" when we need it?

        The most important systemic change needed in America is returning education wholly to the parents, to the students themselves, to the churches, and other non-governmental societies and organizations which can honestly do the job. Nothing (short of deep spiritual renewal) would more quickly and fundamentally turn America back toward true intellectual, moral, spiritual, and therefore political freedom.

        The "public education" system is neither public (it does not respond to parental objections) nor education (we are, by government manipulation and coercion, being mind-controlled). Government control of education is a violation of the separation of powers (you can, if you like, read the argument for that at http://theroadtoemmaus.org/RdLb/
21PbAr/Ed/CnstVGvtEd.htm). The temptation for those in power to use government-controlled education to teach people to reelect them is, in the long run, overpowering.

        In the arena of welfare, as suggested above, the GOP continues to promote a self-defeating dependence on civil government when we ought to be encouraging creative self-reliance and those non-governmental institutions which voluntarily reach out to those in need.  Everything civil government does, it does (as it were) at gunpoint -- all laws are made to be enforced.  Forcing people to take care of others does little to encourage either caring for others or proper independence to take care of oneself.  Extended family, churches, and independent groups were once the backbone of America's welfare system.  They must be again.

        In the arena of commerce, the continual collusion between commerce and government (reminiscent of fascism) erodes and compromises the ability of government to be the referee for commerce.  Government participation in the international trade and banking organizations compromises its ability to promote a level playing field, which then supports honest free trade, so that, for example, we end up supporting with American tax monies the very industries (as in the Far East) which are competing with American industry.  There is no possibility of honest free trade when civil government goes beyond its role as referee for those involved in trade. American industry can compete worldwide on a level playing field -- i.e., in genuinely free trade.

        In the arena of foreign policy, we do not know how to export freedom because we do not know how to maintain it ourselves.  America has lost its Biblical vision and lost its vision for a constitutional democratic republic. We say that our freedoms and our rights are given by God, but we behave as if civil government gave them. We are a poor example to the Iraqis, the Muslims, and anyone else on the matter of free government.

        The foreign policy battle is, in the end, a spiritual battle, but we have stripped ourselves of spiritual weaponry. Military and political efforts alone cannot succeed in bringing peace and stability to any society, and certainly not to a Muslim-dominated society.  Secular humanism and so-called "liberal democracy" are not up to the task.

        In the arena of life, sexuality, and citizenship, our courts, have assumed the role of God for themselves to determine who and who is not a person. On one hand we routinely torture and kill nearly 1.5 million babies per year because they are not considered persons, thus helping to reduce our population growth down below sustainable levels. And on the other hand, our government opens up immigration so that we can have sufficient workers, and to promote the illusion of free trade.

        Even now, under threat of terrorist attack, our borders are not properly closed. Your own plan, for all practical purposes, to give citizenship to illegal aliens, continues to be recommended, surely knowing that this opens wide doors for terrorists.

        By law, our citizens are being taught the secular cosmology of evolution, with its amoral consequences. By law, our children are being taught the "virtues" of homosexual behavior, which is demonstrably a compulsive, lethal addiction.

        The evidence is clear for anyone willing to do their homework. On this issue, you might visit http://theroadtoemmaus.org/RdLb/22Sx/PnSx/HSx/00HoSx.htm for a list of articles, and in particular, Strategy, for a graceful and truthful winning strategy, and Summary of Evidence.

        The sexual revolution, still less the homosexual revolution, never had a teaspoon of scientific evidence to back them up. We have been systematically lied to, largely through government control of education.

        And on it goes. In all of these areas, the compromised GOP is powerless to stop the erosion.  It does not really want to because it is controlled by the same government centralizers who control the Democratic Party.

* * *

        If you wish to read more fully what I believe to be the way out of our self-inflicted erosion, you might go to http://www.constitutionparty.com/. No party has it all put together. But the Constitution Party is the only one in America which has a firm grip on the Biblical vision of political freedom, upon which this nation was founded.

        When I share such thoughts with my conservative friends, almost inevitably they respond: "What is the Constitution Party? Who is Michael Peroutka? They are unknown!" Indeed. The Constitution Party has done poorly in making its case known.

        They will say, "You are throwing your vote away!" My principle is to stand with those who are speaking the truth, not to compromise with those whose primary goal is to win elections and power rather than to speak the truth and to govern righteously -- i.e., under the law and grace of God. And thus I hope to help make the party known.

        My friends will say, "You are siphoning off votes from Bush! and that means that Kerry, who is much worse, will get in!" To which I respond that, "No, I am not siphoning off votes. Bush and the Republican Party are siphoning off votes from truth and from righteous government. I do not care whether Bush wins, I care whether the truth wins. Truth-seekers, few though they be, can better withstand the destructiveness of the Democratic Party than a fatally compromised GOP."

* * *

        Truth-seekers must be in this to win, not merely to survive.

        The fatal compromise is to be more concerned with winning than standing for truth and for righteous government -- precisely what George Washington meant by "party spirit". Both political parties are run more by corporatists, "company men", than by truth-seekers.

        Subversion of truth (honest science) is the ultimate dividing line between good and evil, the first step in the Fall, as Paul notes in Romans 1:18 ff. The consequence of this betrayal is the second step in Paul's reading, the confusion of creation for Creator, in this case, putting civil government on the throne of God. That leads to the third step, that we fall into compulsive and self-destructive behavior -- with the consequent and inevitable loss of the people's ability to govern themselves morally, and therefore the loss of ability to govern themselves politically as well. Romans 1:18-32 is worth studying in this regard.

        Clarity always favors truth, and unclarity always favors falsehood. When truth (honest science) wins, everybody wins. When falsehood wins, nobody wins. We are therefore obligated to be truth-seekers at any cost to ourselves (or to our party, and, yes, even to our religion), and most especially in matters of public policy where the lives of millions are affected. We are obligated to stand for truth even when it is not popular and will not win votes.

        Neo-barbarians, for the most part, have been running our government. But the primary culprits of this new Dark Age of the West are not the politicians, it is the clergy, the spiritual leadership, who, before politicians and others, led the way, compromising with "relative" truth and morality. Christians lost their intellectual credibility during the 1800's, and were run from the public arena during the 1900's, leaving an open field for secular and pagan interests. Hence the erosion of our Judeo-Christian political system. But things are changing. Little green shoots of moral and intellectual sanity are cropping up among Christians.

        Clarity favors truth. The growing (and healthy) conflict between the two basic worldviews is represented by the Biblical notion of creation versus evolution -- creation by a personal God versus its only real contender, explaining the way things are by chance evolution out of an impersonal primordial substance. Is it not ironic that the Biblical worldview, which spawned science, is accused of being anti-science? The evidence does not support that charge.  Many Christians have, sadly, been anti-science.  God is not -- He invented it.

        The real war is neither political nor military.  Both of those conflicts are simply a part of the larger spiritual warfare which will continue until Jesus returns.  So it will not be primarily a Biblically-based political party which will reverse our journey into darkness, it will be a renewed, Biblically-based Church, and, as the founding fathers knew, a Biblically literate and committed populace.  And for that to happen, Christian parents (not primarily the churches), and others of common sense, must again take charge of the education of their children.  Freemarket education is more important than freemarket trade.

        But strong, graceful, and reasonable Christian witness in politics will have its own transforming effect.  I find that witness in the Constitution Party. I hope that you will join us, if not in party, then in spirit and in leadership.


Earle Fox

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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