Critique of the Bush Reelection

Earle Fox

On one hand, I voted for Michael Perutka and the Constitution Party, not for George Bush.  On the other hand, I could not help but rejoice at Bush's victory. 

I did not, of course, expect Perutka to win, and have no idea whether he would have been a good president or not.  I have never heard him speak, and have read only a few short things he has written.  I voted for the party platform, not for the person.  

The Constitution Party is the only political party which has an even remotely Biblical understanding of civil government.   The Republican Party is controlled by neo-cons and others who see our salvation in a "liberal democracy" 1-world government.   They do not realize that we already have a 1-world government, and it has already been placed, by an Authority higher than any of us, on the Governor's shoulders.  Sadly, neither do most Christians. 

They also do not realize that so-called liberal democracy is neither liberal nor democratic, and that it will always drift toward totalitarianism -- as any government not under the law and grace of God will do.   

They also do not realize that so-called liberal democracy is neither liberal nor democratic, and that it will always drift toward totalitarianism -- as any government not under the law and grace of God will do.   

It is vitally important that Christians stand for truth, not to "win".  Stand for truth, gracefully, and then let the truth and the Lord of truth do their own winning --as with Elijah on Mount Carmel (I Kings 18).  That is real faith.  When we can publicly proclaim that Jesus is Lord, including over all civil government and rulers, when we can do that gracefully and intelligently, we will then be of significant service to our Lord God.  And may be even preparing the path for His coming again.   

My rejoicing was not because I think of Bush as a great president, which is not the case.  My rejoicing is over the signs of moral and spiritual awakening in America.  America, it seems, has begun to reject the wrong turn we made way back in the 1830's when we began to give our children over to secular and pagan teachers for their education, and even worse, under the control of government.  That was a sure prescription for disaster.  It ensured the monumental mess we have today. 

The single most important systemic change we could make in America today would be to get civil government totally, 100%, out of education, and give it back to the parents and other non-governmental societies and communities which can do the job. 

There are many signs of a grass roots spiritual and cultural renewal.   Just for example --  1. Increasing numbers of young adults who see that we have given them a disaster, who want better, and who are passionate, intelligent, and articulate Christians;  2. the Intelligent Design movement;  3. a (painfully) slow reawakening of Christians  willing to speak up on public issues (mostly women, not men, but the men will take the lead sooner or later);  4. a growing awareness among Western Christians that we have blown our spiritual opportunity, and a desire to regain a spiritual momentum;  5. more and more Christians crossing the boundary between sacred and secular, bringing them together again;  6. a renewal in Christian arts;  7. the home-schooling movement.  

"It's the values, stupid!"  That emerging slogan is a sign that Americans are wanting to return to the Biblical path on which we had been, and wondering how we got off.   That is another story (which I summarize in Homosexuality: Good & Right in the Eyes of God?). 

I do not believe that our invasion of Iraq was necessarily wrong, but I believe that Bush made some serious mistakes in the Iraq situation, not getting Congress to declare war, but more importantly, having no clear Biblical understanding of Godly government and foreign policy.  He does not understand Islam, and is very naive about establishing a free society in such circumstances as the Muslim culture. 

His domestic policy is a disaster.  He is only meekly pro-life.  When asked by the moderator at the 3rd debate with Kerry whether he would roll back Roe v. Wade, he gave only an evasive answer.  There he was with the whole world watching, and he could not say, "Yes!  It is a criminal piece of legislation, discounting a whole segment of our population as non-persons!"  Or something like that.  He apparently did not want to offend anyone. 

He is compromised and ignorant on the homosexual issues.  He has done more to unbalance the budget and increase national debt than probably any Democrat in living memory (even taking the Iraq war into account).  Rather than eliminating the Federal Department of Education, he has  mired government in further control of education.  He has ratcheted up the welfare state with Medicare and now prescription drugs.  He is buying votes with his welfare programs and Hispanic votes with his amnesty program for illegal Mexican workers.  And he is leaving our Mexican border porous for terrorists.  

That is not the behavior of a great president.   But, for better or for worse, he is God's person to take us to the next step toward the Lord. 

We will have great presidents when we have men who are more devoted to speaking the truth and pursuing righteousness than to winning the next election. 

But the question before us now is not, What is George Bush going to do?  but rather, What are the Christians going to do?  Or even more importantly, What is God up to?  What plan has God for America?   We do not understand history by understanding great (or poor) leaders, or by following political parties.   We understand history when we get in tune with what God is doing.  And not before.  To  understand history, we need to get on our knees and into our Bibles. 

Western Christians have the task before us now of rebuilding Western Civilization.   Western civilization is Christian civilization.  It ended on the European Continent with the French Revolution -- leading to Communism and Nazism.  It had pretty much ended in America by the time of the War between the States.  Christians were already very much on the defensive.  From then on, it was downhill.   Until very recently. 

The tasks before Christians are fundamental.  We must learn to explain how we know what we know.   And we must learn to articulate the Biblical worldview.  That is already in the works in some places.  But we have a long way to go, both in numbers and in depth and in numbers of persons who can stand in public, and intelligently, passionately, and com-passionately say, "Jesus is Lord."  

There is still, astonishingly, a residue of Biblical foundation in America.  If it ever really awakens, with renewed intellectual and spiritual integrity, we will see history being redirected.  But it will take Christians who are making their bodies a living sacrifice to God first, and then to each other and to the world. 

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