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Bush's Sellout of America

[COMMENT:  I have slowly and painfully come to the opinion of the writer below. 

But God is in charge.  As we obey God, He will direct and lead His Church to turn this mess into a victory.  If we do not obey Him, we are on our own. 

I do not know whether the American people have rejected Bush or his policies.  The recent elections suggest mostly confusion.  The sword of truth has hardly been raised by Christians.  We are slowly learning again to use it.  When we do, it will be a different story.  

I do not believe that G. Bush has been in charge of is own politics.  I believe that he was under enormous pressure from the globalists to conform.  Perhaps he was their picked candidate, to seduce Christians into line.  See articles by Dennis Cuddy on One World Religion.    E. Fox]

George Putnam  www.newsmax.com 
Friday, Nov. 10, 2006

It is this reporter's opinion that George W. Bush has been rejected by the American people.

We have seen through his arrogance, bullheadedness, and condescension. He has turned off the American people and has all but ruined the Republican Party.

It becomes more apparent by the moment that Mr. Bush is a one world globalist; that without announcing his intentions, Bush has decided to support creation of a North American Union and he will do it through a process of governmental regulations never having to bring the issue before the American people for a clear referendum or a vote.

The Bush group has decided to backdoor creation of a North American Union that would erase our borders with Mexico and Canada and would create several super regional governing bodies with jurisdiction over the U.S. Congress and the U.S. Supreme Court.

How sad this is for America!

If George W. Bush had honored and fulfilled his oath of office, on Sept. 12, 2001, he would have immediately:

  • placed military troops on the Mexican border;
  • added 10,000 border patrol agents to guard against lawless crossings;
  • built a fence along the border (had he started then, it would be in place now!);
  • instructed border patrol agents to arrest, prosecute and jail employers of illegal aliens;
  • stop the massive abuse of Amendment 14 that allows millions of women to cross our borders and give birth to an illegal child for immediate welfare;
  • instructed Congress to bring him a bill that stopped massive migration from the Third World;
  • demanded Congress rework the 1965 Immigration Reform Act; and
  • stopped 20 million illegals from causing horrific havoc to our schools, medical systems, language, jobs, communities, and traffic with gangs, drugs, domestic abuse, rapes, welfare fraud, and a host of other calamities visited upon America.

    Had Bush and Congress done their jobs, we would have "a day without illegal aliens":

  • We wouldn't suffer 25 American deaths daily by illegal aliens who kill 13 of us on our own highways and another 12 deaths from gun and knife violence.
  • We wouldn't have 16,000 new cases of tuberculosis, 7,000 cases of leprosy, countless thousands of cases of hepatitis, dengue fever, Chagas disease, and all the new AIDS cases.
  • We wouldn't be paying $2 billion annually for "anchor babies."
  • American workers would be paid a living wage.
  • We wouldn't have 618,000 convicted felons in our prisons at an annual cost of $1.6 billion.
  • We wouldn't have thousands of illegals committing car thefts, insurance fraud, driving while drunk and ID theft.
  • We wouldn't have 11,000 MS-13 gang members operating in 33 states, distributing $100 billion in drugs to our children.
  • We wouldn't have $60 billion in cash transferred out of our country annually.
  • We wouldn't have Muslim terrorists embedding themselves in our country.
  • Our schools could teach our kids in English and cause a 67 percent dropout rate in high schools.
  • We wouldn't have Mexican flags marched through our streets by disloyal and subversive illegal aliens.
  • Employers couldn't cheat, lie, steal, and hire illegals for obscene amounts of money.
  • Thousands of towns like Hazelton, Pa., wouldn't have to be making laws to protect its citizens.

    All of this and more, had Mr. Bush and the Congress done their jobs and honored our U.S. Constitution and the rule of good old American law. It's all the difference between illegal and legal.

    Put that in your legacy, George W. Bush!


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