Freedoms Lost under G. W. Bush

See article by Chuck Baldwin:

See also article on the nature of freedom: 


There is a serious disconnect between Bush's passion for freedom abroad and his erosion of it here in the US of A.   Bush is very much a "mixed bag", an enigma.  I believe he did the right thing in Iraq, though for some very misguided reasons, but he is a disaster here at home.  Is he, or are his "handlers", using the war abroad to distract us from the erosion of freedom and erosion of US sovereignty here at home?  

We can rejoice that the Iraqis are voting for freedom.  But we MUST tell them about real freedom, and not sell them the pseudo-freedom of secularized democracy.  There is no possibility, over the long run, of the people keeping control of any government which does not see itself under the sovereignty of God.  America is in serious danger for just that reason, and for the reasons Baldwin spells out. 

President Bush is either naive and misguided, or a master at deception.  The brand of freedom which Bush wants to spread inherent to so-called "liberal democracy" is undefined and thus promiscuous (to do whatever you choose), and thus a terribly destructive notion.  We have no freedom to do wrong.  Our basic freedoms are only under God (as per Declaration of Independence), and are

(1) to be seekers after truth
(2) and righteousness,
(3) with a loving spirit. 

There is no legitimate political freedom inconsistent with these.  And they are the obligations imposed on all humanity by God.  Our freedoms and our obligations, in the end, come to the same thing.  Without God, there are no obligations, and therefore no protections for freedom other than "Do what you want..., if you can get away with it..."

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