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Issues at a Religion & Politics Seminar

[COMMENT:   The piece below (with a few emendations) was prepared for a seminar on 09/18/09 in Brea, California, held by two California assembly persons, Michael Duvall and Mimi Walters, to educate local clergy about political issues. 

Their main speaker was Brad Dacus, president of Pacific Justice Foundation which aids churches and persons with church-state issues.  Dacus spelled out for us the freedoms and inhibitions which churches have under the IRS laws regarding participating in politics.  

The following was passed out to those present in hopes of doing a little education myself.   My experience with "important people" is that they are eager to meet with you until they sense that you are serious about some issue over which they are not comfortable.  I think that applies to the two issues below.  But I will pursue a relationship with Duvall.     E. Fox]

Dear Pastor/Legislator:

At this gathering graciously called by our representatives, Michael Duvall and Mimi Walters, I would like to highlight two main concerns which ought to be at the forefront of both the religious and the political communities.

1. The control exerted by civil government over our education system is both pernicious and unconstitutional. When we had a freemarket education system, we had the best educated population in the world. We now have a miserably dys-educated population which can hardly think its way out of a wet paper bag.

2. We are being misled by claims that "the judiciary made me do it!", based on the illusion that the courts of America are capable of changing law and of forcing the executive powers to do things which are patently wrong. That is not true in either federal or state governments.

Despite claims to the contrary, homosexual marriage, for example, is still illegal in both Massachusetts and California.

The governors in both states have wrongly and, it would seem, knowingly, spun an essentially innocuous and powerless "declaratory judgement" by their state courts into a mandate with authority to force their hand to legitimize homosexual marriage. "The judiciary made me do it!"

In both states, it is rock solid clear from their respective constitutions that the courts have no jurisdiction to do such a thing, and that the governors have enforced a pseudo-law which has neither statutory nor legislative backing.  The governors should have said, "That is contrary to our state constitution, and I will not support it."  They did not, they both mandated homosexual marriage under color of law.  They are either ignorant of the law or they have deliberately used the judiciary to decoy for them in their illegal imposition of homosexual marriage. 

That is a violation by the governors, not the courts, of their sworn oath of office, which subjects the people to government by fiat. That is tyranny by any reasonable definition, demanding impeachment. It is astonishing that elected representatives would attempt such a thing, but even more astonishing, tragic, and reprehensible that the public, We the People, would let them get away with it. 

The government school system (our "establihed" Church of Secular Humanism, with its own secular/pagan worldview and pseudo-morality) has been the primary sluiceway through which the minds of the people have been diverted from honest knowledge of American law and history, and opened the people up to behaviors and attitudes (sexual and otherwise) which are self-destructive to physical, emotional, and spiritual health, as represented by the pansexual and homosexual agendas.  And the illusion of Judicial Supremacy has led us down the road to a vicious tyranny over nearly 50,000,000 infants since 1973 (Roe. v. Wade).   Roe v. Wade is not the law of the land any more than is homosexual marriage.  And every executive in America ought to refuse to enforce the delusion that it is.  The Supreme Court cannot make law any more than can state courts.    

In particular, we have undermined our own capacity to think clearly (a) by the foolishness of so-called "relative truth" (which is logical nonsense, destroying all rationality), (b) by a loss of our political and cultural history, and (c) by subversion of the Biblical spiritual base of our society, which is the foundation for the ordered freedom for which America is famous all over the world. We now have a pseudo-freedom which is becoming increasingly disordered and self-contradictory at every level.

Government control of education means government control of ideas. Only a freemarket education can produce a freemarket of ideas. And without a freemarket of ideas, there can be neither religious nor political freedom.

Our loss of these has been disastrous. The subversion of marriage and of our whole attitude toward sexual relations has been founded on these distortions which are being perpetrated through the media and political campaigns, but most effectively through our government-controlled schools.

America, which began a new direction for freedom ordered under the law and grace of God, has become both promoter and victim of disordered freedom leading to chaos in politics, health, education, and family life.


It is never too late to begin doing the right thing. We must correct two things:

1. We must begin the dismantling of government control of education, and acknowledge again the unalienable right of parents to educate their own children as they see fit. Children do not belong to the state. And the state does not have "an overriding interest" in the education of children. Society has such an interest, but only through the freemarket of ideas, for which the state is the protector and referee, not the arbitrary master and tyrant.

2. We must restore our Constitutional order, that of a democratic republic under God, with its checks and balances and its separation of powers, by which alone we can sustain both the freedoms and the responsibilities of a healthy culture and people.

There is no constitutional freedom sustainable without being under the law and grace of God. Secular government will always drift toward centralization and tyranny. It is the nature of the beast -- because there is no authority over it, by which it can be called to account. Secular government thus runs by sheer power, not by moral authority. It has the ability to coerce, not the right to command -- which comes only from God. The proper role of civil government is precisely to submit the use of its enormous, near-monopoly on coercive force to that law and grace of God.

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Date Posted -  09/18/2008   -   Date Last Edited - 09/15/2012