Clinton and Hitler Compared

[NOTE: this appeared in my email, no name attached.  So take it for what you think it is worth.  But the comparisons are worthy of note.  

I believe that William Jefferson Clinton is guilty of high treason as president of the United States, that he is criminally involved in several crimes, including the selling out of America to our enemy, Communist China.  He is, I would guess, sold out to Big Business which supports the myth of "free trade", but does so only to loosen up the rules so that they can better manipulate the markets, free from governmental control.  I too believe in free trade, but not their kind, which is neither free nor trade, it is plunder of the people.  William Clinton either does not understand the American Constitution, which is inexcusable, or he understands it and is deliberately and willfully undermining it.  In the latter case, he is, again, guilty of high treason.  In either case he ought to be impeached and run out of town.  

Fascism is not black shirts and jackboots.  It is precisely the collusion between civil government and business to control the people and society -- which was made famous by Mussolini and then Hitler.  The black shirts and jackboots are merely the means of enforcing a system which will not survive without coercive control. And we are headed pell-mell in precisely that direction.  We are developing a "national police force" which will be inevitably be used just as the Gestapo was used, if we do not turn things around.  

But the Lord is raising up an army, and the enemy will be overthrown.  It is only a matter of whether we will wake up sufficiently in time, or whether we will have to go through the carnage and debaucher which Germany, Russia, China, and many other nations have gone through in this century.  It is astounding to me that we can, without blinking an eye, repeat the terrible errors of the most brutal and evil empires in human history.  E. Fox.]  

Clinton took this "bull" by the horns and ran. In February 1993, the National Commission on Responsibility for Financing Post-Secondary Education issued a report proposing the elimination of the present confusing system of Federal college grants, loans, and requirements. The proposal replaces all the confusion with a single annual loan of $14,000, requiring these "loans" be paid back after graduation, either with personal funds or through community service jobs.

Admittedly, on the surface this sounds good, were it not for the larger agenda we know for a fact is being pushed here. Clinton quickly backed this proposal, setting the stage for Americans to accept the concept that each individual "owes" the Federal Government their time, money, and talents. The plan was scaled back in March because of the budget; but this did not weaken the propaganda of convincing Americans that the Federal Government could force them to work.

Let's look at the similarities between the steps Hitler took toward a Fascist dictatorship and the paths our leaders are taking us. We've already compared the "volunteer" programs being implemented.


Hitler's Fascist Regime

Hitler spoke of goals to "balance the budget but instead increased the deficit 'for the benefit of the people. This included extensive rebuilding of the nation's roads and bridges for the alleged purpose of "getting people back to work. America Today

Clinton speaks continually about "balancing the budget while 'training people to get them back to work and improving our highways and orders but, instead, adds to real deficits, which leads inevitably to increased taxes.

Some of the deficit spending was said to be used to build hospitals, public buildings, and public housing programs. Our government has been implementing programs such as these, spending over $5 trillion on such projects since World War II.

Hitler developed a radical welfare program that put substantial numbers of Germans on the government dole, making them dependent upon his regime, while convincing other citizens that they needed the government too. White putting on an act to "remove people from the Welfare system, government or Federal iob5 are being used or created to accomplish the Administration's goals.

Hitler's plan expanded available credit dramatically. How many calls and/or mail solicitations for loans (credit cards, car loan. or 2nd mortgages have you received lately?

Hitler organized a national health care service, which was enthusiastically received. Hitler's national health care service compares closely with America's HMO's; and Hillary's proposed National Health Care program is being implemented on a state by state basis. It may soon be available at the public school nearest you

Hitler invented "off-budget" expenditures, forcing private companies to spend moneys on programs the government wanted but could not finance (ala FastTrack?). President Clinton has developed this concept to an art term.

Hitler made the ownership of private property subject to governmental approval, tightly regulating ownership to the point where many Germans lost their property. The UN Biodiversity Treaty, the State of Utah declared "Bio-Reserve." and "Our Global Neighborhood" concepts are currently being implemented while countless mines and family farms have already been taken over.

The Hitler regime erased city and state lines, imposing federal control over all matters. The Federal Government now strongly recommends that youth curfews be instated in large cities throughout the US; education reforms continue to be dictated to public schools; and attempts to override State Laws by the Federal Government have near consistent.

Hitter brought art police departments under his control, leading eventually to a "national police force." Local and state police have been coming under increased Federal control for many years. The main tool used is funding. Clinton's 'put more cops on the streets' program has more strings attached than a string puppet. It will ultimately result in an all-powerful UN Police Force.

Hitler tightened gun controls steadily until it reached the point of confiscation. The first step any dictatorial government takes is to disarm its people. Need we point out the disarming of Americans which continues to gain momentum.

Hitler instituted Day Care under the label, "Mother and Child." Clinton is pushing for Federal control over all child care. allegedly to provide every child with safe and adequate care.

Conservation was encouraged; laws were passed which tightened federal government control over businesses and factories; and Germans were encouraged to 'beautify" their towns and countrysides. Watch television for just an hour and you'll see at least one community service announcement to recycle. Laws are in committee now to mandate certain types of recycling. Hyper-environmentalism and "Plant a tree programs are rapidly spreading.

Hitler dramatically increased taxes on German workers. Increasing the rate to about 35% of salaries Americans are beleaguered with taxes. Increases have been experience in the area of sales taxes, energy taxes, transportation taxes, entertainment taxes, etc.

Hitler's goals were reached with the help of media propaganda and under the illusion that Nazi politicians "cared" for the German people. "I feel your pain!" says Bill Clinton, over and over again.

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