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The Evidence for the 2nd Amendment
F. Earle Fox

The evidence for gun ownership by honest citizens is consistent and overwhelming.  The best defense against an evil man with a gun is a good man or woman with a gun.  Another recent shooting took place after the Sandy Hook carnage, and spilled over into another building where the people had fled.  The gunman followed to get more victims.  An off duty officer in the second building pulled HER gun and shot him four times before he could kill anyone else. 

Why was that incident not given front page banner headlines?  Because it illustrated my point.  It was not useable to stir up anti-2nd Amendment sympathy.  It told the truth of the matter.  The city is honoring her with an award.  The press (run mostly by government centralizers) is dishonoring her with studied silence.  Why should that not be called betrayal of the American public? 

When honest citizens are made defenseless, the criminals are not stupid and will (and consistently do) increase their activities.  Violent crime always goes up.  When citizens are rearmed, violent crime goes down.  The criminals are not stupid, they do not want to get shot.  Washington DC found that out, and Chicago found that out (if they looked at the evidence).  The English might be finding that out (see below). 

What else is there to say?  Where is the empirical evidence that removing guns from honest citizens helps reduce crime?  Far more people are killed with cars than with guns.  Why are the cars not blamed?  Because we still have some common sense about cars.  People or accidents kill, not guns or cars.   But totalitarians know that an armed citizenry is a tough bunch to make slaves of.  So they hate citizens with guns. 

When the government seizes all the guns, only criminals and government have guns.  Then the sociopaths gravitate toward government (as in Nazi Germany), and take over, now the criminals have ALL the guns. 

If you want the statistical evidence for that, visit www.hawaii.edu/powerkills (power, as in centralization of government).  It is the horrible story over centuries, of carnage cause by government, almost all of it against previously disarmed citizens. 

There is NO valid evidence to support the removal of the 2nd Amendment.  None at all.  Or, if there is, please produce it.  Or forever hold your peace.   The founding fathers knew what they were doing. 

That forces the public to have to decide whether my California senators (for example), Boxer and Feinstein, are ignorant or evil-minded (deliberately subverting the truth of the evidence).  Evil-minded persons do not want to protect children in schools, they want to control us, the people.  The tragic deaths of children are merely convenient/invaluable distractions from the real issue -- control. 

A Godly government does not fear an armed people, themselves under God.  It supports and honors them. 


From an email: 

Listen to the Brits...


Their handguns were confiscated in 1997.   Listen to what they say now.  Thereís a lesson here.  Iím thinking itíll be a lot harder to restore the 2nd Amendment after weíve lost it than it is hang onto it now while we still have it (mostly).

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Date Posted - 01/11/2013   -   Date Last Edited - 01/11/2013