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2nd Amendment Case Argued
Before Supreme Court

[COMMENT:   IF YOU VALUE YOUR FREEDOM, READ THESE MATERIALS.   We are on the road to tyranny, and the removal fire arms from the population almost guarantees that we will be confined by another centralization of government and tyranny.  The people are the primary officers of the State, not the elected officials.  To retain that position, the people MUST be armed.  Government is about control by coercive force.  If the civil government has all the control and coercion, it will soon be used to enslave the people, not to protect or defend them.  

We will, of course, be seduced to "like" our slavery -- the Stockholm syndrome.      E. Fox]

Here is a USA Today editorial and a Christian response on the 2nd Amendment case as argued recently in the Supreme Court     http://blogs.usatoday.com/oped/2008/03/opposing-view-3.html 

And here is a link to a pdf file with the brief submitted in the case by the Gun Owners of America in support of our freedom to bear arms.  At least two of these attorneys are serious Christians.    

Here is the website for http://www.lawandfreedom.com, who were instrumental in this brief. 

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