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An Amended 1st Amendment
Disestablishing Education

Just as some countries have had an established Church, so we in America have an established education, that is, a state-controlled, mandatory, tax-supported education.  But an established education is as dangerous and destructive as an established Church, and for the same reasons. 

The arguments for state-controlled education have been precisely those used to support state-controlled religion -- that we need this for the sake of unifying our people.  We will be Balkanized if we do not have a state-controlled education, that is, a state-controlled people.

That is not a democratic republic under God.  It is not a free people governing themselves and telling the government how to govern.  It is a tyranny.  The minds and hearts of our children are being warped, twisted, and destroyed.  Our government-controlled education system has become the Church of Secular Humanism, and the most effective promoter of the pansexual agenda, with homosexuality riding point.  That is a prescription for physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual disaster.   This could never have happened had parents remained in control of the education of their children.  The Church is more to blame than any other group, the Church which lost its intellectual, moral, and spiritual credibility during the 18- and 1900's 

Therefore, because education should not be under the control of government at any level, and for precisely the same reasons that religion should not, I am submitting for public discussion the following amendment of the 1st Amendment. 

The first clause which reads
Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion....
shall be amended to read
Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion or of education....

The meaning would be exactly the same in either case, that Congress, our national legislative  body, is not allowed to make laws requiring any form of religion or education.  Education may not be enforced by the federal government.

The same rule should be adopted by State and local governments. 

The reasons neither religion nor education should be coerced (government is about coercion) are that both religion and education form the hearts and minds of the people.  That formation should take place in a free market of ideas and goals, never by coercion.   That is the only valid way for providing a national consensus, on religion, morality, or any other subject.  

Both religion and education should be centered in the home, not the Church or the State.  Any institution will tend toward a petrifying of religion and education, and toward using both for control, not for freedom ordered under the law and grace of God.  The dynamic of child-raising and the growing relation between parent and child will greatly help offset that tendency. 

The Church especially, but also the State, can then be helpful facilitators for family, but never forcing how the family should worship, believe, or educate. 

Because parents leave religion to the Church (or local church), and education to the State, we are doing a terrible job, betraying our children over to persons who are more in love with institutions and with control than with either truth, God, or America.  Both institutions tend to educate to keep people "in line", rather than to set free, to perpetuate their turf and domain rather than to work toward an honest decision.  God works to set us free so that we can make an honest and truthful choice to accept or reject His offer of a covenant relation. 

Furthermore, a religion and education centered in the home will mean that parents will far more likely bring already converted children to church, not waiting for the church to convert them (and thus filling most churches with unconverted members). 

And parents, far more likely than government schools, will send out into the public arena children ready to take on the responsibilities of self-government and a self-governing society. 

See also other proposed amendments to the Constitution, especially the "ordered freedom" amendment,  Religion ought not to be compelled, but there must be a requirement for belief in and support of the foundations and purpose of the Constitution for a free people engaged in self-government, and of the required openness of discussion on legislative issues.  Any person who cannot take an oath to support the Constitution in that manner should not be allowed to vote or hold office.  That includes natural citizens.   

Under this amendment, persons could believe things contrary to American Constitutional principles, but they could not be involved in making laws for other persons.  No one should be allowed to make laws for other persons who is not willing to submit his agenda to open public discussion, and to allow opponents to question him in the public arena on his agenda, or who would promote the subversion of this freemarket of ideas. 

See Freemarket Education & the Wall between Church & State

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Date Posted -  5/27/08   -   Date Last Edited - 11/01/2012