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- Good News from Hillsdale College -
The Birth of the Administrative State
Where It Came From &
What it Means for Limited Government

Ronald J. Pestritto
(Get PDF Reader)    16 page PDF File can be downloaded from the above site or below.

The Birth of the Administrative State --
Ronald J. Pestritto, Ph.D. prof. at Hillsdale College PDF file

Sen. Rand Paul's legislation video (or, see video from here on the Road)  to curb the Administrative State 

Mannatech page for classic example of this Administrative State overreach...

A Short History of Congress's Power to Tax -- Paul Moreno  --  WSJ  July 6, 2012  

At Hillsdale College on the travesty of (& cure for) American politics. 
    Take the splendid free online "Introduction", and then Constitution 101 & 102 courses at Hillsdale. 

Centralized Coercion vs. Limited Government - Why is Centralized Government Coercion Morally & Spiritually Evil & Limited Coercion a Positive Good?

        Sen. Rand Paul says:  "Imagine gun toting agents from the Food and Drug Administration storming onto your property because you choose to sell raw milk.  Think this cant happen?  Think again.  FDA agents have been barging in to farms and natural food stores to crack down on individuals whose only crime is believing they know better than the government what was good for their health.   Last week, I offered an amendment to the Food and Drug Reauthorization Bill.  My amendment would curb the FDAs abuse of power and overreach.    It would disarm the FDA, terminate FDA raids on Amish farmers and natural food stores, and put an end to their censorship of dietary supplements.


COMMENTARY by Earle Fox:   I do not know how Sen. Paul's amendment went.  But... 

       This travesty of government abuse of the people only begins in legislation, it then propagates itself immensely, as Pestritto describes, in the various departmental administrations which have little or no oversight by congress.  This is betrayal of our Constitutional order and grounds for serious discipline.  

        But there will be no disciplining of the government until we, the people, ourselves get disciplined.  It takes self-discipline to do government-disciplining.  It takes the restoration of our Biblical moral order under God.

        We, like the Germans in the 1930's, are voting ourselves into a tyranny from which we will not be able to vote ourselves out.  Then we might have to fight our way out, another civil war.  Or be invaded by free people from the outside (if you can find one...).   The American Church is as lethargic and misguided as was the German Church, unable to discern the will of God vs. the tyranny of government. 

        Because we, the people, will not impeach (vote out of office) our renegade politicians, God is impeaching us, the people.  How?  By removing our effective ability to elect any longer our own rulers.  No less a person than America's first chief justice, John Marshall, said: "Providence has given to our people the choice of their rulers, and it is the duty...of our Christian nation to select and prefer Christians for the rulers."  So far as I know, he was never challenged on that statement.  Elections mean little any more because the people have lost both their capacity to reason and their fear of God.   

       Not until we, the once-upon-a-time Biblical people, the Christian churches and Jewish synagogues -- not until we repent will we be restored to our former freedom and peace of mind and heart.  It would be heresy to claim that God does not rule over civil government.  But our holding of that position in the public arena will depend on whether we can maintain the Biblical worldview with intellectual, moral, and spiritual integrity.  

      At www.Hillsdale.edu, Click on "Constitution 101" for their superb course on the Declaration and Constitution.  A MUST for every American.  Pestritto's article is an add-on to that course.  If you do nothing else patriotic in the next week or two, download and view the 25 videos (5 introductory, and 10 in the "Constitution 101" course, and then another 10 in "Constitution 201").    We can take back America for Godly common sense if and only if we know ourselves what God gave us -- and can restore for us -- and then pit our lives, our fortunes, and our sacred honor once again into the fight.  See also The Theology of Civil Government... 

The Birth of the Administrative State is a devastating description and critique of how American government over the last century has evolved -- not by chance -- rather by very intelligent but very evil-minded design.  Evil because much of it was behind-the-scenes manipulation of public opinion.  I.e., Mind-control.  And we, Christians especially, let them get away with it.   We did not (and do not) typically know how to defend the government God had given us. 

There may be honest Communists, true believers, in the lower ranks.  But they are only the useful idiots for the upper ranks, who will one day be dispensed with (see video interview by G. Edward Griffin of Yuri Bezmenov, former Soviet agent).  The first test for honesty is whether a person is willing to have an open, honest conversation on the issues, who really is a truth-seeker, not just a position-defender.  Where there is systematic subversion of truth, you are in spiritual warfare.  

The illusion of Communist good intent is just that -- an illusion.  They use truth and morality for their own ends.  Just as with traditional Muslims, going clear back to their origins, Communists are quite willing to tell any lie which will support their cause.  No wonder Communists and Muslims are linked up in alliances. 

But Communists have succeeded in persuading large masses of people that they are "doing the right thing", especially for the downtrodden.  They are good a pretending to hold the Moral High Ground.  They enlist, of course, all the pampered children of the world, rich and poor, who loudly claim to be those in need, or for those in need.  For many rich especially, it is a power play, with no real interest in the poor.  If they were interested, they would look at the facts, and see that a freemarket economy under the law and grace of God has been, and still is, the best redistributor of goods ever invented.  The Communist way, the centralized government way, is to sluice rivers of wealth off the economy into their own pockets. 

To one degree or another, these principles are true of any faction that wants to centralize civil government.  Centralization will drift (or march) in the long run to dictatorship and tyranny.  Only government under God, of, by, and for the people, leads to freedom

But more people are waking up and catching on that we have been systematically lied to for decades.  Our Declaration and Constitution have been mostly dismantled, and our votes virtually nullified.  Pestritto's  article illustrates much of that deception and points to issues behind the issues.  

Olavo de Carvalho at the Inter-American Institute for Philosophy, Government, and Social Thought writes on the bizarre notion that the intentions of Communists are benign -- they mean well.   Not so, he rightly says.  They are power-hungry and very clever megalomaniacs. 

Again...  To get a good look at America the beautiful, with a limited government, go to www.hillsdale.edu and take their free, online course: "Constitution 101" (5 introductory lectures, and then 20 in the regular course).  The government which God gave us is a beautiful thing.  It is beautiful because it is an insight into the Kingdom of God -- the precise opposite of everything for which Communism stands. 

That is why America is under such attack, now more from within than without because we Judeo-Christians could not see the enemy at the door, and invited him in.   Only a spiritual renewal, the recovery of our Biblical worldview and Gospel, will turn it around. 

It will come.  Will you be a part of it? 

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Date Posted - 05/31/2012   -   Date Last Edited - 02/19/2013