"We, the people, are the rightful masters of both congress and the courts -
not to overthrow the constitution,
but to overthrow men who pervert the constitution."

- A. Lincoln

[Comment:  Lincoln himself might have taken note of that bit of wisdom....  E Fox]

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Towards CIVIL WAR?

Consider these facts:

* The Supreme Court unleased the flood of pornographic filth on the nation, leading to the abuse and degradation of women and children.

* The Supreme Court banished corporate Bible reading and the posting of the Ten Commandments from government schools, leading to moral anarchy.

* The Supreme Court drove corporate prayer from government schools, leading to an atmosphere of rebellion and violence.

* The Supreme Court "legalized" the slaughter of unborn children, leading to the murder of over thirty-five million innocent babies.

* The Supreme Court authorized forced sterilizations of the handicapped, leading to the eugenic push to eliminate the weak and helpless among us.

* The Supreme Court has repeatedly encroached upon the rights of property owners (favoring government bureaucrats and animals above citizens), leading to a loss of self-government and liberty.

* The Supreme Court has now struck down the American people's attempts to keep homosexuals (practicing unspeakable perversions) from having special rights, paving the way for homosexuals to claim they are a protected minority, and that their wretched criminal behavior should be presented to our children as normal.

One shudders at what demonic decisions may yet lie in the justices' bosoms for the near future.

Liberty or slavery?

The Supreme Court, in the name of "law," has rejected God's Law and codified lawlessness. The Supreme Court, in the name of "liberty." has spurned God and forged the chains of slavery which bind America in a prison of moral chaos, violence, and perversion.

Furthermore, these wicked treacheries have been thrust upon us against the will of our elected representative legislators and in direct opposition to the will of the vast majority of Americans. The Court has usurped Divine authority, church authority, parental authority, community authority, and representative authority. They sit as gods among us.

This, by definition, is tyranny.

And tyranny cannot abide forever - whether it be the tyranny of the monarch of King George III, or the tyranny of an oligarchy, such as the Supreme Court.

We invite the thoughtful man or woman to reread the Declaration of Independence.  Examine the enumerated tyrannies of King George III against the colonists and then consider the arrogant tyrannies of the Supreme Court against modern Americans.  Which injustices are worse?

Even as the colonists shrank from the though of conflict with the Mother Country, God-fearing, liberty-loving Americans look with horror at the black abyss of conflict into which the Supreme Court may be dragging us.  Yet we have a grand constitutional safeguard our political forefathers bequeathed to us for crises such as these: the congressional power of impeachment.

Will Congress do its duty?

The House and the Senate have the constitutional authority to forever stop this madness by impeaching the justices of the Supreme Court who voted to legitimize the homosexual lifestyle. They are:

This decision is clearly outside of, and hence in violation of, the delineated, limited authority granted by the Constitution of the Supreme Court.  These justices have violated their oath of office and provided the grounds for their impeachment.

We urge our fellow, God-fearing Americans to demand of their congressmen that they impeach these six members of the Supreme Court.

To Congress, we ask these questions:

* Most of you claim to support "family values": Do you have the courage to defend the family?

* Most of you claim to be ? Christians: Do you have the courage to defend God's Law and Christian morality?

All of you claim to be free men and women: Do you have the courage to peacefully dethrone the tyrants who are plunging us into perdition, or will you grovel before the Supreme Court like the ministers of the crown used to grovel before their King?

Are you men or cowards:

If you do that which is right, Americans will love and respect you, and history will honor you. If you do nothing, a deeper disgust and cynicism will creep into the American public, and your cowardly inaction may help inch us closer to that black chasm into which no sane man desires to look, and few dare.

If you choose the path of cowardice, the path of inactivity, history will raise its head and mock you for your impotence and folly. Future generations will hold you us as miserable examples, tepid slaves who sold themselves and their countrymen into bondage for a bowl of politically correct pottage.

Are there God-fearing lovers of liberty and justice in the House and Senate:

If so, impeach these tyrants


Randall A. Terry - President
c/o Post Office Box 1180
Binghamton, New York 13902

* * * * * * * * * *

[COMMENT:  The Supreme Court is an unelected body, appointed for life, which means they are essentially "unget-at-able" by the public whom they govern.  Only Congress has the capacity to discipline the justices.  The House of Representatives can impeach a justice, and the Senate holds the trial.  

Certain of the justices have clearly violated their oath of office to uphold and protect the Constitution of the United States by, in effect, rewriting it.  They have accomplished damage to the American Republic that tyrants over more than two centuries could not accomplish, including two world wars.

Rewriting the Constitution on the grounds that it is a "growing" document is treason on the bench of the Supreme Court just as clearly as treason on the battlefield.  When the justices are sitting, they are on the battlefield of justice.  Rewriting the Constitution is done by the people through amendments, not by any decision of the Supreme Court.  

In the early years of our Republic, Congress was much more willing to stand firm on a clear separation of powers, and unwilling to let the Supreme Court usurp the power of legislation by so-called "judicial review".  When the balance of power gets out of balance, and when one branch of government begins to override another, we are on the road to tyranny.  The call to impeachment is right and proper.  The question is: are we electing people to Congress who have either the intelligence or the backbone to do so.  

I have written a book, Reason, Revelation, and Politics, which investigates these issues much more deeply, available in print from Emmaus Ministries.  And I will be proposing two amendments to the Constitution which will be posted to this website.

Earle Fox -- 10/22/96]


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