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Judge Roy Moore's New Bid
to Restore our Constitution

[COMMENT:   The videos below show a stunning example of outlandish reasoning and a travesty of justice.  May God bless Moore's run for governor of Alabama.     E. Fox]

Judge Moore to announce gubernatorial bid
Ousted as Supreme Court chief justice for defending Ten Commandments

Posted: May 27, 2009     12:21 am Eastern      2009 WorldNetDaily
Former Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore , leading in the polls among likely gubernatorial candidates in Alabama, is expected to announce his bid for the top job in the state June 1, WND has learned.

Moore leads all likely Republican candidates for the post and is expected to face Rep. Artur Davis, a close friend of Barack Obama, in a testy race for the open seat in 2010.

The campaign is being billed as a national contest between two strikingly different candidates one a defender of Obama policies and the other an ardent critic.

Moore was picked as a likely winner in the state's 2010 governor's race in a February poll. Meanwhile, a poll conducted earlier this month by Davis shows him ahead of all likely Democratic challengers and all Republicans except Moore.

A press release issued last week by the Davis camp said, "The memo states that Davis has higher name identification than other announced or likely Democratic or Republican candidates with the exception of former Alabama Supreme Court Chief Justice Roy Moore."

Coinciding with his expected announcement, Moore, a WND columnist, is releasing a paperback edition of his book, "So Help Me God," through WND Books.

Moore was expelled from his position as chief justice in the state for refusing to remove a replica of the Ten Commandments from his courthouse. Since then he has been advocating for traditional American values and ethics through his Foundation for Moral Law.

Meanwhile, never-before-released video of Moore's hearing in the "Ten Commandments" case show the essence of why he was ousted for his refusal to stop acknowledging God in his duties as chief justice.

For two revealing videos of Moore's trial in the original of this article, click below,

The first video shows Moore's basis for his judgments:

A second video reveals the verdict:

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The first video shows Moore's basis for his judgments.   A second video gives the verdict.

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Date Posted -  06/01/2009   -   Date Last Edited - 09/15/2012