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What is a "Natural Born Citizen"?

Herbert Titus
Constitutional Scholar

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Titus says that there is a distinction between a "citizen by birth" and a "natural born citizen".  

A citizen by birth is one who is born on American soil with parents who are here lawfully.  This was a category created by the 14th Amendment after the Civil War to make newly freed slaves citizens.  They had been denied that citizenship by the infamous 1850's Dred Scott decision.  The 14th Amendment was not a part of the original Constitution, and had nothing to do with being president. 

The "natural born citizen" category was in the Constitution from the beginning (Article II, Section 1, 5th paragraph), and applies only to the President specifically, not to any other officer or person.  It assumes that there is a "law of nature", which applies naturally to a constitution, relying on the nature of birth and the nature of nations themselves.  It states that any person who is born of parents who are both legitimate citizens of a country is himself "naturally" a citizen of that country.  That is the logical conclusion because of the nature of birth and the nature of nations.  Thus "natural" born.  The offspring of a married couple inherits the natural rights of the parents.  The child of two citizens is thus "naturally" a citizen by the fact of birth. 

Obama's parents were not both American citizens, by the very statement of the supposed birth certificate from Hawaii.  So even being born in Hawaii does not make Barak Obama a natural born citizen, only a citizen by birth as per the 14th Amendment, which means that he is not qualified to be president of the United States.  The place of birth is irrelevant, the citizenship of parents is the deciding factor. 

That implies that we must revise the 14th amendment so that babies of foreign parents do not become citizens by merely being born on American land (anchor babies, as they are called).  They should be considered citizens of the land of which the parents are citizens. 

If the new born's parents are of differing countries, those countries would have to decide on the citizenship of the baby.  But the baby would not be a "natural born" citizen of any country. 

In any event, whether or not going by the alleged birth certificate on display by Obama (which is provably a forgery - having been "Photo-shopped"), Barak Obama did not, and does not, qualify as president of the United States of America.  He should be immediately declared so by Congress and removed from the Oval Office.  Obama has scuttled his own ship with his "birth certificate". 

Where is the backbone and wisdom of the American people to see and act on the facts, i.e., to force action by Congress? 

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Date Posted - 01/31/2012   -   Date Last Edited - 08/11/2012