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High Treason from Obama & Panetta
or the Black Robed Regiment?

F. Earle Fox

        Here is a website ( www.wallbuilders.com ) and video on "the Black Regiment" I just received from the Crusade for Life group with which I work (see www.pastorsprolife.org).  The "Black Regiment" reflects the Church's place in the building of America....   Well worth viewing...   It was called "The Black Regiment" by the British, not the "Black Robed Regiment", but I suppose David Barton and Wallbuilders wants to avoid the racial implications. 

       The subject is related to last Sunday's sermon (http://www.theroadtoemmaus.org/RdLb/31JdXn/Christnty/SpWr/PietOrSacram.html) for those interested,

        And right along these lines, you might want to view
http://www.wnd.com/2012/03/obama-impeachment-bill-now-in-congress/ where Leon Panetta, Obama's secretary of defense, commits what I would call high treason, even said again when asked by Sen. Jeff Sessions of the Senate Armed Services Committee to repeat himself to make sure he is understood.  

        He and Obama, whom he represents, do not feel themselves beholden to the Congress of the United States, and therefore not to the people of the United States for how they govern us, in particular, how they deploy the military.  Panetta dodges the question, and at the same time answers it very clearly.  With defenders like his, who needs enemies?  If this kind of destruction of the Constitution is not high treason, what needs to be added to make it so? 

        Thank God for the reps in Congress who are preparing to remove Obama from office.  Any military officer who agrees with him should also be immediately removed from service.  This is a clear and open violation of their sacred oath to defend the Constitution of the United States.  It is a sacred oath because government receives its legitimacy to govern from God, not from "wherever". 

        These people are evil-minded brazen right in the spotlight because they must think that they have Americans under their mind-control sufficiently to openly defy Congress and the Constitution.  And God. 

        Judeo-Christians and other Americans of common sense had better fast prove them wrong, wake up to the Biblical foundations of our Declaration and Constitution, and become indeed supporters of the contemporary Black Robed Regiment (faithful clergy).  The law of God rules over all facets of life.  I said some strong things in the above sermon, but they are not too strong, I pray that they are not too little and too late. 

        I do not think Congress has the backbone to impeach Obama, but I pray that I will be proven wrong. 

          The real and long-run question is whether we, the people, have the backbone to impeach Obama and his henchmen -- before God finishes impeaching us, removing we, the people, totally from control of our own country.  God gave us sovereignty over America, and He can take it away.  We had better repent and become His people again, or continue downhill into the fires of totalitarianism.  Take your pick.  When will Americans get righteously angry?    

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Date Posted - 03/14/2012   -   Date Last Edited - 07/07/2012