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How Mitt Romney
Brought Same-Sex 'Marriage' To America

[COMMENT:  The articles below are from www.theUndergroundJournal.com documenting the betrayal by Mitt Romney of the Massachusetts and American public.  Ditto for Schwarzenegger in California.  This issues below are some of the most important material you will read in a long time, for the future of America and Western Christendom.      E. Fox]

Table of Contents

Introduction - The Demolition of Democracy

Part I - Legal Authority

Part II - What the SJC Did and What They Did Not Do

Part III - Changing Common Law Did Not Change Chapter 207

Part IV - Changing Common Law Did Not Change the Constitution

Part V - Changing the Common-Law Is Legally Insignificant

Part VI - C.207 Continues to Prohibit Same-Sex "Marriage"

Part VII - Mass. Same-Sex "Marriages" Are Legally Void

Part VIII - We the People . . . Still Have Authority


It's Not a Conspiracy. It's Just a Cover-Up.
by John Haskins and Gregg Jackson

Part 1   What Are Limbaugh, Hannity, Ingraham and Coulter Hiding About Romney? And Why? HERE 

Part 2   The Impeachment of Willard Mitt Romney: Adams, Jefferson & Paine Ask What Rush, Sean, Laura and Anne Won't.  HERE 

Part 3   The Impeachment of Mitt Romney: Adams, Jefferson & Madison Ask What Rush, Sean, Laura and Ann Won't.  HERE

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Date Posted -  06/09/2008   -   Date Last Edited - 07/07/2012