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Is the American Government Out of Control?
Re: C-SPAN 9-11 Conspiracy Presentation
Note: see What Made the Twin Towers Fall for revised opinion.

F. Earle Fox

I posted the following on July 28, 2006, and received some comments about keeping my credibility intact.  Can a credible commentator take this sort of conspiracy thing seriously, accusing our own government of participation in 9-11?  No doubt some readers of my last Emmaus eNews were thinking, "Well, there goes Fox again, over the edge!"  The strange thing is that I seem to keep landing on solid ground.  Well, most of the time.  My reply is beneath the original post quoted here from the "What's New?" page. 

Please note that I do not here endorse the conspiracy theory presented on C-SPAN.  The question is not whether it is presented by persons who dislike Bush (or whoever), but whether it is true.  So I do endorse the open presentation -- the only way to find out whether it is true. 

Be sure to click on the link near the end to the Secret Society Amendment.  My original post was:

C-SPAN to Air Historic 9/11 Exposť --  9/11 + The Neo-Con Agenda Panel Discussion to Run on Saturday, July 29th at 8PM (EST.  5 pm on West Coast.  I urge everyone to view this. 

The subject is almost too horrendous to consider - that our own government may have been complicit in the destruction of the Twin Towers.  But here are people who think the evidence points that way. 

I have no way of discerning truth in this matter any more than most folks, but the evidence pointing toward serious government betrayal of America continues to grow (Ruby Ridge, Waco, Oklahoma City, and others).  The matter needs to be aired and publicly discussed.  Clarity favors truth, unclarity always favors falsehood.  It will be a terribly painful and contentious discussion, but it had better happen...  

We are looking at the Globalist Drive for Power.  The world contest is between the builders of a new Tower of Babel vs. supporters of Biblical freedom.   The plans of God continue to work themselves out, and this is where we Christians had better improve our track record: Stand up and be counted for truth --  whatever it may be, and whatever it may cost.   


1. Response:  

I completely agree that the 9/11 conspiracy theory is a long shot to say the least, and hopefully not true.  Although, in a paradoxical kind of way, it might help bring clarity to a deliberately beclouded subject -- where our government stands.  It took some nights of fitful sleeping to come to my conclusions below -- to admit even the possibility of our rulers being involved in the deliberate killing of American and other citizens. 

The trouble is that
    (1) the US government has a track record of abusing its own people going back before the war between the states -- (e.g., slavery, destruction of the Shenandoah Valley, Sherman's march to the sea, virtual genocide against Indians, use of prisoners for medical experiments,  the Waco event, which evidence shows was a planned assault on American citizens -- see video documentary, "Rules of Engagement", and more...); 
    (2) the stakes in the world-power struggle are as high as they can get, i.e., everything -- the world's "pearl of great price"; and, if both past and recent history is any indication, there are folks among the globalists who are utterly ruthless, many in our government at all levels routinely willing to sell America to gain their advantage;
    (3) both Democratic and Republican parties are largely controlled by globalist thinking;
    (4) there has been a history of these same folks in the background promoting both sides of world conflicts -- in the typically Hegelian manner (manipulating both sides so you can shape the outcome -- as with both world wars), and there seems to be some evidence, indirect to be sure, of globalist financing of Islamic terrorists;
    (5) government schools are more friendly to teaching and preaching Islam than they are Christianity;
    (6) President Bush has a foolishly naive (or deceptive) view of Islam, refusing to confront it for what it is, and is either a terribly ignorant and naive Christian, or none at all, only a very good manipulator, but either way, under the control of globalist leadership; 
    (7) our government-run schools are promoting globalism to a fare-thee-well, and (therefore) outlawing promotion of Christianity;  
    (8) the whole financial structure of the federal government (IRS, Federal Reserve, etc.) is planned robbery of the public; 
    (9) the Bush administration seems willing to sell out America by keeping our borders open in the face of obvious dangers, and yet demands unconstitutional intrusions into our own private lives "for our safety";
    (10) the Bush administration continues to point us more and more deeply into socialism, not limited government, right down the globalist path;    
    (11) there is a growing influence and acceptance in government of a globalist centered occult (members of secret societies) right up into the very highest offices of each branch (e.g., both Bushes are members of the Skull & Bones Society, and we now have Satanist military chaplains -- thanks to "relative" truth and pseudo-pluralism) -- as the Biblical worldview and Christian witness continue to collapse;
    (12) ...and on the list goes. 

The evidence for the above, like the evidence on homosexuality, is readily available, most of it right in the globalists' own writings.  You just have to know where to look.  Globalists, of course, do not advertise their connection with the occult, but many occult people themselves make no small issue of being globalists, world-control-freaks.

If you were a globalist, would not you take advantage of the opportunities to create and exploit just those pseudo-crises which we face today?  I have no doubt that they are doing whatever they think they can get away with -- which grows exponentially as America is increasingly brainwashed.  If globalist leadership is indeed in the occult, it would not stop at a 9/11 event.  They will stop at nothing.  Why would they?  The stakes are everything, and the destruction of their opposition means nothing.   

What is America's trajectory?  Where, unless something intervenes, are we headed?  Not toward increasing freedom, smaller or more just government, or a more holy life.  Yet, Christians, for the most part, continue on as though nothing were happening, as though our Gospel message was irrelevant to the public arena, as though God did not care about where Western Civilization was going.  The Church is lost in its own self-created quagmire, incapable of wielding the Sword of the Spirit, speaking the truth in love.  I mean out loud, outside the church walls.  We fight a vigorous battle within the walls, but mostly with each other.   

Our trajectory is headed toward centralization, control, violence, moral degradation, and tyranny.  Look at our schools -- which used to be one of the safest places for children, now one of the most dangerous, both physically and spiritually.  Christians today no more discern the times and the looming disaster than did the Pharisees of Jesus' day.  They paid dearly -- total destruction of their nation.  And, like them, we know neither the Scriptures nor the power of  God.  God has not made us to be losers, but to be victors over the world, the flesh, and the devil. 

So the deep problem is not the evil State, it is the comatose Church, the irrelevant conscience of society. 

Is this all a random evolutionary accident?  Is it inevitable?  Are we not meant, under the law and grace of God, to be in control of our own lives?  Then why are we not? 

2. No More Free Passes

How does one explain such craziness?  As FDR said, "If it happened in politics, somebody planned it."  One explains most of it by the apathy, ignorance, and comfort-seeking of the population -- much thanks to the well-planned politics of government schooling. 

Whether that translates into our politicians being involved in the 9/11 tragedy, I do not know.  But there is only one way to find out -- OPEN DISCUSSION.  It helps not at all to be incensed at such accusations of our leaders.  There is now plenty of reason for suspicion of everything government does. 

Evil cannot survive an open, honest contest for truth.  It must operate in darkness, a condition promoted by our government-controlled school system right from the start, with Horace Mann, et al.  That is why it can be appropriately called control-, not education-oriented, i.e., "occult".  

How can one estimate the percentage of public officials who are members of secret societies?  Not easily.  But if there were a requirement tomorrow for all such persons to renounce secret societies, I would guess half of higher level government would have to resign. 

Occult involvement or not, C-SPAN apparently thought the accusations worth putting out for public discussion.  These things should be publicly discussed.  If they are wrong, then the public will find out.  We ought to promote discussion of these things, not avoid them.   The problem is, as with homosexual issues, Westerners, including Christians, are almost  incapable of honest engagement.  And, leadership in both parties is dead set against such openness.  Systematic darkness always means evil hidden in the wings.  Always. 

I received the news of the presentation at the last minute, my TV is not hooked up for cable, and I was not able to find another place to watch C-SPAN, thus I am still in the dark about what the panel actually proposes. 

I am not suggesting that the planes did not fly into the buildings, or that Al Qaida people were not doing the flying.  The questions to be raised are: -- who might have been behind it with planning and finances, why were investigations of terrorists apparently shut down which could have stopped the event, why was there such awful ineptitude prior to the event on the part of our intelligence, why were fighter planes so late in launching, etc.  The presenters of the C-SPAN panel, no doubt, have a host of other questions which need answers. 

There is something terribly wrong with our government.  We do NOT get honest, transparent answers.  So I am no longer willing to give our government a free pass on anything.  And, given how power corrupts, we never should, not ever. 

I was not , and am not (yet, at least), promoting that particular conspiracy theory of  9/11 (I hardly know yet what they are saying...), only that it should be publicly aired.  Clearly, there was a 9-11 conspiracy.  It did not, Darwin-like, randomly, accidentally evolve, and certainly not by survival of the fittest.  The question is whether any of our "intelligently designing" politicians were involved in its evolution. 

Whatever the details, the shadow of evil hovers darkly over America. 

3. Who is Lord?

We have therefore a witch's brew of politics:  a government largely controlled by persons who want to scuttle both our Constitution and our Biblical heritage (they go together) facing off against a Western Christendom which is impotent and oblivious -- intellectually, morally, and spiritually.  The government of probably every society in history (given a bit of time) has created havoc and abuse of its own people.  Why do we think America is exempt?  

Furthermore, If the Constitution is the measure of legitimate US government, we have had a government out of control for some time.  We need no conspiracy theory about 9-11 to think so.  It is only a matter of who is behind it and why.  So, I see no reason at all to rule out apriori the assertion that our own government might have had something to do with 9-11.  

But the real issue is "Who is Lord?"   The contest is between the new Tower of Global Babel Builders (some of them even use that label) who think civil government (with them governing) is Lord, versus Christians, who think Jesus is Lord -- over civil government.  

But Western Christians are mostly impotent to speak up for Jesus, because most do not believe Jesus can, or will, show up to prove His own case.  He will surely be speaking harshly to us on judgement day.  It is His people who are not showing up to even speak His case, let alone prove it.  With few exceptions, we have no public testimony.  

"Jesus is Lord" is a political claim.  The King of kings and Lord of lords means to be Lord over all other authorities -- including, like it or not, globalists.   But Christians have surrendered the high ground in politics, commerce, education, the media, welfare, and every other aspect of the public arena.  And we are steadily surrendering our Churches as well.  Witness the Episcopal Church -- and many others.  This is not Satan at work???

Christians do not get imprisoned and shot in America, as in China or the Sudan.  But that is not because America is "safe", as it once was (roughly pre-1825 and government schooling).  It is because we have become impotent, no threat, and thus irrelevant -- despite the fact that globalists and occultists fear nothing more than a renewed Christian community.  We are an ignorant and cowed people. 

4. Counter Revolution

What to do?  The counter-revolution will come from the bottom up, from the springs of the Holy Spirit welling up in our lives, a Source too deep for the enemy to touch.  God will use these present circumstances to purge and cleanse His Church, which will one day take back America and the West for Himself.  Pray for our children and grandchildren -- who will have to fight the battle we refused to fight -- at much greater cost that we would pay today. 

The first task is rebuilding our families -- with lots of children, men taking their Godly role as spiritual heads of their families, and women manifesting the spiritual power of God (see gender roles).  And then rebuilding our local churches, raising up the kind of people who can stand and speak the truth in love in the face of the worst that the world, the flesh, or the devil can throw at us.  Under the law and grace of God, that is an invincible strategy.  Helping to arm Judeo-Christians and other truth-seekers for this struggle is the task of the Road to Emmaus.  

A practical step, which would bring the most vigorous and, I expect, violent response, would be a constitutional amendment requiring a renunciation of all allegiance to secret societies for anyone in a government role, including the most crucial role, voters. 

The warnings from my critics were rightly given -- we must be wary of cliffs off which our credibility can fall, as, yes, I have experienced.  But as far as my credibility goes, I have never had much with either "liberal" or "conservative" leadership.  Close to zero.  And, if I had paid much attention to my credibility in their eyes, I would not have done most of what has been intellectually, morally, and spiritually fruitful in my life. 

Surely, the credibility to seek is not with leadership who, in so many cases, have already compromised their own to get to where they are, but with the mostly as yet unknown truth-seekers "out there".  Truth-seekers really do end up on their own a lot.  But where else can you meet (and maybe help raise up) others who are willing to stand on their own?  We are at war.  How can we effectively stand together in a fire fight if we cannot, when necessary, stand alone? 

And, does not truth-seeking at any cost to ourselves have something to do with the narrowness of that gate that leads to life?   

(Click for more on "conspiracy")

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