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Conspiracy theorist???

F. Earle Fox

"Oh, so you are a conspiracy theorist?" we hear, in slightly derisive tones.  "Why, yes!  As a matter of fact, I am", we should probably hear more often. 

To con-spire means literally to breathe together.  In the political situation, it almost always means to plan in secret to gain by force or deceit what one cannot gain openly. 

Question: When in history, ever, has there not been an abundance of conspiracies?  Conspiracy is the very meat of most adventure novels.  The only question is how successful any given conspiracy might be, not whether there are conspiracies -- how well organized, how centralized, how much in control of public opinion? 

Carroll Quigley, professor at George Washington University during the mid-1900's, wrote two large books, Tragedy & Hope and The Anglo-American Establishment.  Quigley had the permission of the globalists for about two years to write their history, and was given permission to access their archives.  His books are monumental documentation of probably the greatest conspiracy (short of Satan's) in world history. 

He apparently exposed too much and so Tragedy & Hope was withdrawn from publication for a period.   But the appearance of underground copies apparently forced the publisher to reintroduce the book.  [See http://realityzone.com and search for Carroll Quigley, or for Tragedy & Hope.]

The aim of this conspiracy, which Quigley favors, is the take-over of world civilization by stealth, and by violence if necessary.  The conspiracy is probably about as evil as anything can be, and will stop at nothing it thinks it can get away with. 

G. Edward Griffin (see www.realityzone.com) outlined the conspiratorial progression of strategy contra its opponents:

    1. Ignore you as long as you are small and harmless.  You will probably give up.

    2. Discredit and demonize.

    3. Buy you off.

    4. Outright bribery.

    5. Play rough.  Threat, violence, assassination. 

None of these tactics is unfamiliar to any age.  There has been no period in history, probably in any culture, where there has not been either open or underground intense power struggle for domination.  Conspiracy -- is well documented in world history.  And especially so in the 19th and 20th centuries. 

The sneerful attitude is thus ignorant nonsense and/or manipulative deceit.   The hard thing is finding a period in which underground power struggle did not seek to dominate human life. 

Note that Presidents Lincoln, Garfield, and Kennedy were all assassinated in office.  Each of them was a foe of the money cartel which runs the Federal Reserve. 

I have been seeing, hearing, and at some level believing, reports of a "shadow government", an unseen group of persons who really pulled the strings on politician puppets.  Until I saw the DVD, The Money Masters, I did not understand the mechanism by which such a feat could be possible.  But The Money Masters show precisely how it is done.  There is no longer any doubt in my mind that the money cartel is behind most of the wars fought in the last 300 years, and behind most of the economic woes of those years as well. 

The world without the Biblical God, creator and sovereign, will always, as a logical fact, be driven toward power-struggle for survival.  It cannot, for long, do otherwise.  The closed circle world of secularism and paganism has no capacity either for ontological stability or moral order.  That means we are always on the defensive, we have no objective meaning, goals, or moral order, so we are always fighting for survival.  Life is eat or be eaten, so we are driven to try to control life.

Only under the rulership of the Son of God, Jesus Christ, is there possibility of genuine, stable peace and order, and at the same time freedom.  Our public and political freedoms come from God just as much as do our personal salvation freedoms.  The personal are the foundation for the public.  Only a Saved People Can Keep Civil Government on a Constitutional Tether (under Sermons, top of 2009 list). 

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