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Dept. of Homeland Security
buys Ammunition -- for use against whom???

email from Rand Paul

[COMMENT:    Rand Paul, son of Ron Paul, is one of the primary freedom fighters in Congress.   Read this astonishing exposure of Big Government intentions.   Control, not service. 

The intro to the letter below begins:  "Recently, the Department of Homeland Security purchased 750 million rounds of ammo.  Our military only went through about 70 million rounds per year during the Iraq War!"

Who is their "enemy" if not we, the people"?  Why is the Social Security Admin. buying ammunition??? (See below). 

And why is Congress funding this???  Will it have the courage to defund it???

    E. Fox] 


Dear Earle,

174,000 rounds.  [just part of the 750 million above...]

That is the number of hollow point bullets the Social Security Administration purchased last week.

You may be wondering what part of delivering social security checks to grandma involves hundreds of thousands of rounds of deadly ammunition.  This ammo purchase resupplies the stockpiles for the federal governmentís too numerous to count law enforcement agencies.

Agencies you never would have known existed, let alone have a need for an armed police force, are piling up ammo to enforce laws youíve probably never heard of.  Our government is so big and intrudes into so many areas of our lives that it requires a domestic law enforcement apparatus that consumes hundreds of thousands of rounds per year just to keep its agents firearms qualified.

This ammo isnít even being used to fight crime!  These ammo purchases are symptoms of a bloated government whose bureaucratic tentacles wrap themselves around nearly every decision we make.

And that needs to change starting with the election this November.

Thatís why I am emailing you today.

You see, the national election has been transformed into a referendum on the size and scope of government.

Iíll give you a link to help elect conservatives dedicated to restraining government to its Constitutional powers and balancing the budget in a minute, but first let me describe my plan.

The Republicansí only path to victory is to embrace our conservative values.

That is why I have proposed a budget that reflects your values and will restore prosperity to America.

My budget:

**      ELIMINATE four cabinet agencies.

**      CUT most domestic spending back to 2008, pre-stimulus levels.

**      FIX the defense sequester.

**      ENACT meaningful welfare and medicaid reform.

**      TEAR UP the old tax code and replace it with a Flat Tax.

**      Disarms agencies other than the FBI and those whose mission is truly law enforcement.

I received a vote on this budget earlier this year, but with Harry Reid in charge of the Senate, it was voted down.

But thatís ok. 

You and I now have the ďammunitionĒ to insert RANDPAC into competitive races across the country to highlight those candidates who truly stand for balancing the budget and which ones think $16 trillion in debt is just a good start.  And RANDPACís endorsed candidate roster includes candidates in races in key states like Florida, Minnesota and Texas.

Harry Reid can be toppled as majority leader.  And President Obama can be thrown out of office.  But that is only possible with your support.

So I ask you to
sign your petition supporting my plan to balance the budget in 5 years by slashing spending and drastically reducing the size and scope of government.   The balance of power in the Senate hinges on conservative candidates having the resources necessary to fight back against the liberal smear machine.

I can tell you from first-hand experience, the Left will stoop to the lowest of the lows in state races because they believe no one is paying attention.  And the liberals have all the Big Labor and Hollywood money they desire to heap on the heads of conservative candidates.

Itís my goal to elect conservatives to Congress who will pass my budget and a President who will sign it into law.

So thatís why I hope youíll
sign your petition supporting my budget right away.

RANDPACís endorsed candidates are facing tough races against well-funded liberals who have no problem with a government so big it runs through hundreds of thousands of rounds of ammunition every year just to keep its legions of law enforcement officials qualified.

Thatís why this election is so important.  Thatís why I ask you to
sign your petition supporting my budget right away.

For Liberty,

Rand Paul
United States Senator

P.S.  The Social Security Administration just purchased 174,000 rounds of ammunition so federal agencies you never knew existed could qualify its officers to enforce laws you had no clue were on the books.

This is a symptom of a government that is hopelessly out-of-control and needs to be reined in to its constitutionally enumerated powers.

Thatís why I hope youíll
sign your petition in support of my budget and please make your most generous contribution

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

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Date Posted - 03/14/2012   -   Date Last Edited - 09/04/2012