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Election 2006 Aftermath...

[COMMENT:  The comment below is one of the wisest comments I have seen on our recent elections.  The 1800 election of Thomas Jefferson and his party to replace that of George Washington and John Adams was the first peaceful passing of power by popular vote (at least in a major nation) in history.  The American experiment really was an experiment --- something new in human affairs. 

But there is serious concern about how long we will continue to change leadership peacefully.  Our continuing breakdown of intellectual, moral, and spiritual consensus spells danger.  The reason we were able to begin such a long train of peaceful change of power was the Biblical consensus which held pretty much up to the 1850's.  It held more or less in the background for another century.  But then in 1962 (Engle vs. Vitale), the Supreme Court overthrew the logical, political, and spiritual basis of our government -- by telling God to butt out. 

We are now a rudderless people, or fast becoming one, with no moral compass, and therefore have cast ourselves down the tubes toward power struggle as our basic form of government -- back to paganism. 

Rev. Sheldon might well marvel at our "Constitution and way of government", but we are losing it, and have been since about the 1830's (when we -- Horace Mann, et al -- began establishing our government-controlled school system -- designed right from the start not to educate, but to control). 

Our Constitution and our freedom will not survive the loss of our Biblical foundations -- not here or anywhere.  Europe is already past the point of no return -- humanly speaking.  If we Christians do not recover our intellectual, moral, and spiritual integrity, we likewise are headed for the dustbin of history. 

It is not quite true that "our lives and our government are still intact."  Not the lives of 40,000,000+ little babies, murdered with US government as accomplice.  And not a limited government.   And not a Congress which is morally committed, which will discipline either itself or a renegade Court.  And, worst of all, not a voting population which has intellectual, moral, or spiritual integrity. 

Are you, dear reader, first of all a truth-seeker, and have you, in your quest found Jesus Christ to be the Way, the Truth, and the Life?   E. Fox]

America is Great
After-Thoughts about the Election
By Rev. Sheldon  -- 

“This election has caused me to marvel at our Constitution and our way of government.  We have just been through a revolution and yet there was no bloodshed.  Some may have been mad, cried, been depressed, got drunk, etc. but no one was killed.

“We were in the Ivory Coast earlier this year.  They are having a revolution over who is going to be in the leadership of that country.  Some were not happy with the results of a majority vote so they caused bloodshed, forced people out of their homes, in some places it is unsafe to travel, in some places thugs have taken control, the countryside savaged, people have had their businesses stolen and their money confiscated.

“History is replete with examples of atrocities which occurred over the change of leadership such as following the French Revolution many people including King Louis XVI and Marie Antoinette were beheaded and even in England these things occurred until, under the influence of the evangelist Charles Wesley, they had what was called “a bloodless revolution” because the gospel took hold causing the leadership to change peacefully.

“Tuesday our Congressional leadership changed, but our lives and our government are still intact.”

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