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America: From Freedom to Fascism

F. Earle Fox

at www.freedomtofascism.com an online video.

I had seen ad about From Freedom to Fascism by Aaron Russo for some time, but held off because of its "sensational" appearance.  Some things really are sensational.  I got it and viewed it this last week (Nov. 2006), and was stunned.  (See also Endgame.) 

This movie was sensational, not in being "sensational".  It fairly plods its way through the series of interviews.  But therein lies its power.  The plodding compiling of facts is sensational. 

Occasionally, beginning sometime in the early 1970's, I would investigate the realm of political and occult conspiracy, and had always come up with the same answers.  I did not speak much about it because it seemed so implausible that "they" could be getting away with such a horrendous scheme. 

But in my quest, no good reason came up to doubt the charges made that the super rich folks, mainly bankers and industrialists, had colluded to get control of pretty much the whole of America.  (They claim it themselves.)  I began writing about it in the early 1990's in the then postal version of Emmaus News. 

I have written about conspiracy also here on the Road to Emmaus because I have slowly become convinced that we are in terrible trouble, that we are sleeping in a poppy field while the enemy is taking over our society and government.  We are becoming slaves in on a fascist plantation. 

It was hard to believe that any such scheme could be pulled off with -- apparently -- intelligent and faithful people among the voters and, hopefully, some among the politicians.  Not the case.  The scheme is transparent once you see what it is -- grand theft on a scale never before dreamed of.  It began much earlier in Europe with the beginning of banking, but it appears to be more fully in place than ever before.  It is done by deceit and brainwashing, not by guns.  We can be persuaded to vote ourselves into a tyranny from which we cannot vote ourselves out. 

Nothing else can explain the trajectory the West has taken -- a once powerful Christian civilization reduced to begging for a place at the table.  Christians (mostly our own fault) have been run from the public arena, and are being slowly crushed as a living cultural force, with next to no serious resistance from the Church. 

I have been looking into the matter for over 35 years.  I am 71 now, and it is time to declare the truth.  Russo's piece puts it together.  (See list of resources.)  The American public has been lied to and stolen from since at least about 1913 when the Federal Reserve and the IRS were put into effect.  Both by deceit, and both with the collusion of the very highest ranking officials of our government.  President Wilson, according to Russo, publicly confessed with deep regrets.  That did not change anything. 

Who are the enemy?  Those who have discovered how to control a nation by controlling its financial structure.  The globalist bankers.  There is a German group, an English group, and an American group (perhaps others).  Every industrial nation in the world, apparently, has a central bank through which these people operate to buy out the politicians and thus control a country.  They generally work together through UN channels, largely their own creation. 

English bankers began working right soon after the War for Independence to economically recapture America, because they knew we would be an enormous market.  They with Continental bankers had already perfected much of the control scheme.  They began to make serious inroads after the War Between the States with the New England financiers and industrialists as New England became an industrial powerhouse.  The press was on for a central banking system, which had been resisted in the earlier years of the new republic. 

The collusion between government and commercial interests is exactly what Mussolini called "Fascism", after the ancient Roman fasces symbol for authority -- a bundle of rods bound about an ax with projecting blade.  America is today a fascist state, in the literal sense of the word.  We no longer live in a democratic republic under God -- as we were given by God and our founding fathers.  We live in a culture controlled by those who have commandeered the authority to print our money.  The story of how printing money can be used to control a country is worth the reading.  To say the least.... 

Aaron Russo is determined to help take America back by getting rid of the IRS and the Federal Reserve, which are the tools by which the bankers control things.  See his website.  Globalists will not stop at anything they think they have to do do keep their power.  They are absolutely arrogant and in contempt of the rest of the human race.  There is going to be intense struggle.  So get ready.  Join forces.  Get educated.  And most of all, get your relation to God cleared up.  You will be of little help otherwise. 

at www.freedomtofascism.com an online video.

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