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Communist Antonio Gramsci...
Resides In The White House

[COMMENT:   Here is the Gramsci to whom I have often made reference.  A nasty character, and one to be feared though long dead.  But not to be feared so much as the living God.  We can more than deal with Gramsci types when we begin to be truth-seekers and truth speakers at any cost to ourselves.  And then, because He is the way, the truth, and the life, followers of Jesus Christ. 

Just learning to tell the truth is the most effective strategy against these kind of people, Obama included.  Systematic subversion of truth is the first evidence of being in spiritual warfare (see Romans 1:18 ff.).  

See also, Yuri Besmenov, interviewed by Edward G. Griffin, and Gramsci's apparent conversion back to his old Christian faith.    E. Fox] 

2010 November 24


Who is Antonio Gramsci [Wikipedia] and what is his connection to the American Left? An Italian Communist philosopher, Gramsci’s theories have stealthily been incorporated into our culture for at least 50 years. You may have never heard of him, but you would certainly recognize his ideas taking place in America, and in the White House of both President Clinton and President Obama. Gramsci believed that the way to incorporate Marxism in capitalist societies was best achieved from the bottom up by stealthily changing the beliefs of the culture itself, called “cultural hegemony.”

Cultural hegemony involves softening, or radicalizing, the culture’s beliefs about various social issues, such as homosexuality, marriage, education, women’s issues, religion, divorce, pornography, media, abortion, and established political parties. The idea is to move everything to the left so that eventually new norms are rooted into society.

An excellent documentary called “Agenda: Grinding America Down” explains how the strategy has been accomplished so far. Our basic institutions have been so permeated with Marxist ideology by intellectual leaders that “their rules” have insidiously become the accepted rules of thought. Starting with public education, then the media, the churches, and so on, Gramsci knew that eventually the society would accept a new definition of morality and justice. Once that was accomplished it would be much easier to destroy the capitalist infrastructure and the established political parties, and thereby transform them into a new Marxist reality.

Politically correct language would take root and eventually politically correct ideas, without ever divulging the philosophy behind them. Their organizations and think tanks would never use words related to Socialism, Marxism, or Communism. Instead words such as universal healthcare, reproductive rights, and community organizing would replace words such as socialized medicine, abortion, and Communism.

When you consider what is happening in the public school system today it is apparent that Gramscian strategies have been incorporated for years without us ever realizing what was going on.  Textbooks, teachers’ unions, left-leaning churches, the women’s movement, and prominent intellectuals have all infiltrated our traditional value system and replaced it with a leftist mentality that negates the individual in favor of the global good. This explains the prominence of environmental policies, hate speech laws, corporate blackmail being perpetrated by organizations such as ACORN, and government agencies taking political correctness to the extreme of endangering our national security.

Who influenced Saul Alinsky? Most likely his strategies were also based on the Gramscian philosophy of cultural hegemony. When you study Barack Obama’s influence of Saul Alinsky’s “Rules For Radicals,” you will see the many characteristics of Antonio Gramsci’s influence on both of their lives. Many of Clinton’s policies reflected Gramsci’s tactics as well. None of this has happened over night.

All of this has been further facilitated by the media and popular culture.  As Gramscian tactics have been stealthily inserted into the culture, the media has adopted these values and influenced each generation.  It is imperative that we continue to fight these influences and recognize what is happening in our schools, churches, and government. If we continue to allow them to re-define who we are and what we stand for, we will forever be enslaved by this madness.



Antonio Gramsci    http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Antonio_Gramsci

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Date Posted - 11/27/2010   -   Date Last Edited - 02/18/2013