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Intro to an Interview
Earle Fox interviewed on the Gregg Jackson Show


[COMMENT:  This was sent out to my email addresses as an invitation to join in on an interview.   E. Fox]


    Dear Fellow Christians and other Friends,
        I am going to be interviewed tomorrow on the Gregg Jackson radio talk show at 9 pm Sunday, Nov. 2, (Pacific time) for about an hour. 
        We will be discussing the fallure of the so-called "conservative" movement -- which has been almost totally unable to conserve anything.  There is no effective conservative "movement" today in America, only swirls and eddies here and there.  Some of these may join forces, grow, and make a real stream down the center, but that is still to come.  The American Independent Party, led by Alan Keyes I trust will be one of these
        There are definable reasons for this failure -- like ignorance, cowardice, and sell-out of principle to make money and defend one's pseudo-conservative empire.  
        We will be exploring why there is no conservative movement alive in America, and what we can do about it.  It is NOT a political problem, it is a spiritual problemWho is Lord?  Jesus or civil government?  That is the primary constitutional issue before us today. 
        Go to http://www.kdar.com:80/ and try the "Listen Live" link at the top. Sunday, 9 pm Pacific time.  Sometimes that link does not work (may be a setting in your computer security system), but if it does, you can listen from anywhere.  Let me know how you think it goes.  Hopefully I will get an audio file of the event and post it at http://theRoadToEmmaus.org
        Family and church are precisely the places where tough issues ought to be hammered out, with grace and truth.  It can be, as some describe it, "vigorous fellowship", but if we can stand the heat, and grow from it, all to our good.  Most families and churches avoid that like the plague.  All to our hurtIf we do it with lots of mutual repentance and forgiveness, we grow, and truth will get a voice in the public arena. 
        Surely the first and primary obligation of us all is our obligation to be truth-seekers and truth-speakers (with a loving spirit) -- especially in the context of community discussion of policy.  Our constitution was written to provide that level playing field for legislative and other government discussion.  If we are not truth-seekers and speakers, then nothing we do will go well in the end.  We will destroy ourselves. 
        Here is a piece by Gregg Jackson and John Haskins, both friends of mine, on the situation in friendly old Massachusetts and California.  Gregg is out here in LA area, and John lives in New England.   They are both excellent writers and on track factually (and both good at sarcasm).  There are three parts to their article.   Go to http://www.undergroundjournal.net/igroops/theunderground/adminpages/NotAConspiracyACoverUpPt1 
        Do any residents of MA or CA know of facts that contradict what they say?  For example: 
        1.  Did not (then) Gov. Romney and Gov. Schwarzenegger lie to the people when they said that "the judiciary made me do it" in changing their state marriage certificates?  And if that is the case, is it not true that homosexual marriage is in fact still illegal in both Massachusetts as in California, for the exact same reasons?
        2.  Is it not true that the MA Supreme Court has never had authority to change laws, which are, as clearly stated in the MA constitution (see article), the perogative ONLY of the legislature?  Ditto in CA? 
        3.  Is not the State of MA seriously abusing David Parker and family in his case against the school system concerning the schools refusal to let him and his wife control the education of their child?  Is not the state claiming, in effect, to "own" the children, to define what they will believe and how they will live their lives?  And is that not tyranny?    (see http://www.theroadtoemmaus.org/RdLb/22SxSo/PnSx/HSx/PrkrLosesSupCt.htm )
        4.  Is it true or not that the MA public school system is indeed teaching children the sexual practices of homosexual persons, including fisting?  (Only if you have a tough constitution -- I kid you not -- Google "fisting Massachusetts") 
        5.  Are not our current crop of so-called "hate-crime" laws intended to prevent exactly that open discussion for truth which is necessary to get the facts on  homosexuality -- promoted by persons who know that they cannot win their case in an open contest of ideas, based on fact and logic?  So they must "win" by subterfuge and coercion.  You cannot run a society long with those tactics.  Hate-crime laws are enemies of truth-seeking.   People sooner or later catch on and overthrow the government that does such things.  Truth will win in the end.  Guaranteed.  God will not have it any other way -- nor will His people.... 
        6. If these things are true, then are we not all honor bound to expose these terrible crimes against the people? 
        7. And, yes, if they are not true, that needs to be exposed also.  
        How can we know the truth without an open, honest confrontation of the issues at stake?  And, yes, the exchanges get rough at times, but what other way is there?  The roughness of open exchange is not half so bad as the roughness that will come if we do not have the truth-seeking discussion.  These situations alone are an alarm bell, and they are just for starters.  We are a nation in practice without a constitution, and with no moral consensus.  We have lost our way. 
        In a sane world, liberals are those who liberate with exploration of new truth (Jeffersonian liberals), and conservatives are those who preserve truth won at high cost over the past.  Because they both focus on truth, they meet in the middle, and are part of the same family and can communicate. 
        What we have today is pseudo-liberals who have given up on truth and think with their feelings (which will always lead to a totalitarian form of government), fighting with pseudo-conservatives who either think they have all the truth, or are incompetent to conserve what there is -- for the above reasons.  It does not make for a truth-producing discussion -- only verbal abuse of either other, of the truth, of the Lord of truth, and of the public.  Let's be honest liberals and conservtives.  That is the Godly way
        Join me if you can Sunday, November 2, 9 pm Pacific time with Gregg JacksonListen to Interview.
Resurrection Blessings, Earle Fox

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Date Posted -  11/03/2008   -   Date Last Edited - 09/15/2012