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Hate-Crime Law --
What will our Congress do to us???

[COMMENT:  Below is a short video about how hate crime law in England can affect society.  Hate crime law is not about protecting anyone, it is about control of the public discussion, in our present case, by the homosexual advocates.  That is the worst kind of betrayal of our American (and Western) freedom and obligation to have open, honest discussion on all public issues, especially issues of legislation and enforcement. 

The homosexual advocates keep testing the waters, floating trial balloons, hoping they will fly.  Only when we send the clear and forceful message that curtailing of honest discussion on public issues will not be tolerated will they back down. 

This is an issue which Godly common sense could win very easily (see resources below) -- except that, because of our apathy, cowardice, and ignorance, we are now far behind the 8-ball.  So, there will be a nasty fight before this thing is turned around. 

Thank God for the English.  They still have some spunk and remember their own Common Law tradition built on the Biblical worldview.  Pray that we will recover the Biblical worldview here in America.  And thank God for U-Tube. 

The primary virtue of honest (Jeffersonian) liberalism is promoting open and candid discussion on issues.  Only so can truth be found.  Become an honest liberal.  It is totally compatible with honest conservatism.  Both part of the same family. 

This video is a warning.  It had a wonderfully successful outcome, but the other side is not going away.  The brainwashing to scare the public from resisting homosexual advances is well along, and we had better discover how to resist.  Pray that we have as much sense as did the English. 

Even more, we must take the offensive, force the other side to respond to our case, not always be responding to theirs.  Here is how: 

See articles on the evidence and on a strategy for winning.    Also other resources and Hate Crimes in the Politics Library.   E. Fox]

August 15, 2007

This short video shows a little sample of what can happen if the Senate passes S.1105, the "hate crimes" bill

Watch this unbelievable video and then forward it to others, especially your pastor.  It is the story of what happened to a Christian couple when they said that homosexuality is a sin.

Click here to watch the video (Sorry, the link is broken)


Donald E. Wildmon, Founder and Chairman
American Family Association

P.S. Please forward this e-mail message to your family and friends!

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