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The Senate's immigration witch's brew

By Ron Maxwell

[COMMENT:  I have been watching a dvd set on the history of ancient Greece and Rome, quite a story.  Much of it is about the discovery by the politicians of cheap labor, and how to buy votes.  And how to enslave people without force of arms.  Sad to see our own Western Civ. going down that same path.  The Roman republic collapsed into an autocratic empire because the people and the leadership had no spiritual base on which to sustain freedom.  They went down the path of self-entertainment and pleasure-power-seeking, with enormous riches from the plunder of conquered nations. 

We are today in precisely that same boat, and going down that same river back into centralization and, eventually, open tyranny. 

Nothing will stop it  short of a powerful spiritual renewal in Christ.  We are headed right down the tubes back into paganism.  When the leaders of a society resort to cheap labor to buy votes, the society is about over.  This has nothing to do with economics, it has to do with politics, winning the next election -- which is now more important than truth or righteousness. 

Our people have lost their vision of Godly freedom -- which requires stout manhood, willing to defend home, truth, righteousness at any cost to themselves.  We have little or none of that in America today.  Wake up, Jews and Christians! 

The real problem is not the politicians, it is the people who will not discipline their leaders, will not hold them accountable to Godly standards, because they do not know any longer what they are.   A recent poll suggested large numbers of American still believing in the Bible as the Word of God.  That is nonsense.  If they believed, they would act like it. 

On the other hand, I am running into more and more young Christian folks who want something better.  Teaching at Biola U. is quite an experience.  E. Fox]  

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Posted: May 27, 2006    1:00 a.m. Eastern      2006 WorldNetDaily.com

The witch's brew otherwise known as the Senate's comprehensive immigration reform bill is now out in the open for all to see. What started out as a desperate attempt to disguise the biggest amnesty of illegal aliens in world history has morphed into the biggest social engineering experiment in world history a bill that will legalize the importation of 66 to 100 million foreign nationals into the United States of America within the next 20 years. No despot in history ever proposed such a scheme, let alone attempted to carry it out not the shah of Iran, not Stalin, not Mao no one.

This dubious distinction is being claimed by the United States Senate and President George Bush.

Since our own leadership is hell-bent to flood America with cheap labor, to intentionally and coercively redesign the American people into something other than what they are today presumably something new and improved it is up to the American people themselves we poor, huddled masses that are being told to shut up and move over to do something about it.

No. 1 Every single senator who voted for this country-killing bill must be thrown unceremoniously out of office. Since they are operating like left-wing social planners, they will understand if we call it our "six year plan." First up for this demolition derby will be the senators up for re-election this November followed by the gaggle up for re-elections in '08, 2010 and 2012. These smug denizens of their own infallibility will be counting on our forgetting. Not this time.

No. 2 The Republicans in the House of Representatives must be encouraged to do what Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain did at Gettysburg: "Refuse the line." To protect America and to reassure they, too, will not be swept from office in November's angry tide, House members, including those few Democratic stalwarts who have not joined the sellout, open-borders crowd, must "refuse the appeasement conference" with the Senate. To save our country as well as their seats the House of Representatives, on this issue, they must break with President Bush and the Senate completely, irrevocably and unequivocally. The American public must clearly understand who is on their side and who isn't.

No. 3 Once we have protected the House members and start to get new leadership in the Senate, we can finally get on with the business we should be doing. First, really secure our borders and ports. Second, really crack down on the greed merchants who are hiring and exploiting illegal laborers in our country not with fines that can simply be passed along to the consumers as a cost of business, but with real jail time.

No. 4 Instead of the trillions the Senate bill would have American citizens pay for lawmakers' utopian fantasies, why not a newly conceived Marshall Plan for Central America and Mexico? Why not help these poor, exploited and neglected people where they live?

The Senate's hastily considered bill is not only a curse on America and its people it would continue to victimize and exploit the people of Mexico and Central America as well. It treats the entire population of North and Central America as pawns and reduces everyone to peons. It encourages the division of families, it fosters the disintegration of indigenous communities, it permits the exploitation of poor people and profiteering by the elites of both countries, north and south of the Rio Grande. Instead of this failed and evil system, why not give a helping hand to our brothers and sisters south of the border? They are brave and industrious peoples. They are the embodiment of rich and vibrant cultures. They have literatures and histories and heritages of their own, unique and beautiful.

The Senate bill encourages multiple diasporas and disintegration of their culture and their identity seeking simply to turn everyone in the Western Hemisphere to worker bees and consumers with no regard for what makes a person, a community or a people unique and worthy of preserving. If the senators are so promiscuous with the taxpayers' money, why not at least spend it in a worthy cause, as we did a half-century ago with the desperate peoples of Japan and Europe? We didn't encourage the Japanese and Germans to move here. We helped them where they were, in their own homelands.

If Mexico and Central America could become Latin versions of the success stories of the destroyed countries of World War II, economic migration would end of its own accord. Of course, if that happened, who would do all the work President Bush thinks no one in America is willing to do?

America needs to change course and in a hurry. We can't do it without new leadership. So, first things first. We're making our list and checking it twice. Double, double toil and trouble. Look out, Mike De Wine. You'll be the first to be voted out of the office you have shamed by the people you have betrayed.

Ronald F. Maxwell is a film writer, director and producer.

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