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An Insurgency in our Midst

[COMMENT:  I hope this will get wide circulation.  But I hope we will also see the connections with Globalists.    E. Fox]

Gentlemen we have an insurgency in our midst, right here in America,
not just in Iraq, I suggest we wake up to it.

 FM 3-24

 insurgency  --  (joint) An organized movement aimed at the overthrow of a constituted government through the use of subversion and armed conflict. (JP 1-02)

Counterterrorism Blog

 Aug 1, 08:53

Finally, The Smoking Gun

One of the most fascinating exhibits presented by the prosecution in the Holy Land Foundation case (provided by researchers for the NEFA Foundation) is a memorandum on the Muslim Brotherhood’s multifaceted plan to convert the United States to an Islamic nation. It is the smoking gun of the Ikhwan’s long-standing eff orts to destroy the Western world as we know it.

The most interesting exhibit is a Muslim Brotherhood memorandum by Mohamed Akram, dated May 22, 1991, where he outlines the Ikhwan vision of the future. He leaves no ambiguity as to the nature of the Ikhwan calling. (The exhibits will be posted and written about more completely in the NEFA website in coming days).

Under the heading “Understanding the role of the Muslim Brother in North America,” he writes:

The process of settlement is a ‘Civilization-Jihadist Process’ with all the word means. The Ikhwan must understand that their work in America is a kind of grand Jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and ‘sabotaging’ its miserable house by their hands and the hands of the believers so that it is eliminated ad God’s religion is made victorious over all other religions.”

But wait, there is more:

“Without this level of understanding, we are not up to this challenge and have not prepared ourselves for Jihad yet. It is a Muslim’s destiny to perform Jihad and work wherever he is and wherever he lands until the final hour comes, and there is no escape from that destiny except for those who chose to slack.”

Akram then spells out in some detail the role of the Brotherhood in moving the project forward: “As for the role of the Ikhwan, it is the initiative, pioneering, leadership, raising the banner and pushing people in that direction (the Jihadist process). They are then able to employ, direct, and unify Muslims’ efforts and powers for this process. In order to do that, we must possess a master of the art of ‘coalitions,’ the art of ‘absorption’ and the principles of ‘cooperation.’”  [This is straight from the Muslim Brotherhood Project the enemy has written their strategy all we need to do is read it and understand it.]

The document then gives rationale for setting up Ikhwan organizations across the country: “We must say that we are in a country which understands no language other than the language of the organizations, and one which does not respect or give weight to any group without effective, functional and strong organizations.”

The document also deals with the criticism among the Brothers that the focus on the United States will drain support for the establishment of the global caliphate. The response is two-fold:
1) “The success of the Movement in America in establishing an observant Islamic base with power and effectiveness will be the the best support and aid to the global Movement project.”
2) The global (Ikhwan) movement has not “succeeded yet in distributing roles to is branches, stating that what is needed from them as one of the participants or contributors to the project to establish the global Islamic state. The day this happens, the children of the American Ikhwani branch will have a far-reaching impact and positions that make the ancestors proud.”

The document ends with a list of Ikhwan groups trying to coordinate, including all the usual (ISNA, ICNA, IIIT etc.)

What is so interesting about the document is the breadth of ambition, the conviction of ultimate success and the care with which the campaign we see today was being thought about 16 years ago. So is the the clarity of the ultimate objective of ending our years as a functioning democracy, built on the rule of secular law, minority rights and freedom of religion, press etc.

The infiltration of the government by members and sympathizers, the coordinated role of the organizations in pursuing specific objectives, the recruitment of the best and the brightest into the movement, and other objectives are far advanced, perhaps further than the author could have imagined in so short a time.  [This is classic Marxist “popular front” and classic Antonio Gramsci,  cultural subversion.]

[COMMENT:  Gramsci is was a fountain of "wisdom" for much of the globalist strategy.  And many ex-Soviet leaders are now part of the current Globalist movement.   The link between current Muslim objectives and Globalism keeps coming up.   E. Fox] 

The rationale, for those like Lieken et al who want play footsie with these groups bent on our destruction, is truly mindboggling. I don’t think the Brothers who have been on the cusp of the new PR campaign, from Ramadan to Akef, have bothered to spell this out like the Brothers do for themselves.

But here we have it, in their own words, written by their own hands. There is much more to say, and I will revisit the topic as more information comes in.

Will anyone pay attention?

posted by Douglas Farah


Counterterrorism Blog

The Muslim Brotherhood’s “Military Work” in the US--UPDATE

By The Investigative Project on Terrorism (IPT)

The Holy Land Foundation (HLF) trial is already proving to be a watershed event in terms of exposing the inner-workings of the Ikhwan, or the Muslim Brotherhood, in the United States. The exhibits released by the U.S. district court in Dallas paint the picture of a semi-secretive organization bent on recruitment, expansion, subversion, and – as Doug Farah pointed out in his excellent post - The Smoking Gun on the Muslim Brotherhood's Agenda, transforming the United States into an Islamic state.  One of the documents released, quoted by Farah, is a strategy memo by Mohamed Akram (Adlouni), (More on Akram below) that explains that the Brotherhood in America wages:

...a kind of grand Jihad in eliminating and destroying the Western civilization from within and ‘sabotaging’ its miserable house by their hands and the hands of the believers so that it is eliminated and God’s religion is made victorious over all other religions.

If there are any questions about what sort of American jihad is envisioned by the Brotherhood, Zeid al-Noman (aka Zaid Naman) lays it out for us. Al-Noman (listed in the personal phone books of both convicted PIJ leader Sami al-Arian and Hamas deputy political bureau chief Musa Abu Marzook), was introduced as Masul or “official” of the Executive Office of the U.S. Muslim Brotherhood before a speech he gave in the early 1980s on the Brotherhood in America somewhere in Missouri – likely in Kansas City. In this fascinating speech, al-Noman explained the history of the Movement, going into detail about its roots in the Muslim Students Association (MSA) and the establishment of other front-organizations.

However, perhaps the most disturbing information revealed by al-Noman was the “special activity” of the Brotherhood in America, which was one of thirteen goals outlined in his speech. Another was “securing the group.”

An audience member later asked the question:

Um [Unidentified Male]: By “Securing the Group”, do you mean military securing? And, if it is that, would you explain to us a little bit the means to achieve it.[sic]

Ze [Zeid Al-Noman]: No. Military work is listed under “Special work”. “Special work” means military work. “Securing the Group” is the Group’s security against outside dangers[Step 1 of the IPB process: understand and learn the threat doctrine and their terminology as they conceptualize it, not our terminology.]  For instance, to monitor the suspicious movements on the…,which exist on the American front such as Zionist; Masonry…etc. Monitoring the suspicious movements or the sides, the government bodies such as the CIA, FBI…etc, so that we find out if they are monitoring us, and we are not being monitored, how can we get rid of them. That is what is meant by “Securing the Group.”

The next question was why the North American Brotherhood did not have different organizational methods from the Brotherhood in the Islamic world. Al-Noman disagreed with that assessment, as an example of different organizational methods, he said:

If the asking brother is from Jordan, for instance, he would know that it is not possible to have military training from Jordan, for instance, while here in America, there is weapons training in many of the Ikhwan’s camps.

Al-Noman continued, detailing the travels of Ikwhan members to campsites and conducting training:

In some of the regions when they go to a camp, they take two things, they would request a camp which has a range, a shooting range and one which has a range to shoot, one which has a range which they use for shooting. You would find that in some of the camps. They would get an advanced permit for that.

Al-Noman reported the difficulty of training in Oklahoma due to suspicious authorities, but noted that in Missouri they had found a more inconspicuous santuary for their subversive militancy.

The importance of these camps? Al-Noman gave the audience an example of a good sister, (in this case, the wife of an Ikhwan member), as a woman who:

...had just gave birth, just delivered two or three days ago and her husband leaves her and attend Ikhwan camps. If he tells her, “I will stay and take care of you”, she would tell him. “no.” She does not accept.

There has been much debate over the nature of the Muslim Brotherhood. Some contend that the movement has become peaceful, while others say it is inherently violent. The strategy memo and this discussion of weapons training formally conducted by the Muslim Brotherhood within the United States should cause those involved in that debate to sit up and take notice.

Who is Mohamed Akram (Adlouni)?

Akram was on the initial board of directors of the United Association of Studies and Research (UASR), a HAMAS front that was based in Northern Virginia from approximately 1991 through 2004. UASR, an unindicted co-conspirator in the HLF case, was headed by Ahmed Yousef who now serves as political advisor to head of HAMAS in Gaza, Ismail Haniya.


By The Investigative Project on Terrorism (IPT) on August 2, 2007 12:13 PM

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